GRUB: Project Status Update

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GRUB: Project Status Update
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The presentation will discuss current state of GRUB upstream development and cooperation with distributions. The first part of presentation will be focusing on last year, current and future GRUB development efforts. The second part will discuss cooperation between GRUB upstream and distros. In general it will show current progress in the project and main pain points. One of the goals of the presentation is to solicit some help from the community. Maintainers are quite busy and they are not able to solve all issues themselves. So, help from others is greatly appreciated. At the end of presentation Q&A session is planned.
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a one minute done in cupar work for a call on such as an open and cups the my ten other day i would like to send up projects.
let's take a look at the age in the beginning i would like to introduce get up pops the mit and that was then living there with this cost has been happening in the project for last two years and what is happening right now and later when move to the main plenty of points for the project and heavy to apply. for questions. so and nothing has changed since last year now still free. in and cut my and else. don't work for a full on a career and i've got no work for four who will now and the area she said the most experience and the and more costs we have chosen to additional my tennis to offer. the city culture and the girl like some the and the gulf that they are also read the colts in the gop intellectual encourage weeks after our and. your heart call. so what has been happening in the project for last. i hunger the graph introduce an initial results the support to shake up and also he added that some initial trying to save the sea ice up. you know what's wrong. roost and the new configuration in the gop currently in this company and the said. and in the or when you're on the books. thanks no bertram or call on the bench or request introduce the twelfth and five she described her reasons i rest currently used. what currently we are discussing also audition. what does that i were to do. market power platforms. this. some models which allows os read in columbus our are just a on intel x. eighty six and hanging machines on the ship should draw on the sofa and make his g h t t t p for support. a disc all was based on the bush and the developments so high and clean up these able to use but the protocol and the agency. a jungle. i was looking on. was looking at fixing a l i put a generation for sponsors sixty four the problem was and got to all recent and have been used. i can just dropped. support for a nation for sparks crawl platforms so all it means not to know we will not be able to build the crop for these machines so john was looking for the from the solution for this issue and. he called quite realise that the possible to generate. when you are the sole job that some hundred called which. all the pieces together and this way we still have support for spots six sixty four machines like to turn from or from some. six and some initial switch to a result asked use it all night and g.c.c. than. while a squat. the gop. there are also recently only have found some the shoes. using just a scene that michael pollan parenting were walking on on a six week in decisions. fiction and dialects the discussion discovered also some issues when you use. but the . to build a girl. the and poston are some tricks so currently. angle to use and almost the latest co-pilots the will to be in the gulf. sahar introduced me chills up which will walk still and there is still some development company around this. around his driver. but for or despite high systems and we also used got the point all four. and the syringes contain a minute success and cannot. especially the success for the book called what. they last year. country and that and or all organized ago many some means. nov we discussed their most is that the quality shows and current developments which are how can you. in the girl he also discussed somme licensing and telling us legal usual. to some extent probably not the project so let's take a look at the patrol sure this was a major security sure which was reported last year. the report was by making and jesse before king for our kids. the show was discovered. even get up to sit security box. they will have to look at the end this and a d.c. sure we're quite realised. the all we have to do. a larger and and got security an interview and so we have to call work. and most important parts all of the called. so all we are stuck in the womb different. some called in the gop he also said a start the using nicole richie and august of the country on a license to discover and one and discover a new shoes. up call this was allowed us to find a man in the girl was also somewhat use on the free shows. now. and so we tried to fix all all of them and so it will we succeeded six all known the show. but also we doing discussions on a bog these issues and among men tell us and the party's distance we quite kill lies not in it. the shoe will not know be completely felt fixing the sheen and introducing some aligned long. and just. dollars or higher. from some discussions about our location all shapes and the process signing process. so why we discussed with this cast that this. number along with the current helpful discussion lived in different different parts and here we have merged all the least exciting schemes which allowed us to improve the situation. in deciding. and so this was all these was very challenging and soon i think that the are too late to get to the shame and the sudden you call horse was much more challenging than fixing bought a box in in in the gulf. he calls. i would have far we have to wear. have to find. the solution which can be implemented bodies disservice. which. i have had different an imitation of resources. so we are such all and corruption excess. and the c.r.d. date. there were twenty eight and there were twenty eight process. and it's all quite the on the number or off excess as i'm going to occur today we had some friends. the east. and she gives you how on. undertaking he was just what my showing up around one hundred people from nineteen companies and guns as emissions work together to the gates and the all all the shows sold and this was just was the virgin challenging projects it took us a form of for monster.
