How to build up an ecosystem for open-source firmware testing

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: How to build up an ecosystem for open-source firmware testing

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How to build up an ecosystem for open-source firmware testing
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With the advancement of open source firmware projects, we need a reliable quality assurance process to automate the firmware level testing. In this talk I'd like to show how we build up a ecosystem for open-source firmware testing and show by example how we integrated one project into that ecosystem. This talk aims to give a status update what has been show on the OSFC2020, and also encourage people to get involved and participate in open-source firmware testing. All code shown is open-source and available by the time of FOSDEM'21.
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the rain. arm higher want to buy things for anyone talk is into my home but what your money was chris and a child like to talk of the boss what sting or. mom in more specific for open source in which testing and how i think we could with an eco system alone. um. myself so i am also a human developer arm working on a man's doing during work for for customers from the ocean or so personally interested in increasing government and few it has thing actually arm. the star interesting the on over one hundred years ago are when a joint year and it's actually the will of course not the the the most. armand the most move topic when were were ever won a super excited that we don't talk about testing how ever proper testing can make a left much much easier and numb and experience a couple of times now that when you're working when you try to finding work. senior cold because of features on a working in but actually the the mass of trees grow arm that is something that the that takes some time to find out and i think we can do better they were shooting were now and. yeah like to talk about it. ok our own short again or down so far i would talk to the water or most human testing what's can stay in what was going on their own already your mom how can build them an eco system around it was what came here with.
also scheduled solution that their they come but i'm working on from that or he worked with and how you can get involved right arm i i can't do it alone or we can do it alone so i merv people to get involved in that our man in the air which and couldn't be more for. i'm ok also for testing family are obviously arm runs most of the time directly on how to behave differently on on the phone architectures sox from borders.
everything the haze different mean depending on the components which on the board from most of the time frame where does come back and forth talk components and and them and that always difference and it's quite hard to come to put that on abstract their arm that makes premature. king what heart on causes. you or arm even work directly on hardware or also hard work he hates different the arm and your kind of what you have and what holds on the in these kind of things i'm you cannot be simulated think way so that means limiting stand apart there. there's no unified approach to that from i know there are couples systems out there i'm going to work with fewer testing and when committed financing frameworks however some media and me on a on a common way which is why force arm and whatever they want. however there is no unified a kosher that most of the time as we are working with hardware and software on its quite complex set up by if you if you have some some piece of software that you can push lies in machina was ever it's easier because you control. for everything hardware was involved are acting from that. and always tends to get complex on the world so that was called the ones most time that once on the on on a on a platform on hardware and no i'm so you have set up a couple of things to come to fresh abortion to exchange a piece of software all the time arm to ruin me. just so. testing complex way arm and there's also no sense of identity for which is to arm said and all their couple of their own countrymen testing arm of the couple of companies out there were testing however there's not a single point of contact working go to arm where can check out ok what. projects to ask what's the test his coverage of these kind of projects what hardware supported would more just a boy was also supported and its kind of things i'm so this there's nothing centralized arm which were which you can leverage or where were you can stuff from. i'm also extremely or itself like we were so system from that were living in arm so many projects out there that it's quite evers on we get we get or to get core moved my main kojic get you to get open source your eye. uk to stuff arm there's an so to hear when i talk about being where everything's exists right of course the same principles arm or supply also by to the other. but i do mean what exists and these kind of work projects are quite evers they have on different in different ways how it has just fear were somehow they manage to o.j. it's either get a whole check your money on terror or get lap or something else are now. i'm so that that's quite a diverse field also attached to these projects on their quiet amount of the different countries and visions as you hope for example use their own jenkins from the idea that from the cold for you. or what example i think they used circle hearing get her on new would some good to have on the one cent sure i'm so that that's quite evers ways where there's a lot of pieces moving around and that there was also on most of the projects. more know