Unit Testing Ansible Roles using TDD with Molecule

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Unit Testing Ansible Roles using TDD with Molecule
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It brings the concept of roles that help classify your automation tasks/playbooks and group them by purpose. But : When should we use Ansible roles? How to create and test Ansible roles? What tools do we have to ease the process? How can we apply best practices of software development (TDD) to ensure your roles are doing what they are intended to? This talk will introduce you to Ansible Roles testing will Ansible Molecule; a tool used to drive ansible roles testing. Moreover, we will try to apply the Test Driven Development (TDD) process to test our roles. So, come and see us, to learn more about Ansible and Ansible Roles Testing. Ansible is the simplest way to automate apps and IT infrastructure. Application Deployment + Configuration Management + Continuous Delivery.
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in a way who won my name use living longer.
i'm very glad in creole to be in front of you today and the they feel very ornament to to speak at force them into one on singing. i want to start thinking the first in stuff for making these event really chea in spite of the difficulties in jews by the pandemic a hope in your future you could meet each order to before. i work for the worship sincere if. and the. id to do the job. is to work as a divorce ingenious and it will be risked loud. today we have some create content to cover you're going to going to show you how to take ownership of fuel and see the role may buy ownership a mean being responsible for several years ago you rutu right for.
all four meeting your own infrastructure. and sure you how to apply some software development practices a t.d. to make your rules also an easy easy to share in to make sharing rolf make make you been confident when you share your rule. the version.
this year. he is the digital factory that him to address to its is if you tell challenges we're almost fifteen hundred employees spread across the site leader. in paris. they work from lille. he were asian we. field and we take our me. mission is to make sustainable will be accessible to all of us in just translate into providing the best digital distribution true years and see if or in also too. providing them off quality the best travel information through the application less the star essence if.
so we have some great content to convert to the and asian day for almost four. gone will start first by giving the cost of you off in such a role. and after debt. go straight to have to do testing and the role to play to be. then focus on where the queue which is the main for cues to be allowed to use money q does or ruled. in full view them how starting from which to learn how to cool for her from that. and thank you. keane equation and.
and simple rule which is to force which is an insuperable and a rule these is a is a mechanism that. overdue due to be used to. lose she told the group your desk it's mainly used to make some part off your plea would be usable in the two main structure organise your rules. cherie currie tree reach the quarter rose from your default available at your desk. means here that you put every dependencies for your rule your five plus you can also be fined and lose and the. no delete the templates.
two minutes role the use and simple galaxy and the galaxy the scum new the instable tool. in. when you want to create some rule the use instability to need a role in the photo showed sure just too late to make what you use to rate their we have said before the fault five in loose me. the templates test and the virus for viable. when you have created your roles you can use your rules in the playbook using the roles to use the role in the book you could refer ins our role in new role. the world but often and siebel label just given the name or you can see a rule for old and in the name. you can give you a very poor by their rules to your rules. music you would force and roles can also be used the of include using do include. to troll here in your desk. he says when you want to to use a row in a specific part of your people when you speak or rolls into the top rate here. that the row would be executed in order. the issue want to use rolled directly to your desk. you have the future rules you can also warn you also want to share it you can share it publicly using and and suburban x.e. in push down through galaxy or you can provide the inside of all. control control machine which she used to do. porsche national home for greece and what instances you can used and see a role to indicate where your rules can say that control machine. don't forget to use going to separate us.
let's talk about this thing you need to sting is a way to to test so small part of a small piece of code dead in nasal it an environment in our us in our sense.
