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Live querying: let’s explore Wikidata together!

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Live querying: let’s explore Wikidata together!

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Live querying: let’s explore Wikidata together!
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You can find a lot of interesting, useful or amusing information on Wikidata – let’s spend half an hour writing some queries together! This will be an interactive session to explore the possibilities of Wikidata, the free knowledge base, and its query service. Participants can suggest queries, and I’ll do my best to implement them.
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the old of them.
the way.
one. in the eye. life carrying with them so you were told to think of some ideas that we can search for making data and then get to that point asked to be.
and wait till i get to you with the microphone said people in the stream can also hear what we're talking about that's the thing up. will i give back to look as and receptions actions and yes of touch on the government about that's a the analysis of life does not know for certain as have i have found.
everyone knew her breasts removed from her room to room here.
person on board. is it possible to find or secular family trees also watch family trees how do you think it's certainly possible to find some new finding always probably going to be a time hope there will be something like selects.
going with child would be the simplest so i term shy olds clots and so if we were the stars like or even include them every couple of months and months with a plus means appears to be at least one child link or more and that's just and limits one because i'm. among that also missing that this is even going to find one i am pretty sure we cannot find all of them let's see if we can find home. and this might just take over why own. i don't think there's a good way to do is otherwise it's a mess you don't know one of the dems are either the days and days of times or the army after which is the same data from and use your many can do locally out in time out own.
i don't think there's much i can offer minds about this curious thirty fourth unless i had an idea on that people named drawn are more likely to have these kinds of cycles then we could filter down first butts you. own or. i am afraid that is malls going to work it looks like.
yet time and and you can see the things written jobless over the artisans. yeah i'm one thing we can do with this p forty plus is something like a search start of a certain mythical creatures such as. the other. i hope we can find them like this. search is being rights and we deal with the duty. every go that's the legendary british or wealth king and then we are searching for an item who is definitely a real human and who has a date of birth. i am says the we say the. the date of birth should be greater than its a nineteen fifty. and this is the state's time value and. this lets them as a nice eighty think it might be more efficient. every go no was also very i thought king arthur have some real of the sentence was some other mythical creatures it's just that some with any ancestor us the imus child and the and sister is also. in some small mythic old creature ethical catch. let's see if we have any physical characters with children who are born offline to fifty. or so of them with one here could make him a temporary or something.
but i'm optimistic i think there are some people here especially i think even british in peace there's i'm a realist example cruise british companies with medical and sisters and their slogan but trace their limits back to some six the fifth century person and you have all the parents ling's america and then. it's kind of figure to figure out where it starts being wrong. so that's more walking out so well as anyone else have ideas in the meantime their way in the back. i feel. we all know that stupid game and wikipedia where you try to find the adult hitler page by only two key things so can you find the number of pages that directly connected to the adult at the beach in wikipedia. and you can become a levels time of them so that would be kind of home as a one funny story about the for example is there is the main remaining the first example clear we have here is cats and why do we have cats and dogs talks because if you search for dogs.
the second results was the fourth result when i was that's the goal of it well and we don't really want that's normally so we usually refused cats as the example in said but let's just search for anything. from where the item has any connection and we don't care which for which it is too. hitler. like last. and we're going to fines nine hundred twenty results. i'm ok so these are siphoning so we also want the item to have been some. label which uses this new name space. and we want only be much more so the language often labels should be in english and we have and we just the ticket item and the table and hopefully it's still pretty fishing yet ago and is the a.p. membership number that's actually a property but i assume it has as the. example yet as a proto example he has moved from one. world war two has probably have cause of death we have him as an example of cause of death really. we have lived as a poisoning stroke color. shot to the had sinai poisoning hanging. that's a very pleasant as we need to have that many projects home of calls to have them here. that's about the cloud headline know that his money very sick summer olympics all kinds of things yet so that's how you can find all the things with a direct connection to have not yet.
any other examples us over there in the right. i was already somewhere its own but there must come from. can you can you find the cheapest public infrastructure projects and germany but she was probably research was right. projects like the bridge the home i don't think we'll go for data set about that what you can try our let's start with a moist and on. i face the press move away from the last five holes.