the more than most of them do the testing so one can say there's like a new group testing want or swimwear system and most or none of them or they were little actually taking on the hardware from picking on a bet. home can like many companies to human testing our their own their basement on so they won't be aware that they have a wider for their own products or ever arm or things go source of course arm and kept secret and for themselves so calm there's nothing nothing share on the community. going back to the testing on as and nearly every project does the testing. it's easy to set up. so setting up a good lead runner which has basically just build the code that you wrote that sets what you do on its also like the minimum amount off of companies that you half arm when you write code among most of you might be programmers and sure at sea. could for example arm and that's good ok maybe couple of warnings of good building find however it doesn't say anything about function so that's like the nose for it can actually jump or does it say ok i like some something from. however there is more and there should be more i know that couples called the unit testing on i see you were arm has couple of quid. sent to new testing on the code i think from coal started to implement you just are so that's a step forward however in the field where world munich testing is also in quite complex arm because you're getting a lot of players that he simulate. most a function that you're writing these kind of things i'm so that's quite he stood and of course they're all things like function and testing corman's testing. regressions testing moon and always kind of things that you can actually do. how ever where one has always had in mind or s. keep in mind that fear where is actually the most privileged called that that on when your system and some of these things to have security implications arm like if you run something in your as you imprison. see you at least arm that if they were securing and single mom. so. that brings to the point that there actually is a need for more or staff testing for more human testing don't know but i'm especially for consortium of testing on it should be made more accessible so everyone should be able to set up their own to be in which a thing of the structure are more one there would be protests. and also being the human mouth and get our should be share my doesn't make sense that ten people run saying ten ten tests over and over on the same hardware again. could achieve more share owners also and ten different people have been on my street from horses on which cover two dozen sox right so we get a good byes why certain that we can actually cover if we share results have yet to come. so my opinion what we need is an open eco system we need some whole centralized. i'm a centralized term boring structure where every the every ten some that that that is out there in the wild in the basements or whatsoever can actually portion right now we one cent like point of of context where these results come together. first vision that should be shared with everyone they should be open arm and who should be able to leverage these years old and build their own solutions and of his arm measure year for years and was sober or some such as where the infrastructure and you can actually gather all the history of their own which. can easily do arm and what color or he has but that staticky wallace arm is that you can build up like it's like or stairs page to say hey these kind of order and socks and architecture are supported by now they will commit that has been tested isn't this the thick of things that gives you some way my. the marines shuji in the project itself. however of course you have that centralized army for infrastructure of what you actually need arm need an essential as testing infrastructure that the results into the into that earth interest for years so that means brown it in your own infrastructure right arm. don't change anything in your own code of course i know that in the last couple of years ago people came up with their own solutions on how to do in the testing arm and and what is one of its kind of things and integrated all too clever in their the infrastructure and from i don't want change.
that way on that something that can be changed now an army in the future however i just want to leverage the results that the people having and put them in central space so that people on top can actually arm can make something out of. said sharing those with others so owes them to the center was supporting infrastructure so baby that everyone concerned or racism and that we get a wire. spectrum on the auto sales from their farm projects. if we said that up or he would set up a mom that we have to a centralized body infrastructural the centralized testing structure on their couple of pros and cons were obviously we're better of which goes on we can measure the impact of changes. the outcome should be aggressions arm that that comes we can seem and maintain order in the tree arm and for torfaen what and maintain and on the board so for the testing infrastructure i'm in coal mood we talk about so sorry i'm on coming from coal would protect them. in kobe talk about and maintain code or no one m. feels responsible a more for the article so one or two more what happens from time to time is that some and also been some specific stock was my some old into a whatsoever so right. people were responsible for that kind of coach however on the step back from that responsibility and medicare don't have a much much higher than any more i cannot maintain the code anymore i cannot bear to go from what we could do. who have a board which test that that code