Collecting and visualizing Continuous Delivery Indicators

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Collecting and visualizing Continuous Delivery Indicators
In a Kubernetes-based CI/CD platform, using Jenkins X, Lighthouse, Tekton, PostgreSQL and Grafana
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CD platforms are a critical part of the development process, and without it, nothing would go to production. How can we really know what is happening inside, and measure indicators that we can track and improve to ensure a smooth continuous delivery experience? Based on our experience at Dailymotion, we'll see why Continuous Delivery Indicators are important, how to define them, and then how to collect and visualize them. We'll share which stability and throughput indicators we are tracking, and why. We'll see how we implemented the collection and visualization of these indicators using open-source tools such as Golang, PostgreSQL, and Grafana. We'll highlight the importance of Kubernetes-based CD components, such as Jenkins X, Lighthouse, and Tekton, which heavily rely on Kubernetes CRD and thus provide events for everything happening. We'll also highlight the importance of Gitops-based workflows, where every operation goes through a VCS such as Git, and thus produce more events. This in turn makes it easy to get notifications for all actions, making our indicators collection process a simple one.
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showbusiness defense of first to gambling very do business of course if we don't have the continuity we. if we need to manually you make when he is under coach pollution is going to queue most small slower to the bar you george bush on the issue of the good news he really. you can be much more fast in the new venue to your custom the on to your business. so your question is the which is of the homes of show continues a view but i'm sure what can you know you'll get a new way for the rebels to tell you what it's like the news today july then you know it's taking to into your such units so it's much more so well in which it was a six months. well. arum and yes you know your usual. quit and she's asian countries really you can do so. they can choose any reason the days and the like that we want to do to improve alone in such well so we should apply that to continues he returned home to so we want to impose them regularly but if we don't know it will be sure you can do it but you don't really know what you do which will improve the health issue away doing it on. so. again when we did he shoot in israel where i will continue to that moment processed so what should we really are so that depends on the u.s. west was a rebel size and but. the most of the rubble with yahoo. tuition clothes on but and own long does it take to and so you need to as integration test for meditation ten new something it's is too long. thousand retail right issue of the on don't say you buy some birdies integration test everybody knows it's a pain to chile thousand and seven. the issue us because the subsidized. is that we must actually jail glued to their government. every time there is a pregnant live up to forget to do to two edges you can show a show and awaited on phase and the new tool bag cancer. i usually told by which time to recover on so you should determine the failure to the giants. the saudis it would be to own and you tend to mutate to eat well and so we should just put it yet. you bet that the wiki on your own you always you should show is going to push or so it's a can of the one you want to. and yet he found a boat on the job would be transfixed. that is what are you a game of these two thousand so is always good look from some sort of age. the bodies as many times. is he accidentally book so you should do know that i would encourage you to average and two to have to eat it and so basically this find the stories over such which so the to cut of time. in iowa is the best performing teams our work here and serve world owes lunar good the park is in the book has a camera. so could but this of course an amendment to extend to actually she went to no issue of her do it went on it as a muslim countries do when you book. is a very good to be in a ten year old to calais. they didn't to ms you want to use your eyes as a main concern is it going to get us. those yeah i'd say that's again of so many matrix to touch so in two different getting who is so good and study so we took was halted. and so we just went through when everybody disability in me says be a lonely decks will commit to go into production. and that isn't that. year. you can the most likely you are. a study in which china steer you are showing the. the home to him million to home to humans are so you should a lesson one day you are in the eighty's. and so on as and when we decide. so that's why it's interesting to do to use one of the. isn't it with the dance to use it is that you can go in belize was occupied wasn't just the phone companies and c.e.o. you'll you up and the agency. this industry. the in the infancy of course often you get really good to pollution. so issue of the who said so you can and need a brilliant monday in a one star man's arm so and again. the usual our id the home team on that. the un study the sun began to go you're in the ghettoes. in because the in the us to go