Using the profile of publishers to predict barriers across news articles

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Using the profile of publishers to predict barriers across news articles
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Detection of news propagation barriers, being economical,cultural, political, time zonal, or geographical, is still an open research issue. We present an approach to barrier detection in news spreading by utilizing Wikipedia-concepts and metadata associated with each barrier. Solving this problem can not only convey the information about the coverage of an event but it can also show whether an event has been able to cross a specific barrier or not. Experimental results on IPoNews dataset (dataset for information spreading over the news) reveals that simple classification models are able to detect barriers with high accuracy. We believe that our approach can serve to provide useful insights which pave the way for the future development of a system for predicting information spreading barriers over the news.
Keywords news propagation, news spreading barriers, cultural barrier
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presentations as uk as you can see on your screen and the title of the topic is using the profile of publishers to protect the barriers across news article this circus program because the nation to my professor john let me. the the this presentation is structured as follows. i will explain the a brief introduction of the problem and are about data set then i really explain the concept of profiles their tree associated associated with publishers and in the process of education afterward i even show the methodology and then realized we discuss the results. and then finally conclude the topic and the future. let me say some words about information propagation when and you suffered it is highly likely to come across few barriers so here. you can see the first line and mainly if a. and should lead to find the whole presentation of the barriers it is to predict whether a bad year is likely to come across while information propagation over the news so if we have a news article so this these models that retrained can predict the news any of the barriers is going. i come across a not so what are these barriers so there are many few of them that were implemented have written here. first one is cultural barriers. it says it has been proved the there to the countries which has no same culture have or news flow in hydrate were as many countries a do not share and cultural aspects. you know they're there are news propagate on lower rate and similar a in political barriers. we are just focusing on these barriers based on you know there are such other the been done like a political alignment is a show one thing basically we're following news and then use published by news agency the news publishers so they follow some political alignment so he said. it just strategy to control and the change the news about different image and then heard the one is geographic area and times on where your job you can see here are the countries with the clothes a distance share culture and language up to some certain extent so it's a day to day. made their news sharing among different images are common are more and the last play the economy barrier also influence new spreading for instance a surge is highly likely to spread news in the area where for instance if we take a luxury products. it's the news about going to publish in an the countries which are richer rather than in poor countries. well wage bill as the data set the title as data set aside for information spreading over the news so hair the statistics about to start a set and way did the state doesn't contain news article in five languages both the decree contrasting demands you can see on the right to. in the diagram never he chose selected three contrasting topics based on their main they must that are famous in the year in these languages which was and that and would like to the deficit so he tries to set aside in this experiment. so what we did in that data said. i would like to give a brief introduction like which was we can fire service surrey center. converting the news article into we keep your concept then calculated p f f t f idea of school and then on base on the base of science similarity reallocated just that asset in three classes based on that score like if school as an zero point four when he were not sure either information propagate on. not so good there are three to have no labels aid or information is propagating nowt are unsure so well. i think that's enough for distant i said here so have the right reading this paper we will try to utilize the external things that are especially the newspaper. different countries to go to take into account their daughter those values as well as the content of the news news article to predict. did they are dead and the sun. you know barrier that will come across just a news article are not so here is you see on the left side the table what we call publisher fine is. his did and the you know there are suffering economy area there is a different profile for a publisher like a for publisher if publisher belong to so india and the. have we got it's a had quarter and then we analyze the economy conditions there so to represent their economy conditions vary and use these dimensions also starting dimensions. we got these dimensions from the international banking of prosperous countries and so far culture. he represented the culture of for different places using. today the survey also are really got to break. it's very mature like a need to share with you. here he said hosted the culture dimensions sixty mentions that show the culture of different place and the differentiate among the culture of different countries. far. if we talk about the headquarters from every garden you can see in the right side of the for each publisher. get the info box on wikipedia and got the in headquarters and as well as political alignment political alignment visuals for political barriers. and then i ever see two others like for a geographic area vision is a natural language and then times on your chest u.t.c. offset between the different times and of different countries on the right to see air is a table showing dimension it's not treatable but just to show the score varies zero two. a hundred and show the culture basically different in different countries for instance if we talk about poverty stance in culture it means that the the each school in this to mention shows. a direct country in the did the poverty is distributed equally are not so high schools mean equally last is more and low scores shows and there is no it couldn't as people asked question about the parties and sector and similar to this one dimension there are other like a country's long term oriented are not. and then the individualistic culture mean. if people organize in communities like to work in community are they the they have more emphasis on vida i. and i mean that these original dimensions that represent a culture of different places so far this table shows the prosperity drinking of different countries in different dimension socialize these dimension as feature for each barrier to understand. area in would come across news article or not. it's a bit confusing but i think the structural show more clear more about the topic a carer we have five bears economy culture so far each barrier reef we have some you know dimensions that. we call them as a profile of the publisher economy profile of the publisher this is cultural profile of publish its extension and see the need for djokovic and time zone and political barriers. wrong with this new profiles which lies the g.p.o. concepts a frequent we could be a concept for payments so as i said earlier over that i said contain and the tree is the counter concrete appearance like the sport so. the overwhelming and and. the carbon is about the earthquake. so hold the annotated articles here's an example of that. over that has said that earlier earlier published was having information like if information is probably propagating and not so using and those articles but three added more inside them articles likely added that publishes providing said it had quarter and other information external. things that are can be related to the publisher. so at the and and then we also added to keep your concepts with them so we have the publisher profile as well as wikipedia concept of the news article and then we completed the distance between these news article for instance if we take to newark because then. where annotated read the true are fostering means a year. likely to come across the barriers fos means a cross the barrier are easily see so the distances laker world with the pressure decided of dissent is greater than zero point one one then true other ways for us. after and of getting the deficit for this task way have this moment of articles for each type of bad year for instance far. sports jermaine and for this time zone by a way of sound twenty four articles and catering articles and similar to that day other news articles are here for. hair is a class distribution for each area we can see is there it is great imbalance in class distribution for political and cultural barriers most but the wealth then they did here is the methodology that tree followed her as i am years hydrogen. it lies in news articles that andy's comes from that i said. yes toward the barriers the knowledge that profiles of publishers in databases so we got that met at our are barriers knowledge from database and from this article could be a concept and then and it actually the news article and finally. distributed at the intestine training such and constructed a model. for asian way. the visuals three baselines uniform stratified most frequent and then trained the simple classification models may be a stand and forests gentry extreme and can and for each of model way a try to prone to a month increase efficiency take foreign and forests where he tried to do. front rare and estimate us and for each barrier make for a concert for economic and respectively as use the value of fairness metre like sixty two hundred twenty hundred spectacular for and for care number of neighbors for can and this mantra decided to one treat it for. i mean every very settings of different models will get the election results for elevation of the way it as we can see the class distribution is very balanced to conduct we used a microwave was prescient and my credit card and a fun. so here are the results for the i only put the results of my credit have fun here for each barrier each column is showing each area and and they have three aviator have results of three baselines most frequent the has higher results other than the others. and then for every scene over models can and performed really well. and then nine and for us as well so there is a really high mean a simple question on models performed really well there could be a reason like they have small amount of articles and maybe you trace if we increase the deficit that are such sized other the thing. could be very you know the i use mean running for assistance or reasonable it can perform great event then decision tree because it had more trees and utilize more memory than decision tree so you have more reserves. the welfare conclusions the are the only thing great that really understand this performing this experiment if which was external. attached thing with the bear with publishers and news articles simple models for harm really well from the baseline actually for future a year. we were looking to add more in it the most categories are to calculate distance between the countries. are between time zones hear the links of where the data is available and code is available and if there's any question.