and arm and then have a running or to sing structure what would be the outcome is actually a home that that storm that the board would be still testing the structure everything would be harmed. they will be gathered at sunrise page place and we can we can leverage these kind of these results from the board and that and maintain order to clean the tree because we see a it's running in the testing infrastructure and arm we do see the results we can leverage that any errors come up maybe someone will take care of the like. to the someone takes care of the story running of the kind of or. much higher than if you don't know what's up with coke and of course we can combine with the efforts year on course. on these kind of things is one big change is always come on was conscious when i'm we have to be on the contest in the face so if we talk about any of these interesting infrastructure and centralise reporting the structure which somehow have to green an interface like on languished on the right. how our own we push the results to that infrastructure all they look like what should they contain what not unique. i think so many business occasional on the arm its integration work or the arm. the home she need to adapt to the new eco system or if you wanted to own testing in construction to the knower to the eco system it's always integration work i and of course bringing new place to the two to the table arm as we're trying to do and now that is always more fragmentation at least on. spectrum. the idea of i hear you would be on that that in long term you have that sense rest infrastructure and from that that is actually less fragmentation of these on the results you can sue do what every one of the pesticide however there is no. as general toys way you how to coach who retired from two to serve right now together them so that would be more imitation of the short term however long term will last. the o.c. arm twenty twenty or two months ago on your he came up with some kind of solution or part as an arm we did implemented to test his them are more couple of to some that do where is this why wouldn't do before. is this thing more functional testing whatsoever arm these systems when they're ready they do bush there has to industry but there is that ms rebeck he was meant as a centralized reporting structure was open as a one arm or results are mine there. in some images to machine readable format. just ask them what everyone and you can attach consumers to these kind of food so whenever a new report comes and you can take the organ consume that into your into whatever you do so they could either be like hope says page on the island or in terms of john. org that get up we know that there are many have an enormous the ice as i'm writing a company and say ok arm i do see that they're just without coming in for stocks or architecture is the interesting forest for example which is in your a couple of the has been. i'm ecstatic speed your or complex the and if you're interested in these kind of results you can actually read the reports from us they're running on an hourly basis and integrate them into your own homes yes them. so that was the first step that we did here are however. that was enough. so i thought about these cases called red. as is that i'm coming home from cost of the world or and record and eight was at one time or working on the road and. what we have here is we have dared system and the cairngorm actually arm you can of hedges there and was edge was admitted to put the kind of. when was the one submitted from our internal system takes that patch and test. so what i want anyone to appear little bit is his arm extend the already the solution that we have are more he was a test our seven this reader get on with one thing the record right now on dec working title from home a few much with us are not very catchy at the office year on but it's being. but his arm so you were closed and like this you still have it has set up from that tests that are when it starts from the kind of. posed to working with his results were a year arm and running it has now i'm running on this committee from arm this worker i'm working on that project and it's like refuse corruption my arm. and. it's a sin or object and it's the economic people's arm he is you can see him walking on the to come quoted anyone is a trickle mood working on this cash when our that's coming i want to test and again time off from that actually quite important i'm and. my description is i'm running on your part. he just waiting. the time on his arm is year because. if you run these cannot tell you will notice quite fast arm that. i'm from time to time systems tend to break and term also your internet has them my great great an hour. they might be our last internet my job was forever and that time or sixteen and year that in haste something happens arm the year with his results urban know that ok i'll wait for twenty four two hundred forty minutes it within the two hundred forty minutes nothing happens. farm i just knew that right. you can. so there isn't a first step. so don't start to the charge to the and and pointed out and say without juno ok objected to show you a game starting now. the second step is run the job so whatever you one right arm so when you build a huge as when you're functions as your aggression testing time testing whatsoever to whatever you want their arm i hear the when the to systems done it has pushed the rebates to this remark made so it makes the home. the results for everyone because it's no mystery. or would be get you post your own job done so somehow you have to indicate to see which has risen so ok i'm done with what they did and now i'm using move on your.