let's start with a very expensive project and see just what the data modern looks like so what does infrastructure project look like what's office was the cost so the cost for me going to be new role. and i don't know how to write your of the case of property called cost in euro and doesn't have something like instance off international airport building under construction greenfield airport propose airport being builds so we could see check. first his own name on them or airports is that's an instance of some some clothes off. the big infrastructure is everything. rabbits mugs like a long term what is this. there is nothing we can as anything linked to this question. know nothings as i can or can't lose so it could be an international airport is a surprise airport which is subclause of. an arrow drove home which is an architectural as she walked sure. when we can search for architectural structures so this structure would be an instance of subplots off our to take furloughs structure. and it would have a costs. and news or via the singing costs news channel and before we going to get things in life as a game or some other currencies were those numbers was going to be very high because we're not taking any conversion into account right now.
but let's see if we find something there. it wasn't doing it. what can the cultural why this is taking so long for its trials second verse in the meantime where we rule.
on. it's one to a modest cost and the. based on to rumours for the the your role. it is still running. and yet it's trying. since. edwards and better or an old. ok this was a time of. this looks like it's going to be as old as well. and overcome the search for the most expensive things at all. the move is part. ago this costs fifty five billion euros what is this thing. power of siberia natural gas pipeline. that's that's in your own cost. apparently and then this is fifteen billion euros and eight point seven seven when something that's the channel or the channel tolls expense of the planet has also expensive with it. i. and so government census as the got twenty one whatever was also or is projected to be expensive to do we have on costs are several came twenty eighteen we have a cost of seven billion. as a less sort by the ascending boston said because that was what she wants and then gets ok now we're going to get a lot of things that arms really you infrastructure father's we have the whole and a hot and images universe. that means and nobody should feel. of their own so we would need some kind of let's say let's to dock typing something it is infrastructure forget say it has been recorded location. and indeed it has recorded location and we're going to call that some kind of infrastructure project or at least it's not going to be documentary film press that works better yet so twenty one thousand euros cost this thing which was in france ok rights it should also be have country germany. we go that's four hundred thousand euros four. of farms in food costs is that counts. i guess that's because of something it doesn't even have a german a stable just for one bite. also this is the class of all the fountains with exactly this meme which are some class off well and are only now after the scotus. ok cool. yet so. we have some of these sheep projects which is this a public square a bridge we're starting pitcher for bridge. as even an inch that's what it looks like. and that cost was its. one point six million euros every hour and then we have some of the square and soul i'm here you've probably in force of projects. and also public infrastructure in growth because we really just saying it has implications and computer me. with and the afternoons sent his career on afterwards and this didn't work is to work. ok any other ideas. that's bad news. room could try to continue with some of these he was something over cars have a question and i saw dead with which a child cruelty service we can draw these eyes trees and have reached down here and i.
i want to sample that came to my mind was an old programming and patterns to programming to sign patterns but grew by their mind like their structural patterns convenience patterns and so and like can we draw craft and maybe put an image and i'm referring to. i've had so let's see how the smaller move the this interim president for example.
a move. that's a design for what kind of statements as having to subclass of behavioral patterns the programming thing already had some of his the software design pattern so we should say the earth. we're going to happen. hatch turn room with its label and a hatchery times with its label. and the times for new is going to be a sub klaus all of the pattern of times. which is going to be some subclause off on what its office software designed pattern and i was going to copy this id so thrive on the label service and say i would like to see this by default in the. prof you ever go on and looks not as bad as i thought we have a lot of structural patterns behavioral patterns one architectural pattern few creation conference rooms one fundamental past year and. everybody also do this. if we do this then recent should also see connections of all of these it now we have the tree roots the ats software design patterns we have mold abs and fundamentals pattern is a kind of soft design patterns structural pattern and is holding to parents is working very well. i was much better than i expected expect a huge mess off because sometimes gets the french and german when he tried to use instance often when should you suppose some class off like its software or patterns like this i expect we would have to account for both of these but this looks very good to me i think we don't need to do anything with a scary. and. so that's is a move its software design patterns by and free. ok. a younger audience. or i can try to keep optimizing this warm up. which cities have applied to the host city a few even so conference the most times but never success for all.
a very good question i don't know if we're to know who applied for this fear or or for some year record check if that's the model anywhere. known. only need some example cities so. oman was six years seeds twenty eighteen if it has information on where to place which won on the bed but also know it was no means there's something more who appliance of presenters have followed by a star time and time participants.
