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Querying Linked Data with SPARQL and the Wikidata Query Service

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Querying Linked Data with SPARQL and the Wikidata Query Service

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Querying Linked Data with SPARQL and the Wikidata Query Service
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An introduction to querying linked data, using the SPARQL query language and the free knowledge base Wikidata. Which films starred more than one future head of government? What’s the largest city with a female mayor? And when did women finally outnumber Johns in the House of Commons? These are the kinds of questions that **linked data** can answer. This workshop will give an introduction to the SPARQL query language, showing how it can be used to answer these and other questions, using the free knowledge base **Wikidata** as the data source.
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one. in the. yes he's a sparkler magician bento a century her introduce you to his favorite carrying language sparkle and give you a little introduction and and the second party will do some life.
the coding which is always pretty interesting at funny and you can give him some things that he says caring for you and i'm sure we have lots of fun and interesting that extent here so given all round of applause to look at us. honduras the old world with corporate bonds over the rebels.
yes there's going to be behind of two parts probably that's every but in the second part i'm basically going to write the clear is that you suggest so if you see what i'm going to do here and then think oh i have a great idea for something we could perhaps crew than just remember that and we'll get back to that hopefully because i was the second half was going to really short of . any ideas for you to buy gas so this is about during the daytime. which allows you to do all kinds of crazy things not all kinds of crazy questions such as i think i has on the slide something like what are the largest cities with a female mayor and if you want to find that out traditional you could like going through wikipedia and try to find all the largest cities and see which ones have a female mayor and which. and stones or perhaps as a category with all the cities with a female mayor but then you have to sort the my whole nation as a whole mess and with a link days you can find out much more easily and also all kinds of other things but let's start with some simple fans eating data so this is a tiny sliver.
let's have some they drop its just composed of a load of knows which are these overalls and rectangles here and they're connected with arrows and each of these forms kind of a triple from this thing of the start notes and then the arrow and then the and close and that's how we represent only information we have in the. in this link database so for example we can be this as this talk right now happens in a cinema or the dining room which is the name of this stage here and it's going to be followed by the life during sexual which also happens in a cinema and like recession in turn follows this all began and the estimate of the dining room is next to the kitchen. and the kitchen is next to the dining room again and both of them are part of the easy part of the gate which is part of hundred sixty three of the tall happens i'm right now. and that the same time there's also some of talk about how those states elections are climate elections was something in the house was sage starts at the same time comes with stages part because west assembly which is part of their sixty three as well and so this graph as a few important properties for example there's some were done on a. fans here you could see you could say if this salt is followed by the life querying then you don't really need to know that life during follows this all of its kind of freedom informational your we know it but it doesn't hurt to have its and it's often makes your life easier if you have a little bit overdone senior raf and then if you find that's one half of. this can make is missing for example you can still investigate what's going on and also in here we have a kind of bi directional connections so as someone executed which is next as summer but this is to separate arrows and could also be the only one of them is there so you don't have those with going to in both directions at once in the same model in. as to be if you want something like this you have to have two separate arrows because that is that they have a very simple just have something pretty good objects and that's everything you half. and then to agree this graph the kind of a select a tiny part of its and then you remove some hard that you don't know about for example we know that this talk is followed by life clearing and if we remove the life during car that we can ask something like. i'm over have the other way around government this way i'm this talk is followed by which talk and they have a question by because you have left out this part and then if you asked this question to accrue service its scanning kind of the you can think of this like a. home down only odor more work for this one should lorna templates to put this over the graph and this has to match the existing know this has less existing arrow and then you see which knows can you put in here and in this case that's only the life hearing or the other way around which called follows this long so you can. of the beginning of the trouble can be a variable like this one or the end of the trouble can be a variable like in this case and you can also have more complicated patterns like i'm no is not morally get better as the same pattern you have a quest which talk happen as cinema and yet. two answers this all comes an estimate and life clearing happens