all six all are all all day she was photographed for the show and like next government. and also just one mentioning the dawn on those some time. they're and again to decide. and some articles i which are a war for or three new digging. the cool purdue by meet you and just see a bulge in the book always so much discussed. you have high school ball and also the book called on the show itself. the second coming points. my the mother which which in turn your sister. all the success of the crop and also contains at least all critics to a tool. to articles which were available. and this year to date and the final inning points to a blog post in which i purchased my colleagues from oracle you describe. the book all war from mostly organisational point of view. in the discuss how how we deal. question how we were looking at our locations and also discussed some other someone who choose so i think about to a just war flu. and this article. schools and take. some someone thinks from up from from them and see how how this process to look like. so what's going to help encourage now. team were preparing troll fall point four six at least unfortunately it is stronger than the light. most did you do to somebody whole body was called shows. did this and he said this is the problem. at this point are we are in call called crease. i. i was going to be nice r.c. won in the summer and all i have worked all parts of december. what the fall. long before releasing garcia on our law lies not with have some issues we bought by the last elections. it's all right i decided to postpone postponed this war on jan watering and but i also got a call to india. the thing. opposed to reuse or defer to excel right now this was going to have some people on our testing. the crop called i hope that i would be able to copy are strong and so on. no later than and the beginning. paper and then i hold that will be able to release cup point most exciting thing. sure. currently we also quite close to cooperate with fans are times when project intelligent and all are walking on intel extreme implementation. means host also listening what is it does. it has booked for us and they are year. in implementation currently work for you sink on x. eighty six bought homes bought so we are also planning to. dysfunctional the two other architectural switch support and year yet so i said so the into iraq all you see on t.v. in the extreme commendation. for the grow up and off for knowledge and while i post that are at sea are just the beginning of my and currently in jail called for this war from me and the current clean walks on on improving the got being dug up call for modesty. watch. so we're going to only seven and the next version also spot just want to grab some point all sixty three and the company is working on and the asking each in compensation in jail. each year based on top of the sixteen clement patient and this ball to implant patients will wish our they come when called to some to some extent. i currently are happy for pointing to the ground up spot just from their drug. after two points also all. the point of six. that will be able to drop are all want also the cost of botched. for the law. and mr bush and so i can got to see the very thing. the catchment for for the project and we are going to continue to this war to julie means. now we're off cost on barges involves distributions jail card. mean you so i'm going to rule in and cards on the other institutions to do with the same work and two. this way. east. i am nineteen and sought the help of for obscene and also for dolls. also last year are you prepared to get together with my colleagues from oracle kurds from and put all of this and this person. project still rooted in the tens of the project. and during work on just the project we realize that we need some more information in the operating system a ball early book site so always thought the sinking how cool cross for this information from the logo and from the book sold to developers. but what will it quite clear allies and the room. the feature which can be useful not only for such force so we are seeing a specification on on the gulf news and to start the discussion in this cussing. i can do to their self-interest the ball so having the same thing. having and. in this piece creation for this and think so and sold it to eat just announced i was at the end. the end. the last year the second version of misplaced occasion it was around that means some into it also adds called cycle where should i. she should back. i'm going to take this to the dock on and on the strength in to follow following months i hope the only be able to speak up work on this in the whole follow how art and artists are walking call me a file try new protocol. in gilo the whole inning oaks this is very interesting core cost currently we have to defend. protocol. cost for x. eighty six and the other yet far. i had this this new projects and allow still also asked to be unified in a quid pro quo. also for their just sold this way will have what the just on the one put up call for all. daniel accidents works on support for in the city not just the goal is to have. mechanism which allows us to to have something similar to unify sick to put own doesn't have a few years. so it is very interesting project i think at this point it's just a great power platforms and bought i think the said later. so we will be able to use these also on the other architects and second class to use online. the sole all.
