Overview of the Open Source Vulkan Driver for Raspberry Pi 4

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Overview of the Open Source Vulkan Driver for Raspberry Pi 4

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Overview of the Open Source Vulkan Driver for Raspberry Pi 4
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Igalia has been developing a new open source Mesa driver for the Raspberry Pi 4 since December 2019. This talk will discuss the development story and current status of the driver, provide a high level overview of the major design elements, discuss some of the challenges we found in bringing specific aspects of Vulkan 1.0 to the V3D GPU platform and finally, talk about future plans and how to contribute to the on-going development effort.
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and use a expose no india and china tibet in the usual can show when we will prove day. this opened yet the occasion us we can be able to use or would have tried a little bit of his sons. a by november. what all on its face pieces and we send it died a week on farm onto the porch so that means that not right now. they describe it is officially we've got to to all families yet on the corners a series of a diet that hair can fit is to look at what does to your baby and and by december. they are we tested is right on sixty four feet pay because we start this the we that followed they had rushed area open a system that's been accustomed to beat. now we have available to sixty four be done with just that. the to walk on to the performance of a truck. so the boy i'm back to the beginning of the appropriate care. the show didn't mind stone was getting the renaissance and harder. john used a lot that it would a city is tool to prove to be a it the decisions that this gene is that in the city. this ed. a you usually need more about seven think walk. then it's like for example one got it right away because i guess c.b.s. is the main blue cross a street that is that what it's used to be five to form a. the spec. so after all it it was saved me a message to the quake is why the at the beginning we need to the right of them had this because the thing is that they have photos as usual you need more than one that that more than just one thing for somebody to run or something. and you want to the fact that you out of the atlantic cod leave their journey to copy six back on corporate by the look but at the beginning of the it lamented that high a copy boxes stop. in case asked a or remain objective one. the year call to all got all those basic this walking west get good a guy that will not do that is yes. show for somebody we hossack said all that is easiest to put it wasn't that the because the thing is that ed is to these usually complete and really it is so a half a subset of this house so we wanted to set the two into his hand. your wish am really we've been waiting for said a lot worse was not true but it does so we blow to all all subset of a that but if you can see that this hope emotional distance of said. so right now we have around him and that such an this but the news that released at this with some this asked i asked as we were at the most fit to lead a fee to show what i did not just this subset those death and this we are able to return to growth. i'm doing our own dead and fifteen minutes that it's ok you may change go a few to you be five to the walking dead in its it and you can push to to your post. everything is that obviously asked me out on iran absolute said hey we need we want to eighty five that a. everything is working so every week at a every week we flew to thirty s. runs all the tests at its say that news for hours a new fiat am a you one more time last one when you have shown that we're facing. you gotta of time of going about it all guesswork busing so at the beginning of the president we do have a full room that would be like setting out was ten i west but now he sat down for hours and personal we did say to the bees a set of the. it's thing is that a possible if we were walking off future. i'm it was not complete because like i first a particular a walking already but we will not support and yet we do something we have as i sat at a number of shoppers were a. they do that than that one. n what do you want to talk boys crisis after some point with are not always what they were there were crossing it just says a few sick the problem. i so we try to provide a safe feedback. what a way we see a book will stay there with you.
the picture about the kind of the state of the vote. even before way now they have with tough as we can look to chew on a complete less hostile on and off benefits of this. do you really see it were easy to us we have them mostly because they were was supported by they have been given much in the game we have sent off the effects of asbestos just the mission. on another we've got to have won the chilcot for us and so as the mission for. off on what have to add and. that's for the a c.d.s. this for the street that has a history we have right now passing at a more than one hundred thousand this but we still half pay. howsam steepest. it must be doing very well a fool rooms am to ensure that we have still you as well as these issues music crunch.
and i finished before a welcome possible way to put it quickly aims are working a sofa and that the set out the game bases on both have to come quick three. they the community has nowhere cycle to rule out the spirit way to a halt. a i got some days working and i met him before we asked how that can tell you what we see that means that for some to go to india is thought that the that for some to the quick three were able to ruin a duty or write a book of that we've got to be asked. tool to only through sink at opened yet dr years for a book.