in a slum. but you can also a combined more graph news like this for example own which tall happens in some room which is part of the be pocketing is so we have one free part here monthly part here but we know that these two have to be connected with happens in and then this has to be connect with his part of to the pocket you. and you can kind of construct on if you can fraser question as a kind of crap like this where some parts are predetermine but you already know about and the other parts they want to finance of those are of these kind of variables which are here indicate with the best lines of then you can ask that. pressel to the rough and five the match results in this case you have these two matches this sort have seen as it was part of a key part of the and life during happens in as similar as part of it as a key part of the game and then if you if we had more information to him this graph here we might also have other rooms for example. various this library over there were also as going to have some host if we had a whole scheduling year you'll find those well and you could also add up the crease about we don't even make the pocket of big a part fix we could ask for anything that happens in thirty three c three so that would be some very well happens in some room is. of some assembly is part of thirty sixty three and then we would find this thing as well because it's the same kind of pattern happens in his part of his part of thirty six he really does that make sense of what i'm seeing a lot of morning and it's ok that's great. so then we can. two. try to move has to actually. also these questions to real curries system because in reality you're not going to actually draw these graphs but you have a some kind of language where you raise them in stands which looks a bit like this so you have the cards select anything where this kind of like s.p.l. and then everything else is not like a scale forget history. oh and i hear this is easier to understand if you don't know a skill i didn't know a skill that much when i learned sparkle and i think is helping apparently about what you write down here is these is this kind of description off the graph and these vast parts which other variables which you don't yet know. dr the question marks because that's kind of water use to ask a question in this case i've just call the talk but it could be any name basically and then instead of happens in asked to words i've just written happens in as one and then with the prefix thirty sixty three and it happens in the thirty six c. three s. cinema because. i'm i don't really have a separate dining with home with a lot of people do so if you just wrote it happens in as some of that would be pretty. ambiguous in the one would know which which dining room you're talking about and by adding this prefix we know we're talking about just the dining room in this effort and thirty sixty three i think i assume there's no other family that has something called the dining room if it does then we would have to add something else here to make it clear and i. use the same prefix for happens in to make clear which kind of happens in relation we're talking about that it's one specific to congress advance. am's then you could ask this to preserve his which has this example graph in its and you might get the response that's its these two talks and i'm at the end you have this period here because if you read the whole thing it's kind of like a sentence again because the talk happens in a cinema and if you have. two sentences send have two periods of the talk happens in some room and this room is part of the key part of the game and because we've used the same variable name here and down here this has to be the same room. and it won't just be two different things so if we used to different very well as your room and something else then we would just gets all the combinations of talks happening somewhere andrews being part of the party without there being connected anyway. but because they use the same very willing they have three connected like this and then he would get these results are seen earlier. what you can also do is to leave out the room so when i translate this into english i could say it's called happens in the room and the room was part of the part of the i could also say the talk happens in some room which is part of the key part of the year as kind of the i don't know what that's called english kind of relative sentence sub some. think loss from where we don't really talk about the room itself just as a part of this larger sense and you can write and sparkle as well and then it looks like this. and since these square brackets kind of describe what the room looks like without giving his name so in this case you can only select the talk of here and we don't have room variable but if you don't care about what the room isn't that can be very useful i'm also change something else here i have replaced the thirty sixty three in his part on. with a scheme out on which is another prefix and scheme on his kind of his collection of useful prefixes another note that you can reuse for example if you describing things you have on your website the mites say you have an article with his team a title and a scheme a publication date so this was mainly in. used by google and some other search engines what we can use the same vocabulary to talk about our talks because his part of is one of these a center terms we can use for that. and that's what i also have ok the next thing i have his actual queries so i think i'm just going to. i'm also going to switch to the data social talk a bit about the data so all these examples here were just on some example graph which i made up here and through on the slide with a lot of probably over engineers the sets last as magic with oceana faces that much time of up and looks nice and.