we could just focus on those treat words or all part of fruits testing you need to have called in a suit its system in n.c. ball we will just our infrastructure. as the fed dead inside the rules is lake infrastructure as a code you could dig do rolled in payroll as a unit of code and provide provide an instance as a cause of. a week to isolate our testing. the infrastructure distinct school peace wide. we could just. mostly though many things you know lake secure reach the comparatively cheap make sure that you can still works well make sure also to your role is usable in can do things he is supposed to do. i mean you use it could also use them for such a testing in case of complaints testing or localisation testing which is an indication means that you can test your role when it comes to in different when you want. to do to be year differently in some measure of graphic look the region. to do to him. to say that your role is this complaint or two to ensure that your role is will destroy you have to tune to verify your rule. as some characteristics of all have to make sure you have tasted first your sin text make sure that you use evade the animal syntax of today you need to make sure you're waiting to good and civil code. made using do have a lead and symbols in texas. did you also make sure that you have a way to provide a fresh environment is acute your role in the wild have to do anything the most important thing is to make sure that your role is a dimple and what it means. i didn't put in an operation. realize own instance many dangerous is seen as too. so two and a crucial wants to make sure that when you apply your rules on. on an instance. hugh a play a role model. the fake two firsts the do you hear of this same as if you have a player you want. and you make sure also dead. your role should behave directly from start to finish what they mean is that you can do every all those things taking the disconnect is a lead. aid impotency. in one go. in a french environment. let's talk about testing this this thing and this dream and development stephen development. use mean the same software development and you can also apply to defect that and simple used code to describe your corporation you could also a plate is even july and. is that to you the red the red means what it means that you write first you just use a cute euro the test and nobody should feel because you have not implemented year after that you make sure to write just the right amount of code. the contest and when everything's screen and works well you could now of the week to reflect a to improve your code and mean sure that when you. you improve your improving your code issue he has a we stick if the this still. so little to molecules molecule is to create a.
great tool it is used to to ease and provide a good environment for testing in development of and see both roles. i. the foreman concept in a cuban that you have to know is the drivers drivers in our you pull vision now you get a machine in provision of scenarios is that the. the best decision i use that to exert cute to verify that your rules is doing the right thing. then you have sequenced sequence his main the difference. the two steps that is that the his serve. and if somebody can step involved when you phoned to do. your resting using with a queue invade the fires the fires is a way to verify dead. your all your you and see a role. from. told you what to expect a driver's you have to mean bravest deuchar in a grand forcing your use of menu kid you first create your role moved to insult to get them we could do you have to default singer who know him in omens. you know that continue taste test. of sequence season as a said steve wynn so command use by many q two. to act on euro to ease you walk through when developing you and simple roles in very famous to mindy first. also new system for an and stable as of a firehouse really use just in for. for for doing. very very occasionally. i'll only q four of them have post make our rules. our roads distinctive least right. you can use instability to really did show you will see was index to have a very good here and civil to text. you can use money could create to create the foam a french environment for instance. you can use in siebel to put a dent. and importance to us for i didn't put in sea and you can use and simple this to do everything in one go. to doing the testing it will destroy the machine. it is accusing year rule. this took about this in for system for his labor he later in tightened huge chicks do state of fuel instance missions. interesting for you have a concept of the back in the back end. is a way for just in first going to infants and get almost. org post state. you have more people back in shape and he will work in taking use and can you have from local but can all you can also use the pair of the cool or doctor. in the league's see you have some cube still too so he's a week to get almost the ghost the most state. after going into was to just take if was still much what you want or what you expected. does this mean for stone wayne job of more fuel smaller jewels helps you a search for the state of her fortune of change in the new test you have meeny miny moe two. fewer and to whom would you teach. had huge to do some and simple things on the post you have all street get the two years old the. the state of the cage which is used to make sure that the package to get a package from the host process to run the process your command going to come and have many would you have to use when you want to test. do this to offer machine.
here's an example we are using the laramie call that canned in the uk he came into the role we want to check if the service engine use this service is. usual. and. is a roaming was enable. i.
so let's just practiced with one example to make to understand how to use the q e two you can google to introduce people to get hold of code.
first you need an environment so i have a bill. image which contains everything you need so can to his doctor. and the ball molecule i did this in for. here you we want to use the so. here. because we will use of the oakland to spin off. since he's from. a container. that's what the moon they do going to occur. to create a rule these mchugh use new molecules in the role you can see fame any parent metres of our kids who use driver the species is removed the use and reuse.
caucuses driver eyes a week to spin of into instances and you use as a very five you test in for a year. and when you create your year old results for me to see you get these followed a structure it contains molecule. as another folder. before his interview on verge is the label that contains your role to its cue to molecules a grecian used by many to test this to have cost to the corporation for just and just the fold. i mean just for your defaults near you. what you're going to do he will start first by writing a test in drawn into molecules to make sure our to feed first after did you write some good.