another cause for from the ground potentially and also be for instance project. the calls potentially if we have just functionality. we need no longer to war on a specific diverse for the cup for the hardware and for example for stem cell. it was it would be. it's a good idea. ago. they are finally only are planning to meet of showing that a crop scene does not support our small on their gaps on x. eighty six. ireland is not the color images. the court image. sys three sets and the and because the odds are getting more and more culture. this is part of a off the couch so this is the probable unfortunately it is very cool all all to all or in all possible to a stop increasing the size all have to call it even if we try to move on the function of the models. this will simply will have to stop increasing the size of missing so at some point we'll all be able to install coring age in such small and beer got and i think that we are quite close to to this point so we decided that this points to the. some warnings. help is called the text some specific consideration some some for example if someone tries to will install and crop or has had such a fuss all bother of myself. so at this point it could set and morning and also there is an object to commentate sure all the parts currently are in. and to produce a year and next to recycle old girl who will decelerate installation of such. ok to a set ups. when move to a small on their got. and they also were working on a man more interesting and the distinction and she chose soul option got to be able to home much them pretty tricky so. so what are the courts. the project as i said earlier. the point of six really strong with the light. due to the movie called security and move on our work. this is well i want still want to help. i hope that you will be able to move on. six this thing and very least showing or weeks. no more like her in new money for watching. but we also call. increasing the vaccine was just such a severe for port and decreasing response to life for months this is. a quite challenging for for cross bought the aisle and walking on it. and four. i'm trying to catch up. on the next day. i think that the eco posh effect. more people would be really looking at the parts on the girl put my mind increased for example each you see somebody just on the oil might increase in which the feat in your are your off interest or experience eastern peace. the commons. the spots issue on internal if you are not sure that your comments are ok just measurement badat and then. there had to jump in and to come and i know what we think of all these are not as. my tennis here anyway i think the and just more having a discussion around but just not on the mindless looking at them and this way action to the project will win. have to. but there are. in her. their own. inside. and we also working on improving the overall corporation was just and push us and the other part in part this i think that so we achieved. in almost the these call car and seen how we are in touch with the door and have done and we're going to win. a cozy cooperating with my tennis on oct crop is just institutions. and this and also asked to cut. a day trip they all do think about obscene. help and loss all decent had cost and communication help. it's a lot. but the us and there is still a summary of four in. another issue which you can come from time to taiwan combine increased means that some people stop posting the process and the war in the middle. and the problem is that my colorist latest and the tango hearing this but just and nothing comes on how to do so simply we waste or try and journos quite sticker features success in. additionally years of my time as i was able to take over all this for our or can do it. much like. the room so simply you as i said we will sell. the only use the spot just from from up steam. i also south ossetia city and into law. he is finishing york if possible if you're not able to finish and do swore he still have all got on their double may be someone there will be able to take over this war from you. additionally another issue which is on. on the men in kilts. some time in five people to look carefully common and secured a post new version of the poshest which ought to taking call all the request into a cold and two later they complained up so they work use today it's also something. i also understand that. i'll just may not fully agree with our comments the and it's the easiest acropolis just so say about got and we can discuss. when new virus to call approaches for for the shoes which you are or how you report. they also hope least double dutch johnson and johnson will say something if you're feeling. our common to sink or or within ten the mistake or referring to eating better to do this. dodd in different in different way we are only open for discussion and simply son and commissions and will help. and lot just by looking east. she will call on you should work on on the future using cup option caught. you should do otherwise and choose crop said. from specific institutions you simply increase the bottle and the e.u. all my difficult. kapok tree my life much more difficult and also missed distribution when this much money. it's always hard to show a war. on the largest on using up steam teacher was during this is he says that the best approach and we're happy to help as much as possible. sports something which in this war. sell everything that's said and this point and i'm happy to wear a tie on for questions.
the church of.
i thank you for your presentation and our can say it here has started searching for questions. so how are things we can go our the this life. yet all the explosion you would show drew world questions on when the job i will try to apply in school all of them show the first to falter got released in i know this is a painful all on all of you. and for me on fortune real problem is most related to the book was crucial. we try to write a lot of difficulties for the un process disappoint you are trying six and i hope dog sit in the following creeks are will be able to release the point all six of see want to coach said yes i said earlier in the gets a mystery and i'm going on going six. the answer session six which the suit quite important at this point and i hold the news happening to all more for true weeks and then after got i'm going to. and when intruder the process also ongoing clear and car and development but look there is a process which using the queue. you to the latest in a scene in their unease and the law on the smallest to release more certain the our i'm in motion. discussions are owned by between hire. so on the are no longer than one year since this and this is a lot. so on the show no questions were a lie. the line. so what's currently knox a to support his. their story. it is unusual for us work and help and support them. fictional and and you can use and there are these folks which very interesting development on support. support so i expect more are just so often went all also six series. and there was also a question and bought me project which i mentioned judging my presentation that have projects he said. delighted to. and. making the crop. are going to grow up on top of on line external more or less there and the ice first to fall on me. do you want to have something. we almost lost no tried and tried various one to gain for the group at this point kind clean. in something new year's