i'm butts if we want to write real serious we could load this thing into a series of us but it would be that's interesting because kind of small i'm but there are a lot of a real david ross out there that you can clearly with this theory language sparkle and one of the coolest ones at least in my opinion is called with the data or get outside there's some kind of. discussion about how to pronounce ams its kind of a free date about base of anything this relevance and it's part of. the same family for objects as wikipedia and becoming a commons and other things. and it's also maintained by the same community volunteers and you can find all kinds of really interesting and school and funny data there so all these example cruise which i have here just going to ask to on we can a tough but first two. i would just if you are one or two minutes to try to imagine what's this question would look like on either in the graph four minutes or in the spot informants to strive to become figure out how your words of foreign aid which software is written in bash as a kind of of this kind of. not pretty and then we can see what we can come up with. so. i didn't think this through and in some way to move music now have. two. those at home. i have a kind of ideal for the graph looks like because i'm going to uncover and now and then you can compare it looks the same way so that would look like this at least are using that data terminology. so instead of is written in the property is called probing programming language and this could also this could be called bash or born again show or who bash or something doesn't really matter and in sparkle it looks like this which is a lot less readable unfortunately. because one of the things obligated is that it's multi-lingual so instead of same program language we say the two seven seven and i think that few people know about this is a property id and you can look up all this from the is called in english or in germany or and our language so if we look at its making days ago or. and look for think of course assuming that ago. i hope that's with of all property he was its to send some. that is the probably programming language at least in a country that at least in english and german is where ms foss and it has tons of other languages to so you can use we can get in any language he wants which is very nice i could also show this page in a different language and then all of this what's the difference that. downside is that this blog previous not quite as readable because you have to use all these merrick identifiers but you don't have to memorize in at least so that's i'm who's tried to write his career he selects anything were and we have on the software which is which. as the programming language. bash and then we have to at these prefixes first so bash is going to be a week in a tight him so we have reviewed the beauty and that's a prefix and then if i press of control space or i think a mexican c'mon space works as well then you it's searches for bash and shows me of the. questions and then i can just select the right one in this case to bash and then there i have the idea and if i move the mouse over it again then i can see all this idea first two so it's not quite as bad as so on the p s lies you just see the idea but if you're actually on the query dog days of or websites let me make that a bit larger signals years and. you want to try the other laptop and i'm here is a bit and for the programming language. when we use a slightly different prefix which is w d t m which stands for truth is so we are only interested in to the information and not all the information and then we find is probably the two seven seven. and if we run this country with control anger or with this pattern here then we get a collection of other ideas. and does anyone want to get software which is written in bash this one has ever no id that is going to be me. the ring. ago also package some package mental system but i haven't even heard off but it's written invest again. so what's so he can see all the statements and programming language to bash is the one we look for. and unfortunately so this is not very useful lists so one thing we can do in the because editors of his which is presented to the data is true as the so-called label service which is basically the magic that you don't need to understand but she writes something i sort of our service men with controls basic and four also. nation and its yes you this thing and you just keep that in your create all times basically and then you say i would like to have not just the software but also the software label and then we get stoned hear the label of the software and i can also at this software description and then we also see what. or slightly that has a spiritual and then the crew results are already a lot more usable. and i'm just going to name this to our term. and then we can ended this scary how everyone's in the very willing will always kind of match. because the next we will be about software or so be confusing for this so-called software but there's some software here like apache each is reversed manager with him using pictures poll all written in cash. ok i have several more example korea's year which are kind of. some simple should i stay by hand or is it could divide will see more simple examples. sky has that ok ok then that's who was born at sea is not all that interesting the place of birth at sea was special value for that's its most very interesting this i think a few results just five or so because most people are going to have faced for the atlantic oceans during which place are located on the wide as the exists. something for the lives of people and where does never ending story take this is actually kind of cute that also this isn't it interesting because in this case i'm down variable is in the last place not the first one so that's and is then we have. the never ending story in the beginning and their rates to location and then the items at the end said of the at the beginning of a triple and it works just as well except that's a lot of these don't have a label in english so that as germany as a fallback language. and then we gets all of these places which someone added to be created some one let's see if there's any useful information about them so they all have ideas in the same rain so looks like all of them. created the same time because the bodies of this increase over time so the least amount is a place from the never ending story is a fictional fictional country it has a capsule which is this fictional place it's located on the western feature its presence in than ever in this story and depicts horror of fiction. i'm not sure about that. let's leave room for now ok. some young and stick to a slightly more interesting hearing which is this one which hopes had children. so what is the graph going to look like for this how many how many troubles are we going to have some trouble is notes heroines another note how many troubles what he needs for pope has a child or home raising hands with things you need your troubles occurred. who brings need on trouble with things you need to troubles as more people as any one thing a tree three troubles no case mostly to have some people think want so the won the people who think i need one simple perhaps are thinking of something like mom. put the pope which is leader of the world like catholic church has a child's. this child or sold and some but that's not going to have any results or to be the other way around and you can say that's that's just coming this os the item has farther. the pope.
