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Events in CI/CD
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Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) system are hardly ever ceaseless as the name would suggest; they do aim though to follow changes in code, configurations and versions. They often achieve that by both handling and generating events. For instance, a CD system receives an event that describes a new version of an application, and it runs a workflow in response. When the workflow starts or when it reaches completion, the CD system generates events for the benefit of other processes that may want to trigger tests against the newly deployed application version. In this short presentation, we introduce the "Events in CI/CD" interest group, part of the Continuous Delivery Foundation, and its mission of standardization and interoperability between CI/CD systems via events.
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he really under a nation by the government's approach is an which is and isn't it ironic are expressing and her eyes and its context where her is a caricature of a statement of fact during the operation of offices and a great it's an awful. an end. what we mean by events in your some examples of things like that change was proposing it. or build our part was generated or hospice start. so apart from her local programs that we're working on then are things like defining share every so that we know we're talking about where to send by one system and we see it another. to this question as an adult structure of events. so-called and so about this context and year and you might decide whether to get a very light context the minimal mean a minimum indispensable all or more to play everything i got here you take it and there are advantages and disadvantages. isn't bowl on the scenes estimable relationship between it and. you may air. in your advancing one of and readers one for he says and you. may need to decide whether you want to ensure ordering of have and ortiz that the receiver is able to discern what the origin of the order of the event was ross perot links also an important point is unique uniqueness and you may need and the heavyweight work on the side of the sender. to ensure that the us and our unique or you may have something interesting sided in north. also remembered an interesting discussion about our terms or sexual partner in some of the use of and in communication so you can imagine you have an advance the artistry. this created hands like the one example it mean for telling you something that happened to build was complete their task was finished we might have more restricted in and where you send him an intention to actually drive something earning the other. there's a start is part and now. and the more affordable the oldest different problems than we realize that was not all about the interoperability. because of the on the beginning of the easier to twenty one posed. the arena and since i see the to be grew to become its own special interest group. with its own charter. then the idea is to expand the scope young interoperability them as well as more visibility me to grow and far more eugene's. so the charter and his vision no harm. these two. what really research showing that can be used to advance the icy systems. motor home for us for integration is one of us to drive the car all in racine is capable of age. our is an association are. it's triggers for you to uphold work clothes so you might have an overly workload in your says the park land where he'll island that sends in a van and that triggers a different house which and again and bargain is all. the investigation is how to use advanced forms are monitoring are ordering words going on more sea ice the system. until these you will need orchestration especially if you're this kind of the couple are plans with one piece your another piece they're all you get an overall view on what is going on in your size of the party and other you trace your part land from the beginning to the end. and finally being human best for season using it and in says he. if you want to contribute. well it was a charmer when you can harm and saying hello and present just sell and ask questions or. contribute around we have by we've been moving that are open and public. having here earn our group read me when you get hurt he said pounds and scenes. and while we welcome really use case says ideas collaboration of different kinds getting cold and especially positive vibes so please comment join us and thank you for listening to my presentation today. i will hear some references. and services are wrong to handle your new drilling to the information in turbulent the see the benson says the worst thing. did you can go and get this was in use this thing. thank you.