no rule make up artist first. here you you you use a simple example story. and in need. the effect of face. the. street.
said you have to fold or so sure you have the role here and test. what you're going to hand to for our role and. in. the only kewl the fold. noting here for now. so we will have already created by using really to create a molecule. the list. you will find that i already has. and students. did you read. configured in the queue but normal fight a used image to do marine. such an instance. first the ghost hunting just. the first. to me sure didn't take each boxes is installed so i saved and a lunch with fuel. first. did i have nothing overage soul. thing. certainly kill.
to refight. d.'s. d.. teaching issue you. huge. here you have. the thing here. and. and the good too.
actually to divorce dust was saying because.
and heaven. in the head. they had no clean instance to aaron be full. had to clean up. you create one so i have create one instant in a row run the same common a first round run will converge. he did. nothing and. the movie and have a feeling this week. each state that due to take each box is not install so let's. the small amount of code to me just it. so a good to do. old code in had. the small section two. install book do do do books package so a room with a queue. q verge. so. in know it will install the package on the instance and. in the queue very five today. to me should the old test. everything stall. animal he should. the sequence verify and make sure our just returned here in woody kewl. force passing and use heated the this thing lit use and a test to make you use some but if you choose from. in for him by just you can use our taste. so what you're going to do is. we are going to use the station the one to fifty for a political command and expected open has to come and his. home. he just one to come and is doing using the books expected and do. no one else so big the queue and to verify command because you have you already have the i couldn't stop so when your own money. should normally has a theme just. they said the good feeling good because you have. to put here in what he expected was this. he's been so that had to burn. this in common. this. i. normally. he deemed good to know this will succeed so that's how you can do the walk to have to use only kewl. to this your testing for to distill and siebel rolf. but just lights.
what been what the benefits of using a meticulous when he kills.
use some and seven and to construct. it is stable in will use. because the commute and image a build coal cia and see ball is based on simple to set the image which is very great because it contains everything you need to create and develop. your and supple rolf me a highly encouraged you to do to reduce image. own to one million dollars a day i found i found form. does not support mean those so if you want to me do seem think you've been using. just to use and the solution. you have some great example of reports that use molecules to to differ in june things for own on the borough. so how to go for the from what your flu and you have and siebel you can test unstable rolf using.
in order to contest using and see bold first. it's quite good for simple you skis in two minutes this you can leverage your and she would expect cheese but the downside for means that you have to include. the petition could be cut. the lead to unexpected failures. another way to test your rules is using and simple test is very simple. the site. and in use only do for visa. the downside for me is not a t.v. maintain a take elderly people. before and i think that's going to be. so was the years. two years ago too. human beings too. he can vary use it home for to see anything. but he could be using could be used for simply use case and oceans use discussion discussion is a great but it sees from to the community so you have to noon do. well. and only be for you. these will be all. bees. a fire i think a year using but it's. in a tool.
soon didn't extend i think you should experiment they want to do more extreme in who either due to me to do g. for testing want to apply. next year's your driven development to leave the cutest my rule if the main point here is that we can write our own. now a disc is you've he was a good dude to create the king syntax which is more readable which is could be coming from. known function or requirements in. that you can buy laying your non-functional requirement you directly to your code and thing is to create them. could be a great used is all good practice it. things again the free too.
room to meet your questions.