the hands that doesn't work because the items are not the children not directly connected to the item for the office of the probe that is going to be to levels it's going to say the child as a father some personal and then the person has the office probe or as a position pope or is a pope or something so in this. level of interaction. the raf that looks either like this or to be the other way round. i'm so evil child has a father pope which has its position held pope all the pope has a child and also position hell's so that's kind of an example of the reasons i mentioned earlier we have the two directions child and also father mother and its i'm so you can ask your tree in two ways. this and it doesn't really make that much of a difference us universities as complete and i think someone occasionally runs queries to check if any of these home circles are missing so let's try one of them as a state with this one so the items does not have pocus father has some hope. and then this pope has positioned olds. pope. and when the pope label and as it was enough and then gets twenty four results so we have a duty of parma which was the son of all the third pole the third have three children that sort was wow xander the six was very busy. and some of them just have. on a low have to because nobody borgia and one bore flow demonstrates we dated getting on with the existing ones. so someone important a lot of information from this spirit state of race and apparently we have some to because items here let's just leave those long from now in fact i think this and this also looks suspiciously similar giovanni borgella on this he had two children of that name means you could have. so this we have a paper for fourteen seventy's forty nine to know that might actually be different children care model very creative father and names and and wait that's a pope was a child of another poll. very interesting and another one and another when we have three posts are children other folks let's search for those and so we would also need for that's that's the item has position held olds. the pope and i could probably base this is to this so that i should be child should have a father pope and the item should have positional pope and the pope could also have has no hope and this case will probably be less confusing to call these child and father because this is also poking out of everyone's one of the. the hardest for these interviews and yet we have three children who are three pubs for children of other people's on i'm actually going to save his career i'm hopes who were children of other probes. but actually we can future prove this a little bit because right now we've only said that the a father should be a pope but in case there's ever a female pope that's just which has around and say that the pope should have the child's. item and then it's going to work even if the pope happens to be female and his mother instead of a father ago saying for years and can and that's key events and of minute have from experience. yeah i'm. which microsoft software runs on the next ok it's not that funny so there's a can just give it and no and john kind of run out of steam a while ago his good looks like this and it's like visuals to your coat and three other programs and water some compositions for organ orders of isn't funny at all but i just find a very nice. the costs are all some sound and on so that would be. in these the composition has its limitations organ and also orchestra which we can rights as item label composition room. instrumentation. this one or restaurant. and also on position. i'm ordering. and then goes on yet as for the item and also for about a label service. ago. and we have twelve results home which is nice if you want is any of those could also take any of them have an audio file on commons. but seeing. juan ok i think we for this was already on so that's one thing that's kind of annoying here i should have mentioned this in the last year think i'm so i had to repeat the item and the property id which is a bit annoying makes it very difficult to read and was you can do is leave that outs and you can also. with this in the curious case of that's actually go on slide back so here i knew didn't rights so i said as the software which should have the developer and also the operating system i just wrote the software has developed microsoft and also with the same michael at the end instead of a period it has operating system linux so if you read this as a. english is just one sentence where you don't repeat the subject twice software has evolved microsoft and operating system minutes instead of software has devolved myself and software has already exists linux and if you if the property here is also the same thing and you can even leave that out and had to come out of the ns and just listen to values. and you don't even have to repeat this with patient so let's do this year and a review of this country. and has the exact same twelve results just slightly more convenient to read and write at least hopefully also dreams and know what you don't use the commodity most my calls for useful i could have written this as the pope. some. as a child and also position else like this means exactly the same but you can review to see that's both of these refer to the pope because there's just a bunch of like space. yet so then we have. this one isn't funny at all. but there are a lot of people who used to be in a nazi party and during world war two and then who later just went back into civil live and even reserve the bonus but in sports the order of merit of the republic of germany and you can find those in this case i phone with three triple. those which is the person was a member of this political party and