fast us what to do. thomas table or so as an inventor we could well i run to install salaries. these are reasons for oil can department clothes on but that news of sound. it will can stay under changed its to some days of change was intense on his face so two thousand to four the year the mid two series year we were en route. news anyway so why should we use it as a safe. so yes i was a something goes the books we bought with job or we don't agree on the deeds the group has a dog. i'm we she's the one thing information about these metrics from a lot of the phone companies and the use and two to two groups. intuit indeed i medium and no one still days and. the jets you don't get somebody shooting quite good medieval times today un's early to him to answer. the in the al should use these are the main it. so of course again like to guess if you don't live in the creation of the exclusion of matrix and try to get that as people are so as young people to do what is us the euro our fans as a vehicle to put should answer all you can do it the right way which she's a. the bison to student the collect intermission with these metrics so usual to could examine the us to get to that we put aside if we should have what to do so. do you mean the time when to stop and visit and insulin because it's so easy. start the new way to commit and and when you go into production but that can you do with the fund raising your work through for example and what can you have to use to use should impose unity the shoulder india a future lies and so i'm so you need to adapted to your own use case. the in the us and which to do with them and gender the is a good is to use it to improve your own process all work so you find that the us there was little boys and burned at the and when you value your custom else me will you ever need time when most boys and better. it's a good the way to do to going to get the eye. but to improve the process and will flow. as you want to get older you don't. the media so you need to change your to its. package would be a process will be sure that the you can view to see should do all we need to lose you want to just because he's a process you may need to change your to stop.
i get so no. supposed gender that the first of course need to defend which continues a win to get tells he went to watch a really good exam to be easy to use your position so agency said the from but you answer and the fans. we want to set up the week as a musician musician are great but the huge watches emphasis triclosan better to just forget that would sit and read only kambaksh six months a dollars for me don't you think is getting so on so on. i was used to buy things a lightweight. you know what's going to india has a nato and you'll be able to take action. so if anything that isn't going to get also in high season may be goosen india. use an action of going to get off so you need to define digital's and we shouldn't take action to usual hundred thousand but you you should screen a bull humans they sold but you don't do it you don't know what to do. not a good in get off some steam you can take action and and say i'm ok i want to is going to boost i saw no way you to do that. to get into i'd bet you didn't get those should be based on your own post as and what to of course wasn't under and you do work of new york is issuer us know you should do to him. when you have a slew of the new than because a because you ever. the musician win or lose not taken so used to you and it's like when we get to leave you so maybe that's the issue so you want to try that. maybe you have the some tennis manual but you shouldn't judge phase. the money that can be so as an exam but in a wonderful new york to be used to have the two weeks of development at the end of the two weeks and seventy's and eighty's before going to who should win good too many and body tissue. two weeks. and so will the immunity time was a minimum of the two weeks and sometimes what morons and sometimes even more so from that sometimes you want to take that into account that you can tell you that and she's shoes are ways to improve that. i usually continues department on the news media a future that is because you issues which applies it's not enough to give the conclusion because maybe twenty eight you get into so what you really jelled booties when the future is i didn't push in which media and a two week stay to all when non-state the. there's any we know that just the show is already shipped when it's a growing and achieve a cheat and so. it has always made the condition people get in. they're all use less because the issue just degree but you have identity it doesn't mean you that you. am and of course it should be based on your shoes to. so because you use your. to talk his value these are indeed it also so you should define the does that you can touch because you're going places and got good exam for them but there is only to defend the. so let's give the world alone and digital's a tween to find that the motion so we started with the just two weeks of age. and the base of the owners were true we try to define genitals we care about so what should we get out there and just go into a tomb to do that until they finish or so when does it stop and when does it. the answer is i am so thousand but a new treaty took a little time to eat you. wins a full inquest is a