hello. china i hear. the question is why. explained it depicts of the police to anything. if anyone has a question i would be happy to to end. who can we have one question flow. the cereal. in the sunshine to manage this company and reach. women across different molecules interviews. energy use still discussion of filming. he encouraged to confuse case but i think at least he is a titan could so you could you could. just speak your testing the code inside him when he killed the aid is the one you have common test in the fighting more you and one failed at full import everything at once so. he could be possible to fight it is only part in could mean that you could do whatever you want. i didn't think the third answer your question right. he was coming he guillory. ok. just. ariel he should such issue too good to begin to get a repo. i could do. accordance to mr he called to build your and simple see a doctor image so you can go and check it out and see if he would step. i feel as to create the image and u.c.l.a. extend the until two said dr imich so you could be a good way to provide everything your team needs need to do to gently roof. he didn't see in question. the way. a all sides i i see we leave my method of using do in a degree in deuchar is that you're exposing your local doctor so cut. it's not great to could practice sometimes euro iran. can do. you know that. it's not quite often a good practice torture six forty three on our look at every moment home. no risk. king when question from one. shared in which the game they using with the queue for taking your roles. but if they'd. using thing you have so much to someone beneath its when you test your roles. it does related to the fact that this thing is the right thing to do you eat. them. suddenly if you do. you are planning to share your role on the public publicly or inside your team for the to use it so. the e.u. would be more coffee it as i said in the beginning of the talk you will be more confident when you are giving orders your growth. to read to being to be use injure playbook so it's just so way to to take ownership of a row.
the one question from nationalists. needed to have a long. understand which can mean the u.i. testing. the . thanks to fix. i. questioned. do you think i can just alongside the role within your team. the city depends sometimes it's quite useful to have your test in bed in your in your deliverable relievers i mean you owe your final. do you find a role when we want to distribute it. so a day. there is not clear why the right way to do it i will i will suggest to keep your test inside your answer your repository and sip rare the in separate it from define a fact because the. and. people will just use your role for the documentation and you do want to find out how your reward tested day we go back to the source code and see properly if you have set up the cia pipeline they will probably good a.n.c. visitors pass but it's the right. thing to do to keep your own urine test in difficulty because people need to complete contribute. by letting your test inside the repository could help people know that they're not breaking. your hero implementation. two. don't you. into me. the answer your question. the. one question. what can one year olds that just fine. it. it depends on the usage of do the testing labour he you have more jewels provided by a test in for. in. i think the. the deal common errors. it will find is a will be those related to do you do your own your use age of the test in for more due. if anyone to take clarified it is like him you have any more do you have want you to check if the process is running if you have installed the engine expected for example and you want to know if do a disservice engine excuse running. the in selling the package you will use to us in for two she did that state. the i think that's where the scene for works well. we did the common errors will be the role she will fine with the usage of testing from would you. the simple thing the thing the two will appears. from. the quite simple test is the syntax sundance your your role fails because she wrote about sex were bad and stable syntax or you have an era with the animal five so i think medical quiet.
it's very good at it and he has the tools to take the syntax off your of your role and the syntax of your your most valuable. that's will be for me to do the common arrows. and it's quite good to have the two ladies because it can be for sharing anything or before pushing your could to your your remote people eatery you can take it locally that your files have diverted syntax. and if the commission for testing for his third of this is very nice in theory complete. quite easy to use. fashioned from. in addition to the test can use just do you need to take six free and if we can and see will. any the dust is years for. forte street or just get the world. the own i think you can use it but you will be use it as a rubber of your own years you will not. take advantage of the fact that buying for his win and this fight this is where integrated in to the titan environment as and symbol is using those two are you will be wrapping the molecule command in your job. just from. just great war using or the ordered the unit and orders from work so i would recommend it to to this clearly because you will will reinventing the wheel. can you will just my using the title library. robust in will use in the community you will get more help lead using do the the wrong tool for the right job so i would encourage you to stick to the. the titles library and testing for. for the question from reading on and week you'll also be used for taking a playbook were. much people roles and that is less on between the roles. description here is that. the queue testing is not very magic because as you so in the gmo you have the convergence that jamo five and actually the conversion will fight is just a playbook so from that you could imagine that you could do whatever you want in that. while what i was fit and thing is the fact that if i take my role as a unit of open and you i can attest my role in the completely independent environment if you had multiple roles he will not be the a unit test. it would it would be an integration this so how your roles all your multiple roles in direct between them to produce the right. so. the question that normally you could use also way to intuition to things like putting everything in your playbook filed converge am all an year to us if it's produced what. you want. at the version of you're planning to adopt where the queue as the main testing tool for everything and civil related. so. if you. you have of four locations after just told you can. can join your own homes. social networking. it will only in kenya and the. in treatment. year been done it to share the experience to show i think the community he said. it's why because although orders sharing your experience for you just thing. the unstable world sold on a chip to share your or your experience.