QAOps - The Latest Trend in QA & Software Delivery

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QAOps - The Latest Trend in QA & Software Delivery
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Quality expectations are increasing day by day, market demand is changing rapidly and digital technologies are influencing QA practices. How do we adapt? QA plays a strategic role, it is a connection point between development and operations. DevOps can speed up the development, but what can you expect without a robust QA strategy? Continuous development and continuous delivery is impossible without a comprehensive QA strategy. How can we accelerate software delivery without sacrificing quality? Join this presentation and you will find out why QA and Ops have a complimentary mindset, how you can implement a QAOps framework and why it matters.

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everybody in thanks also much for joining the session today. and less to visually be here and this is the last stock of the day so hang in there. i. i am archer on a way which more than seven years experience and currently working egg cartons and so huge and an open source and i've contributed for our source project so we can talk about coming weekend contributions. all that long but that's not the point for delay. my expertise around the globe of patients but they've been involved in projects so i like to say that i can easily and that. for today's presentation and i'll try to point out how we're all on has changed. a couple of years. we believe an evolution in during that all of you a week become more such changes within the team and close to business strategy and product was crying. program is scarce for for for creating ninety s.. and she left. and. also. and or. pollution bank age so quality expectations are increasing the bay day. and there are few years ago a few you should remember that you a was the one who just and before him. mays on the communication and require mind and that all he had been on the day. like to say that who are just like some monkeys to are testing weirdly can share and here was the. we are now releasing program she there. every week or two and in some cases these were green every two hours as part of her. singers and. let's start to question is what triggered a version and and have few answers here. i'm fortunate in my may have been and so i think that. ten years that are focusing on dating environment finding bonds and ensuring knocking has been broken and became more expensive and more giving more expensive because like i said before death. you are that we were doing ledger aggression. we are currently before repeatedly for each really very meaning and ensuring that marking breaks. an obsessive juried languishing and we'll all the time is running right and i say that in mind the mortgage making because things all the time all its in the same phase and it can generate. some sort of these come forth and another thing that i can think of. the next question what does every business meeting. well in age innovation ride which more and more experimentation which sure higher return of the best one. and after marriage. and they said and the my and docking new tools and testing that forms or methodology trees able to evolve ride and keep reinventing. friend teaching. your way must also bring some sort of care and really good to test different and bring sustainability that is powered by. how do we have their question and asking right now and to i don't believe that part from the thing can all. it's really important for skiers also pray and important role. for a two way. courier and eight and their ability is one of those. i don't think and i'm pretty sure there is now that and the way in recreating q.e. king's can can ensure success. and it's obvious that ali with cost go and evolution of process. it can glean bring conviction on the road and extend the scheme for business as they go on and send their and users. sure a is now in my said mind it is a big war may be another toward these days. all believe the key to digital transformation that we are all talking about. and more i and terrorists and their stay is a culture that your teen and maybe your age and than company should be involving being involved in the early stages of development or design of the brother on the activities are. coming from the uk involvement in estimate. the question. or aquarium and reviews and so on. if you a great stated goal. it is a connection between. vollmann an operation. in my experience that things are often pushed to build and he is fast. nothing i think they already mentioned before but sometimes accelerated software can see the expanse of ordering. sufficient quality just a short sided linger he said gene that almost always and up causing more damage in the long run. there are certain spirit of the government but what about and curious. said aging. and. i think that this brings a new flavor to their websites. now known as a few arabs frame or. i dare say the main focus of q.e. is not confined. preventing them from happening and if they still do. in a controlled time an environment and before it can see negative impact. mr thinking exercise and. just think about a world may be more years back i want to order not to mention that. knowing what they're right. and i held it each year d.. definition of that was something that is the delivery of obligation changes the dubious. basically i'm actually thinks the core ideas from continues to stink. such as changing being and bringing together the king war and his plan. so yes there are some things. and that is like a second before because these from one uses the basic approach in mind said already defined. but as a it. say is more complex than that and i are trying to explain in the following. why. these are all. they'll charge is already present right. the interesting and it will be more and more press and and required by and economies in the ears let the fall. i let clarify first what ca's you mean.