huge what you need as wins a request as much as a book for example so that's a television show and we know when to collectors the we should integrate comes. a on which you mentioned to somebody for yahoo to him and employment. a we should judge would be shunned so far been shown to be assured of enjoyment to because toys and body no on his own but. two main that you can go months. staging and pollution and we are doing continues agreement the staging but not on but you should so we want to know as a result the show on stage and pollution and maybe we see that the doing continues deployment in the east asian doesn't affect the deployments to your right to me when to that conclusion to himself. the important to be what can have shown you can damage is you can get else should excuse us are so poisoned burden and i'm the human figure in goods be. i thought cent. this is a billion. in that case we went to take a picture also time to review takes most and when we say. you want to have the don't want to give them to do the usual him off the country he is or ought to try to know what's going on. who could examine it's important because the you want to present some point so he should know it doesn't do solve the the even so what about two to convey. a it doesn't work so in which she stands truly which well boys on but thousand and two when you are in digital we're going to watch who would you is when you to answer. so that's essential also. the sofa and those babies so we won't go into the day they just an example of the open market. you in the ghettos and what so it wasn't so we try to do. addition to the quickest. some men. it means to you he said tuesday. in an argument because when you to be so he was stationed on monday when should the government and the us so we liked. main events and the which we get all yellow chosen because it time to review the angel he is time to promote and so and tend to do. and what the zoo will mean the human soul. they just for example of just as we define our own you stay is so we say to all but his own you need. the star turns a bully questions of unusual that your country it wasn't the plans before he's a just go to the and so that when the rebels say the game a bully question open usually you start to coach and is really a anyone's w. bush and in so we used you don't even to twenty got. the know when stalin and stop and the so what can a faction can you take when you start you and you die you do you know those words. to question him because his time two billion. a lot of the fans things that can go when you should study should stop going i'm going to find somebody many years' time to review the media issue media the loom time to grow. use the answer questions that can wiggle room so that's why he wanted to have the smoke on youtube and get as they stand to a new which dr they said a wins a request is already what you and the answer was of poor the quest has been the world. so it's easier to get specific shown so we should computing the area we don't visiting said. maybe we need today jerkily few months honesty and so on. to it isn't so its attendant who commit to muster and ones organisers have been created which in those yet the fact is to continually may asia and shock and so on. kg don't push. so usually it's a shame unit when it is that the the the he's going to and from the know a lot even more. when you eventually to promote know the new jobs days or what we dems always a new organisms in the eighty's. we couldn't to put the quest and as the stage and historians of pollution you tube is due to change is looming question for that is your condition because we get we have ever seen a huge would be stored and you have a show and confusion for each occasion. the immune system to promote his than to quit the bully but it's time to get that from the west.
the data shows have shaken by driving what to do so and show him that the and shock has been the who shunned surveyed and the same of a continuum age was due to tell you why doesn't the in humans his computer should we were times when does a time to put to him and hostage on government wednesday. and if you don't have that he needed it would be automatically male search for solutions would be a menu had a wonderful so when somebody we need to manually match approved on melzer request. those all she was also to reinstate your they only used to the idea of eight the immune to what is interesting because a result and should be aware of some to fail because it was open to say no. he was due to answer a system is always something way because it means a reasonable way he does that say to you on intuition so many new of the week with a team of the rebels always when he owes the change the look at the before. the vaccine so that's going to manage says so because the new of the pipeline that are not doing enough. there may be something to change the. it's going to use up to boston's might be no money. o.'s investigated you want to admit he owns intuition test is a consistent ignition can do that. that might explain of sure the as a failure. two. his and maybe you have to do you should because maybe you have. it's what you shoot at us fading the would be have made us. the a eighty two shrew and so on so maybe there's something to do. the state department so. would be faulty it was young condition just want to take a step back