receive this award and also added that the instance of human because we also have a lot of fictional they don't we could eighty already sold out with a never ending source of every year so there might also be a feature will carry too was a member of this political party and receive the award and we're not really interested in. those are we at instance of fuel and then were certain that we only get real results an official results and it doesn't really causes anything because the careers of this can all to myself pretty well. so that's right that's actually it's to this year so the item shows the instance of. human on which is q five because vary from i do and member of political party of. and can see i can search by the german abbreviation and find this goes on they will because their search and business and also award receives the on this team sports because i can't be bothered to type in the hole in his name they go in the final think. one result level results. and since this actually isn't quite corrects on because in theory you don't get this order from this order has like eleven parts of something you can get them graham the cross with distinction or you can get the star or whatever i think it's listed somewhere here you can get. the grand cross special class you can get a grant for special issue convert can cause first class lounge bar and so in theory any of these people should have one of these awards and not just order of merit bouts i think when i checked all of them just has over results just had directly or merits. um. but it's actually know we can try to search for the correct one said so it would not be part of this directly with the waters it would be some awards such as this one and then this award is part of the order of merits so wards part off.
let's event fines and the results. oh oh oh oh dear yeah that the of of a level results have a full coming on. as rich as a person ok yeah ok so i think i knew when i tried this out and didn't find it was also insisted something wrong because this way we find a lot more results and if we don't actually select the award because they don't care what kind of awards they cost so we could also uses a relation again. like this so we just say the dogs some award which is part of the order of merit and this case we could even appreciate that further and say we put a slash year and them at that kind of describes a power that you have to take from this item to this item and. you have to first gets to some awards even then that's has to be part of something else and you can add as many elements years he wants then we get the exact same eight hundred and two results. and lots of all means you and if we want to find the original eleven ones that directly had the order of merit as the award receive we can add a question mark here which is just like in regular expression it says this part is also know that they can have directly receive this award. all they can receive some award which is part of the order of merit and then we should get eight hundred and thirteen yet a time for years also eight hundred two plus the infirmary. am's on to say i'm starting this with the instance of human which and the crew service is going to be order this because searching for all humans and then filtering for the ones we're in this political party and so on would be efficient so i don't have to worry about that i could write it in this order on. i could shuffled around doesn't make any difference the crew service i'm already knows in which order to do these things so you don't have to worry about it you can just start with is a human and then add everything else. i think i have one more complicated very here and yet so that's one of the exams women's area the largest cities by population with a female mayor so the graph or that is the largest when i fear for the sides to the one in the beginning and it looks like this. we should have a city which is a city council city and it has certain population and that has so for the mayor use the same property as for head of government and if you don't know that you could look at some city like berlin and maybe you know what the mayor of or limb his calls. mobiles it's something we're on things. yet and then you can see a half the property for the mayor is head of government or you can also search for them the city should have made here and then you still find head of governments right property. and that mayor should be a human and she should have a tender female groups there's a question are there for no reason at all that's not a very well that's should be the fixed value and soaring so let's put that bear we have a city which is instance off city. the. and it also has a population boom. which we going to use laser vue and reads also has a hand with governments know that's wrong more the office hope my head of government the head of government itself. which we call the mayor and them the mayor. it is of and sums all few mobile. the ams gender should be new female. want to know. and let's make the city to city label mayor label and also of the population. and then we find some eighty three was also let's not get the largest cities with a female we're just all of them and in the data we know about eighty three apparently and throw local home town has a female mayor just go ahead and add to the data and it's probably relevant it's not so the relevant question we are not as strict. as on the compere fortunately but if we want just the most obvious ones we can go a bit back into s.q.l. lambs and same want to order by. the population and then as you know you would write desk afterwards and in spite of all its difference he writes test of population. i don't. i think it's nice that way but perhaps it would be nicer to