i will just do a week. and description here yes that's for congress to integration and in the stands for twenty million recounting his development continues integration is the element practice that requires developers. marsh searching his back to the main bread as often as possible. the checking his than verified by an apartment in build allowing things. to the deck problems ordering congress delivering an extension of congress integration to make sure that we can reach new changes to our customers weekly and the nurse was doing and campbell way. in the ring. and delivering. you can is a truly ailing weekly should for your business requirements however i said it if you truly want to get the benefit of continuous delivering you should be going to production as early as possible to make sure that juries. small batches that are easy to trouble should is about how they don't like what's right and for sure we don't like boxing. twenty as liver or the government goes one step for a job then continues to living within the strength every change that guess she's all stages of your production line is really clear. customers. in our human intervention here and only to fail says. will prevent commuting to be deployed to for. after under the age of been introduction going forward let the team. how we can government to a framework. and there are four men ways to go into an invasion of whale forced these donation by adding a limited test in between confusing generation and continuously this is one way to purge grail. and and of course year before building a donation for more. and the product line needed to better understand its go. and right and one and the injury has been formed q a. side which test can be forged. depending on the third of the product they're working on. second way in peril testing is used multiple cards. or can porn and yet the occasion saying. process for each component should be in the end of the others you can use different to provide. some teachers or you can use cancer got to achieve. testing where you will write your test in your favorite program. they around my legal process. the same time. of course year hundred the band. you're in the high performance system with fast c.p.u.. there is always been. mind the car. under way is really good. we all now and and believed in me and me and their reasons. company. way into focus product and p. per state start liking the u.s. have scale. carrying the product include any more feature. and making a being the existing features better. but not please. the integration we. doing here we are talking about the struggle and aeration between those things. should probably wonder. why the scale and where it can be used. this is especially years for when the camps are needed. on. let's say for for an organization trail almost no notion or carers can be extremely useful thing so if you have for some previously developed software and you need to quickly raise offering haynes month. on gration change jail in your can help an easy manner. there are a lot of companies. huge trails tremor. how on earth for to facebook for example only two giant company and or more for fame who in this is something i read for. facebook blogging creatures in will users to log in millions of absence. let's say is we dare already created facebook identity and friends you contract. a few years ago on facebook he said the two minor it will phase will graph be a version to enforce logging review for all the ads to ensure that these migration went in really wanted to test out the new version on the. the five thousand largest that. unfortunately being housed in a good dinner. they could not do that and mean it was basically impossible to do that. but. they trust so clogged. and by tossing testing the head all fire. thousand that. in amman. and we're able to all headed by an address critical problems week more than nine hundred twenty s. said that. it wouldn't be possible to get the house. so where else can. and thinking or down a business. and third thanks to an usher regional. let's see one success story. what i've been involved. so we had a crowded a few years ago it was a web based applications and of course to create good and automation frame or we had around five hundred test if i remember one. we can mean a cucumber so we used to me the approach. if you are wondering why the game while it was because. they need this approach for amazing stanley. and yes getting thing for them. anyway we are we all know that when it comes to million the herald testing his challenge so what we did three years. for those of you who are not. familiar with to me the school is the enemy is a docker made to an agreed. many are wondering and pay your thinking that setting up your own still in grade my not be hard but the challenge when you start using it. foreign a lot of destiny. and the sometimes causes environment teachers and drinking right. and these days.
and share content. tool called filling and changes in part here is that we can scale and the mine so we were able to create several saying no. so the test time was in use from eight hours to two hours. realize achieve and for us. german be free a conclusion here trail spring or is a process and then create king should be. on the bases of course not every creaking camp came to cure. we try to train our way to achieve. our and. and to believe that the interrogation of krebs framework is defined as an in the process of learning and booking years the best. george the following fades and they all had lunch year those trees first his plan all the english are things start with the plan right. and this one only a we come up with the document known as a. that this plan will include and described the strategy and your cheque clears that we want to achieve. second phase is our main activity can our biggest challenge to engineers. vermont in these face with reform most of the activities that already find the previous phase of planning. and here our testing and the games and invited by the taleban nation. and these lines ranking an execution our automatic holding to like question before in order to meet the client. four days and you know where in years in a softer tours. then she along with all the program and languages like john just to fight on and on all the train more. to calm her desk in jeans on for reform of this thing we can use. gee i or any other tools for moment everything and are plenty of friends more like a gym and for a gig in england. so quiet last man can be the right tools but of course i'm there. more. next phase is automated in order to meet the media have higher efficiency we need to find and we are two main all previously created q a. i really good job. also it in the first phase that makes three of the frame or. friend younger attorney general. after testing. so they are using tools like. jenkins asia or may run and so on. trigger. making the jaw with them previously mentioned tools. not. the only important thing and i say the triggering underwrite the. right time. you also be important in this phase trails framework from business has paid his room. important to mark and post a link the right. will be part of the execution in the current see a study by bike. next phase he is executed the objective of these phrases to perform family the asian be for the code cost reduction in the face. ultimately desperate from different life of executing. in order to increase the efficiency and good say to reduce the cost. have been combined different ways of testing for example execution now for automatic. by the manner of testing for verifying the final result in and. and here we have tools like jenkins ensured. they gave us both from anywhere and from a new device. the next stage is really. it's important to keep different. from software. keeping versions from. for this. we are using told life. org. in order. but the management and control and the autumn a good year. oddly report. this. in all previous page. because for example when when we open a bank. then we have found. and he should your english. but we do we actually import some anomaly in the season right however from from clients. jerry thing bush and. have an overall picture of everything that happened. for these of course we had was like to generate and to create thirty four. again really useful. and yet as another example letting on her success story that to a head. while ago and we buy and looking out a nation we managed to use them to reduce our success story here. after some time reduce the danger for from our four weeks to two weeks and again this is my not be. the success story. young brain important good for us and the time it was nice. it's a good mind granted trailed grammar it's one of our main strategy we continue to seek out he says. really important improving our knowledge and a war. in order to bring them. for our clients on a daily basis. their mobile the main problems and their hope is to ensure the software in the global a point in time which new features and a collaboration is mainly between the development in operation in cure. our corporate. sure the quality of education in the . of its performance or terribly functionality security or even though usability among others. into a yoga nations team maybe communicate and collaborate with the queue it came to ensure the containers the lingering of father and how arctic year. why it matters and what are given them to change. are using the queue else. and. i said the most important thing. using caleb's from or. further leaving higher level of quality and reliability. thank you on that that was all. should a half question. mansouri.
a. ruggiero the world would be a lot more questionable another search. so we're quite a lot of her questions and discussions during the chill of into the six is on the the why we chose if we want to generate the discussion was so let me start the. most of the only show you what i was too is interested so you trust it big or using the hopes that would be all or little and so part of the answer seems in all. all women are more will hold a short long gone. the storm first term.