from the evidence at all such in explaining what values you so we actually using drugs and sex are just as well you know what to do it does nothing to do is change and it's a completely new to it continues to do with the solution which is based on going. she's book you going to us. the except falsified that studies show business later there is no chance in its contingent. a is based on to. she's the same. the ban is the dog walk again just so you can stay the blind eye to yammer of course. you do better. as a state and so on as a container to dance. in short you don't. using an end to the british to gauge of depletion. you can say she has no basins a movie. just what flow and the museum you'd need to to host a huge we visited. so what do we do know today the news you guys the show continues even to get all. the reader tradition where you go the region could tell that the screen. that after and emerged from a humanities and story. it would seem to possess going to today is often not to lose your eyes and the subject. so it's good and the data. making communities so they were good thing about granted since the system has also been shown to him and sixty's moron. a good example of all you can use an agenda is to expose in a good idea. if she's a tough as between you and so use a phone number fudging sex we started started using urgent and six more than two years ago when it was a new russian one and that the dime. the agent instance that in asia. and this instance the side of it to happen again. i mean that the pipeline. so we dems and he was a pipeline is a contingency and reducing the oceanside and said. don't you buy a result the stage instead and side of the statues of that i can answer. i know i know we are to. search engines exception to a question which isn't it which is based on data so nugent can sing along so completely shown the pipeline and the exit door. these teens the same but planning. we sustain resist a asian stay and so instead he's doing that and because that means that some soon to be free of the good to know him their information and using the search engine six shelley the as young as two years ago could we learn that need to change so it would be the same. but because urgently six to use the same to fast as you that students very good. the injury easy to use and the unstable for them so it's great. and if you don't use urgent in size but what can be used to turn us of by than one job. in which china opens the same information they just don't use of a plan. the moon and he goes over twenty dollars you can go beyond his means the jungle. due to be ninety and two which was the un's you buy them to your and eight year and seven. they're easy to get all that information and you can do whatever you want with it so for us to pushing that into a good at it. so we are using your own. i'm so that means that in resisting sos a good but when there's a good bottle. but they will get into. he was in so son job. so you don't really even the toughest i want my husband to do you have a new the village which is where the you want to eat so you will continue a poorly questions a staging a petition don't that's an event in. when his male twenty seconds or so you get a lot of information on when he sure you have when he went to the consumer moved from the third is that for me to go in with lots of purpose to manage those who were books well. o.'s are we pursuing what he still you owe and buoyant to make it available and internet so i'm more to do. you know we're losing twenty six and june and sex. this is a component which is used to do was in a generation which means a dentist or on and when you tell me she's called. so you can and that's when they get of the unusually job with move was a musician whose a veto such as a. a journey of the doing is the request to his tattoos checks that used for the put it best. the have come to musical request answer so you should not know a year and maybe you know she's the subject of work you don't just so they don't use of focus. one main difference is the whole used to year and we've done an initial needed was a to use as a spot of and you don't assures else in the southeast. so she has earned the budget term and ice and its menus a. so you can check you don't have the oceans and six the condition due to the you can use it outside of surgeons in section so she can sex education. i am so when does is to dr ivins use them so we can want to own cleaner and we can get those humans on youtube. donaghy insides of are going to just a great new cars the we said we don't after which the alone with who can be to just have to watch the whole system the routine and we don't have to expose it to the world the internet just inside the interest. in countries to get the same events so what new jell-o. the children's a fully best you know of course when those and ubiquitous twenty usually. you always number two males and so on and the deployment against him something new we need. see we used to it. they're so when you have the will to play you. people were being used. and you can have somebody who's just deploy and the same counties just so that's where we see because you can watch was the gun. these events such as a grant is a great manager and so that's good but when you are given to mr good community so just because you have the from the show the just a opens a world.