just stick with the skills and excitement and the most intimate there's just the ten most of the city's for example and here we go totally was currently the biggest from the hong kong backed out. of rome. and oh this doesn't make that nonsense caucus has two mayors. anyone. yet exactly so we're only supposed to get the current mayor. some had of governments it does anyone know which one is the current form or even just check wikipedia. i'm like us which hopefully doesn't get information from the data yet so it's not so clear. i'm and more a year is. on collier probably not just our history and no of them. i. it's ok so let's add a new one. of. on. dozens have an item it is that's is that the mayor is chief of government something else. it doesn't occur anywhere on the page force local government and. mayor it. no for ok so let's just as well as every computer article. no this occurs in the mists and and she doesn't have a weekday try to move gets know them and will do some life with that anything was in part of this talk of the system with home studying what's comes with that venezuela when his. of a room with fishing. am's. that sounds like a female him so i'm just going to guess and check that after the top so she's of years human and gender is female and that is going to be enough for free. the research examined ago and set this to prefer drank so that's how the crusaders knows that this is their current value and it should only returned this one and ideally one of the head of current value should have his preferred rank on to market as the correct current value and then all the other ones are additional data that he can use if you want. this is not the main value and we're not going to get it in a simple clearing. and then there's an error because our cousins. some kind of the voters of energy and that should have a star time i don't care if ok so we run this country again and hopefully gets just one result for caracas this time no own. you have to wait a bit until the reserves is updated as. and because it's kind of as because it just keeps watching for change this. and eventually is will get the new data that's ok it might take a bit longer. enemies and that's how that's clearly works from that may kind of sense of a great. so. yet i think this is almost exactly what i wrote here except with some labels on the label service and yet there's one problem of year which is for example i happen to know that's mexico city is a very large city with a population off own population. i'm almost nine million so it should be right after tokyo in front of hong kong and the head of governments is a cloudy as she moved home something which sounds like the woman so we should get this result and the query the reason we don't is that mexico city is.
an instance of big city and we've searched for instance or city. i'm and there is some debate about does this class is makes sense at all i think this is actually and the german classification of a big city is one with hundred thousand inhabitants and other languages or countries a big city might be something else. but for now the data is one of his fortunately and what we have here is the information a big city is the subclass off a city slash town which is the subclass off calif tea which is the subclass off. rates. we should arrive in city and some form of think we've already been processed it's also an instance of capital let's go down that and send a cap so is a substantial city ever go so if we can tell because i was to follow the subclass connections then we should find these cities and one way to do that's and to make. it was from mexico city would be to say i'm it has made instance off somewhere the propaganda subclass off city and then we would find makes you city boss we would not find all the. we will still find tokyo because the apple i guess but we missed a lot of other cities i think which we used to have you have grown for example is gone. i'm because it's that's just an insult of city directly and the nominee the supplementary or should do is make it optional or even better which we should say there can be any number of these animals so there can be an instance of city or can be an instance of a surprise of city canyon insists on some thousand something. of city you can follow any number of elements that was this that's what the star means just like in the regular expression and them and we probably have to say be almost the distinct forms because they're like five different ways to go for through the subtlest tree until you phone city and we're not interested in different ways. but it's now we should get to you and mexico city and grow was also here and news caucus is completely gone because we found enough other cities which we were missing or so you kind of have to watch outs and sometimes use all means like this subplot of three is pretty calm or and. the something order of merit we had to use this part of the you have to watch out if the results are plausible or ideally you know something i didn't should be in the results in the check is of their lives in all there and investigate like that. but that's a fixed version of the creative and use if he were not interested in may we could do the same trick again as you. doesn't make that much difference but i think and i was also a difference accept that i moved the population so you can order by very well that you don't select the end. and i think i am out of flights so yeah if you want to see more carries you can look at the street or social media accounts there's a huge this available carries on with the daytime which is so big that it's getting too big for wiki page and people to move some careers hour. there and it's kind of just grown since ten to fifteen or something and