of. when we have a location at all. earlier this week ever. the country and an occasional words i'm not seeing any other countries here and i assume that information is not going to be on the country article it's possible that we have. on some surprising for your views on and eighteen the kids or. wave had to have to be which city because the countries in turn by the winners. so the city. on. but i suspect it's we don't have any. even with the first. we could be your list article. where does with three other might know that sounds great order. so we don't have any of those structured information here it's just linking all these we could be articles together and then here is the actual list with the different venue's i don't think we have information we could at the moment we could add if you have to figure out that these model but it will probably be relevant enough i think. i wonder if we have before you live in games seoul olympics twenty twenty two we have the pros have to apply to host bow. on me. we have location. mertz. it's a perhaps you should be has severed article about woods the us election process for earth was when twenty summer olympics. home. dozens look like it's mostly selection no i don't see a mean follow their its one hundred twenty summer olympics that's the key article does not have any useful information on the data. it's where they became its know that. so you can see when these bits all have holes but as we don't have the bidding countries and cities are currently only a few days are the smallest cars and seen its four of the. twenty twelve for example own. on the. and no heavy we don't have ever seen yet. to this one one month way no. any are questions actually patients ages had a question yes they want to give them the country's most colourful sites. you are or should be possible only those objects or comes free. home and the homes of the hour news as owns the country. most of the legs not to let it was a flag. and the flag for a scholar. the. cholera should be tolerable colors. and when we groove why countries are visibly. grouping and every function. for. of life. i feel. of the other market for a few of you. then you can really walk around anymore it. the world. i don't know i don't know. the. facing now on. he really from. it's so we are searching for hundreds of flags and hope that the flex of commerce and been counting them and why shouldn't do is. so what's this. i don't want to know. ok ok it's at least not the straight right flank i guess this have fourteen colors was at no eight i guess one two three four five six in asia that's accurate and i didn't filter four countries here and i think his country is really the stupidly complicated to the. the term so what i did was queried its i have a prepared quickly fall the u.n. member states somewhere which i'd just. company all the time. it. and this is no going to be called to this date in and then we only get state flags and two and there's exactly of it. any to group by state and its date the label and copies up here as well. and then it will hopefully work and we will find out that it's. the united kingdom has twelve. i suspect that's because it has four flags which all have the same rank or no one should be five right united kingdom and northern ireland scotland for wales and england. on that search for flag. flag as the flight of the united kingdom. when i have twelve colors. it has blue red white. bought it. i see. the so unexplained twelve let's count only that this doing its. collar us do this thing it's all to completion think god perhaps that help so i don't know why it would have us so it would have had this stage multiple times because it's a sovereign state multiple times from the its check in the united kingdom is. it's a commonwealth realm and an island nation and the soaring state and that's probably why we got a multiple times and yet at least more recently south africa or south sudan and what we can also do s. ants the off the flank of the. keep him an inch. and call but i because i can't be bothered to type the whole thing and. add that here and also added to the group five because of the weiss i'm not the right ever gotten i can people that write sample with one hand and then we can hopefully also see it. do we get to images of the flight of south africa that also looks like one of them should be preferred rank but many ways we can switch to image grid and then we can see all these colorful flanks one two three four five six year that six and this is more than six so i guess i would say that should actually. these two separate items for this all flat and this old like in the new flag but this is six that only six dollars. i'll believe it is a six dollars six and then we have five colors yeah so here are the shares at a common fair and i will take this out later as well collar fall so date flanks. yet and yet also we can use the image grit if as the default you. we probably have time for one more question if it's a short on that i won't be able to a very fast.
yes i'm let's hope this works otherwise i competed for the street if i hear you. so does the book and six. i don't know if it's possible but the smallest images that are on the media. so by inch size that would not be possible with the crew service i think but i think on commons you can search can search was i don't have that such short set up here can search by image size i think it might be possible.
advanced search. while time sorting order. no all on you could probably soared by file size in s.q.l. query. which is not a thing from that we could accrue service but it's possible with something else and as it happens i'm going to have another told later and way i talk about among other things how you can write as we all queries against the wikipedia databases and then we might be able to find a solution for that and that's i think at six p.
i am today over in the estimate or you come over to me of her after the talk and then i can try to figure it out there. the. and yet you to.
i'm new to you haven't that it was my idea smadi may we could do but i know that i think we are so full time quite well. think of them but if you have any other ideas you can always take me on twitter we data facts or a massive on as well and then i will see what i can do for you.
thanks. thank you very much against those kids.
who would buy.
by the.