it began its day she's not object that hosts to arm again with a worker i need to arm because that's what are our project anyone which is called would bring the same hash to arm might as well at school so i or even the hague on what the overall success of my husband and i am. it has linked to or right now you can whatever you can be whatever you want right so it can be your internal actual she it can the world as a society can be unaware h one n one long term issue on my view would be that in the. sporting you link to a public the available jason higher where that spirit test results over can actually make a nice looking for. right arm so once the humans test results or her home. the results from the from the reporting that you that you have on it does actually postal code cares how they look like i was sure later. maybe during a bit more into that his results over the talk about on this team mornings gets the edges whole production early on you tube and points job start job done. from when you will go some to jump start from it actually gets a new entry that entry was into their ways from and it also would hoard or guardian that gari earn on has basically the two jobs from the first. so where's shaq is from here if the job that you actually posted ueno and which is the time or sugar that time watching that it right so it will you just a timer and when it continues to check a time was developed and most of them. the other thing is it matters of the entry so as long as their contracts not set in the entry arm it continues unchecked the time on one thing done track are set by calling the job done and point from the endpoint actually the entry. arm guardian. for all the i'm actually see the job done and come forward to that job to something called groups arm was the one actually just getting back to to get system from right now it's only the guards in the range were however long term it could be anything. it could be presenting what side could be causing to get have report could be anything on. prove also as capello from responsibilities that the that it didn't take your arm was one is get the job and and see where he has proposed to second one is that truth does actually check if more jobs are running on the same thing ash why. a why am i doing this obviously i don't want to have michael like a comprehensive resolved if year one commit hirsch want to have all that has resulted in the one question so why what do his arm or how i imagine in let's say that this is a. you start working on commission and other tests assumes also jump in and say ok i'm also testing saying to me but maybe understand how where armed groups knows what other work is actually working on these kind of comic and arm. it's always have done it actually host the care system and has the whole grains of results arm were all were all the test results are actually arm down together. i'm. why didn't the last two months that i am them that are working on animals to working on that i'm going into war or internal comes into that into that come from. where he might just be that so that it is so short right so as it has set up your eye attached to the first system is the larger a system in the second one is a contest from system that we couldn't get on those twenty twenty. problem of allowed to a system arm that is actually the main occurring hardware chaise a call made available to the public from it does at the common a common after them in these every submit them every submitted hatch i'm having a conference is out on. a these tests have been run and and they say your pastor whatsoever. i'm also arm and one hundred up where we have a few hundred exhibitors right now to get an h.p. needs that five hundred something we another age be attached trade and culture and was hard because they're to go however when it's quite complex that up on him said from what happens. completed so so also sitting there is quite complex on their house for five hearts arm moving on to the home in the horses them you have to shoulder hardware and the catholic shrine so if you want to attach a new border into that system is what makes and it only reports directly. you're right now i'm so it doesn't share it results in a machine form and also be accessible so you can go on love or are not knowing what i owe however from it only you put together drug are only. some if you take out loud on my musical i owe you see that all of you arm for the only test had been what kind of hardware and what kind of has the morse and at what has been triggered by current or any of our health checks. isn't that i want to attach. as or he said i'm there was no longer talk from and clear and media bought a conscious of those between twenty so if you want check that out from qantas his original post has increased its open source of easy getting out. earnings on the last flight so if you want to get into that if the arm its menu or so. your he had like a basic framework but if you need to behave years in you can dig they can be tracked in his pockets. i. many dating to minimize one time arrows. gration basic so warm job as though he was a description and take home and can either run on the device directly or when the orchestra. i think that we did arm for those of the twenty twenty on was like this and this is actually or this was the starting point for all ok that the next round from what is where we had a getaway can also be fatal it's over it's the foreknowledge. or cities over and on one thought arm was conscious are running on that the other three songs were there for testing my arm we had rest we hire klein controller and that buying more this submission on the job of the job request your genes into account the server that countries over the. acquire all of the target it does start building the old building and then it works with them with their individual slots trash them and test if you were one result. hormones that has become the new south asia yet it goes back to the to your interest group i dressed me quite as published their report to this reebok. and. the right arm. as a said the laboratory that we or he set up. make these kind of his report and this would also be the outcome of the human history observer that i wrote on that or worse when our arm so that is already implemented you can also check out the koran get out its open source and term however it's not life yet arm whites not live here are because it's still running and the test. i don't want to break systems and we're working system that that is what kind of cool so i don't want to break that arm so what i am what is its running right now live but in a test more so it's not be hosting the gives them i was june that i will switch that next couple weeks. ok and term if you want to get involved and contest arm if we can to go to get a page arm of the incubators this contest most of the qantas channel on those are as f w slack on enduring by it's like not always after the death. they can contact me directly on twitter if you want to. also as that conscious people is there if you adjust to the server you can check it out there is quite minimal ran over its their luxury of talking on also please check out and thank you everyone listening arm around me and enjoy them.