there's a lot of carbs there but also a lot of useful cares if you want to the event. since i had two more crease in the top description which we haven't talked about us and i think we have a time i must try to open the switch from start more than one future ahead of governments. and doesn't work it doesn't then i copy the euro new opening. so that's the kind of longer korea which is why it didn't really fit on one slide from but the important film is you have the four parties have some film instance of or sometimes a film has a publication date and our cost member which is the head of governments. home. and the head of governments held some position some head of government and some such as of have government and that should be used after the film's published. and then you get a bunch of results i think the stakes like eleven seconds or something. and you get my films with boston area and one other actor who became i'm us gov i don't remember the name and you also get a lot of or several films from world war two with future french house of commons which is really cool because it's so like a film was shot about the liberation of paris and where woods. it's kind of a stretch to call them cost members about their differently in the film and if we get the results when i can tell you what the film is called. i'm. it might be busy right now. so he gets up to sixty seconds in the reserves and then in the end you freeze killed or takes longer than that so sometimes can be a bit of struggle to make a curry work within sixty seconds. here we go fifty seconds i was close so there's he has lost all the parties with child the goal was not a council and present of the provisional governments and also shows the door i think was prime minister and president of the council of the south where several indian films with people who went on to become. geez ministers and then down here there's some canadian politicians apparently and here is on its flaws in iowa and jesse ventura who both became covers and also starred in several fields. and the other thing was i'm we have a lot of data about the british government because a lot of own fears have just being honest living away at that data and adding in adding more information and i think they've they have over parliament's complete with him. from party affiliations and everything for least the last hundred years and some partial data for a lot more than that because they are very long term injury history and then you can do so crist like how many people named john other inherent problem and and how many women with anything and you can see when the women were finally more than just the men. were named john and that's kind of an amusing rough or not so amusing takes a while as well i hope it doesn't take fifty seconds but it looks like increases might be busy at the moment. but i think it was something like a nineteen ninety one or so's the crossover points. yeah i should mention anyway so everything was all right now was just a lot of tables but he can also show results in different ways such as a line chart ago so in nineteen ninety two that this was the first poem which had more women jones and then the johns have slightly decline and the women have gone up too. two hundred twenty how many people are in the house of commons in total there were no one so i don't know wants and percentage this is about this was at this latest election from twelve december already in there. know what. so the crew looks like this so this was broken into several parts the first find all the members of parliament so they should be a human again move fictional people and then they should have some position holds which is a success off member of parliament's in the house of commons and then there should also be. i'm a parliamentary term mass so that we know which problem that is and when it starts. and then down here we import all those employees and photo for just the ones with the given name john and then we falter for just the ones with gender female and there's an optional subclass often here because currently the data model is that there's separates item for transgender female and someone. can have a gender transform of transgender female which is supplies and female and there's a discussion right now to get rid of that and have a separate property for that and setting them all the transfusions have gender right gender and you don't have to mess with some thousand right now we still well we need in theory i don't think there are any peace in practice but in the know. interested in there and then we involved the result means get them here either as line charge or as a table if you want to soar by the time every day to start at ninety nine he apparently so we have exactly a hundred years of history there. it also showed as a bar chart if that makes more sense no it doesn't it makes no sense nine charges the right on. oh right but if you show the line chart again that it breaks for some reason there are some by their let's just try to get there we go that's right to roam chart. yeah i guess i was always in fifteen minutes so i guess this is the point where we starts moving to the life korean parts and i was told i should make at least a short break for the streams of the angels know where to cut between but we could also take.
a ten minute break and then start the next fall on time. does that sound ok or some is wrong. and if you're going to stay here which will be very nice then please and think of some example queries that you think we could rights and then i can try to write them because otherwise i'm open to much to do but you have a suitor minute break and see them thank you so far. the bomb.
a i m the week me.
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