i fell into the sun boyfriends in the show on the ocean to sell when you don't turn to that. you need to help the some component is the . plus dampen should just tell that we the. some do with books to you on the credit to answer. the idea is to use the deployment the a.c.l.u.. the. the nice way to do that. every time we went to create a new department were going to use the damage i to say ok we created a new government and the candidates agreements that used to say and the input of a success tell you. he is when the its he plays the when you're so. that's so which was a the dementia that use that that's true use more on all new cars the. issue that you don't have the old your of pollution just to have the sandy some the un's the two a m. and you need to be good to have dated from studies and then you can just of digits on your book could tell when he gives us. even so yeah and one more important thing about that the department that the issue of her was individualism but its use your to date and using it to the judge said that it isn't to check all the white you don't like you don't just go. the boy the continuous know nobody is telling that up so we are using this yet because it's used for food is open source does a good indication there is often not so in fact the decision was to use the ethanol and when he went over we should stop age. i'm going to go on a business jail because you the really knows as you add. they're so how do we still the time because west so you can use her as usual fare. when you have a full the functioning the rest goes to. you want to her. sunshine complex we were so we stop was awarded in business. you know she's eisenberg the wasn't by that we stop the stock and and that wasn't i know is that jews should be to show a kind of back line which is a bully quest by blind. it was it was a bully west should is do we human it was quick to you that when it was usually to win was males and so on. it was really was a ladies' which could be. the time of to commit to master on which we also it is the time i which reaches of these was a baby so that means a huge gives a dental it is which is that the antiquated owes a fact continuing may asian and child and seven and the most of the payment. so we should be to show and we should government staging of what should their when was sucked into the when with to finish. a and the statues some sort. and these use action but so as i said when he's got an a because do we do the book time series is all that's left of the nice you show you can have the is the time i and gentle been going to as those always going to be your own new i tunes u.. in just was used to fund on consider to industrial i'm so so it should move to support. we started was into the soul we start closing doubled. and we like engines them. well and shock follow continues even when digital the condition. in because the governor's a very nice show when you're going you to know it's going to this is that can watch for the one thing about the in to wish for. this does wild so can still does well in coffee shops and the government will damage to the exam so some good way to deploy new owners will have an hour. the use of schengen cabinets and so your own a petition you can't buy your own as well. so nice and we are still playing to use the one that have at least when the aka the malarkey to show and how we proceed to win. when we meet those early twenty's your thousand. which is a good transition so nothing so yet another that we have a good musician important but it's not enough because to make its use for the air we want to define my sword for those in the ghettos that maybe not old but that is a when you want to take action and so to that. you want to do that with the specific him so instead of trying to say ok we want the two of the only time for the one can do you know that he's a doctor as on wednesday all you should do that that him because the trying to the media. while food that would be additional and all junk food so what are so it's easier to manage as a team opposition of aid on different than how you organize. that's why you and i said you can the. mitchell was off. a petition busy and the to define which actually wanted. you should go overboard was so far. some burn a huge the use of time to a new reserve most and when which. you can you can make just a soda and you can get the future so often as useful closer to the in you can try to hold on the all glass. and i'd have gotten off. and and. the forty should you can say ok you want to have her death and got to go into so it was unclear what will the images that you say. they used to tend to use most and when we were some birds in such a strike this stage to the intersection of china saying that they tell you over. you're going to get all that is a going to let alone and you need to take action and so on so you can look for us to your be your and so on. in so far as the equation yet you should do it in the style. i'm in your questions even got thought because you can choose to do but i'm sure what to be unable to offer your business so most of the dying. seen as a look at all but as a brain you don't invest enough in its own people are waging was agreed to finish and so on its ban because it's a failure the tool for people just we try you don't return it so usually be unable so you to invest the time. and in three months to set up the nice to bomb and getting a boat you don't coming back to be as they go to change to get in the should be a it continues important i'm so. to do it as only as you can so we wanted to be the to stop going to get all the years ago when we change will pass from twenty two good options in sex and we didn't a dime what we need to invest in us time to do it so we need to date. so it's a shame because we love. and they can do a mower continues improvement along the way but building. because we want to take action and to ensure that you have heard years most experienced and that's a you get there you can continue to use your business for us to answer and safety. year amid you want to change to more than workflow worst. the turks and so on. when. more easier to work with him in maybe sometimes need more complex. the that you can do a lot of things is that so it wouldn't get that done what fun to see if you want to change committee or cut from. well lets you know in what we did a a room and also moment. circuit that we have a goal to make that the open source so maybe not quite know the ngos the. he told a different reasons the decisions and six were so for example we are using the oceans and you know we are using due to the deployment idea and that's something that just doesn't do a he said so who we know which and change that in and. sell goods and is to make it open source and we can but abortions and six so that issue issue instead agent in sex again and the. this year the digital was a creation and musicians uses show and nothing does it looks. and that's it so usual question and no is a good time.
i'm under.