summit prices in new device of years we have to argue. the driver the. and. crop. the show it's important for example if you want around the crop from the curb in this case as usual there and there are no and strive for certain the new you don't have to buy a story of fire until you are not able to use this infrastructure so he has to have drive mr . simple four fold this call us devices sold experience some some problems on the high on and by arsonists much easier because enjoy a cup. tries to use this into an interface says and does not. in the introductory hard there were dark so is a search engine now we want. in june and not arrived in the dry response once again and the chanel you. and there are many questions. the photograph so i know nothing of this book exist and other solutions exist in the wild but in for some people can contribute to it all the senses cost or so that's why and discussion of balls these projects and matched and i hope not so we'll do working on this. some point. and rest assured that the minute you are using current crop. in their solutions so did this is very important for me and means not so much more important for four hundred people. what else. and in the bronx moving to be buried in this is the first of all have to deal with current development box all my plan is to march all the projects in turn which currently on the least at this point of the console six elites and their and no i. a home that will be able to call center. this solution we were where if you remember i was not showing the solution in my patients but they said said we are where we are busy week. another thing in which currently in. in next month and soul so on business insisted on but as i said after after the earliest we are going to kill debacle and then you take a look at some in some solutions which. i love us to use in. no one else i'm looking at other questions. in the heirs to carry on question a as vera way and that's regular contributor second home with a touch review process. in this is still this is you call can question and the arts right to call if i see that some people are informed and nine increased and i try to convey his them and experience in summary us i tried to convince them to take a look at the parts. the good example is lucky to have the full and six and how to jump in and provide the person. the initial agreement vision on blocks to and that was quite clear our allies not cease knowledge. in the last two are you a few soul when new boss just post a workforce that locks called by another god i asked to reduce this cold and it helps me because i'm always experienced in all areas of the groups on the. and there is another. it's looking at the cold. to review the cold and a sport and box and other issues in it so this isn't this is important so if your our experience the developer in summary us and issues for the artist on the ground. so which you can comment is jumping in and common if your credit something. or you are not true not. something. which your comment there will be in line with for the developer my tennis idea just on the line and this is this is a high and then try.
not as soon as the. and so slight the i could have missed some idea mention it and i miss i saw the slide that you talk about sixty cents or and dear god or something like a dozen this was mutual the false also own and in jeans the firm's values when your party. and indeed into and go between for a six iron fence a yes this is important. yes desist. and these and just should believe the gop a logical and the beginning costs me on and it's this is very important from a year ago. you're not this is not important for she is not just the cost in some subjects you are using something which is in. by his book partition and years a new car and she then us but showing to law. on said this size of the petition at least one megabyte probably longer got his dog. fuel. have all their system. which he used all their which he said usually and. nine years ago sixty six dollars for formed year got there and there is no easy way to my career i still knew were sold at this why i was saying. we need. if we're most support for sixteen to the also smaller cops. all the systems my not too high i wear my great tool the night just. so not this why. and i was mentioning. and it will need sure for the especially for the ousting not true particular color from the and grew up. for the full house now seeing what we try to cooperate with downstream projects in bolton distributions quite close he saw we are doing all things. when we are. costing all such changes very carefully and action in this case in this particular case we are now we are facing out support for small. and they are cops control so to support and nine what next. i called have been to court and just two years. using current home and the not so sure. sound like a months now and i'm not sure if we have our animal questions. had been broken would be so culturally you the season but there have been breached. yes doesn't does to trick you like to support . we are going we also going to work on some tools which years on and drivers use especially for called in the local because for example the economy starts with a grab for two years. and some people who start working on crops are not used just a nice. discerning recording star and son new cars you some things it's all in it can be boring gifts on my tennis are often their mind about these are the. it's on the stand out who we are going to provide some tools which like to watch. yellin the crop to check for model off on high. sci fi so on this is the law. what. one since i'm used to flow are different values and mission and to confusion national. yes as i said. we are are in the solar moon removing support for smaller grabs. now with the painful fall for distributions user and to have to do. i'm very very carefully so the. when we are that some more next coach right now what the phone and also there is a commendation planning stage. on the ticket. i'm on my general watchword multiply know and to ensure future which does management of projects in maine. not and troops in to snow which used to run on too much this bothers me so much that's broken some be tricky to know yet. then. the point and this point. in the the. in the crop. were broken. asked one guy to take a look and add some tests and. he's looking at. it is looking at. but the american all have to six. this point. apparently when i was the largest the whole process by that's that. four. for all. this and thought forms. it's so we are sure not to the normal rate among boys home on a top jobs on the nationally i'm going to introduce the coverage the scans from time to time on because it will also find some shows in parts in the real month later and then. we will not been introduced by issues like the use of yourself for free or something. so i've got three minutes left for on the questions. opened to hide them and also i would be staying in. the crowd. critics to a no. after the talk. some questions. drop. it's considered a joint its knees. when artists said. our questions and the trials once again thank you for presentation. it's on house than a mash and the theme presentation china will be open for your own questions after vain presentation. and there was a good thing it's a very important to cure. in dutch you're using grew up working in companies can convince me that it makes sense to work on this project was a grand for questions.