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basically a lot going for a fuss to us and. but we have we know the city if you know that it's a case of the unit that could use more we may somewhat about about this before from. so as fundamentally decent chance that we fall into this year. they want to see that we can express from the ivies that n.b.c. a is to be as she could view but focus is not of all is not possible in some cases so on in those cases with the to distribute doesn't mean that he makes the good days are shown best option for patients. and yes that means that you need to do some expectation that this case of the nation means that some facets of weights. it is a talk show me so but that in its play a difference but the because a a the you how it can have some performing in this episode me that's for now we've got to put up in arms what chase at him to thing is that it would push you want to me. that working a. hey. one single sheet but we found what we've seen that movie complex to spot that because first of a problem but the view of all five that was not unusual but it would be strains that these physicians not want to scream but the seventy one with the. on most. so for now we have a feeling that yes we have a talk we have not support to chase the b.b.c. to this defeat. we have the option day some pay me of using such a system but we found that the pro case is not optimal. because up do not bother why this is your view on the sea i put in full but for the israeli wheel hot he said rice. so when we can use that am so right now we have as a quest which on st but both views this question is ongoing. so we called us who would be able to booties a soon to year. shot if you do class and some we need hope it will test and everything is that ambition said of times i have a great thoughts the thing is that a right now those of the most complex out because a test of the ocean make but now we have dozens of revenue. weeks at the c.t.s. test but the city status the this respond crush. most of the 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guest on things that i've ever seen a tool that we got a danger that the public will never use artifacts and so we don't have the same thing at the gate is a mess of probably. a cool box office to eight years dr as if you don't follow up india's either we bought a seed of three so well. i saw the sea turtles are optional forces have one but i'm up forty four who can what to do so i thought there's something to that we met as fast for a letter that first couple of the school but access or stop without saying. a and almost immune to ice to pour it does fetus top india due to appear a struggle. so i love how can do it. head. they're obviously we have on people so they were we welcome any have to suffer a unit community so he had joined to all the greatest a contest pay to every step of going to send them to some people go on and. giant that they are with the case of us have not afford to get a bully. but some we have a half hour but it is to drive. that sounds hot circuit asked the implementation forty four hour and all this is possible to include that tables for all the issues that they don't last as on him in locals the heart of the hospital to fix and possibly improve life for sample air. hey the c.d.c. that we seeing that you could be don't have even wait to get the performance of our offer sample you that our shared future we we are officially and we know where the upshot to distribute but it wasn't expecting to make here if you. you want to do that fit to do that here. some of that if anyone wants to continue to invest need to stop to look for these recently there has to work with this article working on things a actually mentioned before the best set up shop for its have been enough sample at a member of a lot about someone i asked for a fee to. i'm asking ok for a walk to want to do to this is what a two week may that will get you want to the second that what used to boost the season. them but. that was thought what's going to stop i think that all adoption a fit of us could be more or less on friday according to ice. it's about times we estimate is more testing them performance fee that. the assembly and personable less efficient for commuting bought the p.s.p. and later walking out with the ice they asked what i saw feedback about up testing hostile people about testing a this without the gasoline to have got to walk in. the so this kind of testing with more up because i just need to be away from it and the book an application's a week looking nice way to get some testing for and won national performance feedback actual book what's. so a a for anyone that wants to contribute time wife is backed a decent be a core and china a few notes file or e.r.c. head is such a mess of that meeting this and for anyone that wants to. great about her father and he is called they have quality issues become close they left his use of my request to the way to buy some parts of a i want to induce presentation with space at science he was the one to satisfy community because it before. or we are using a lot of several western. these are the ways and this is the use of this beautiful and told they a window seat the interest rates are set to subside want to thank the system this is the message that drive us because we obviously for highway thinks is to be gone differently but we've got a lot of his prison pocket book of drivers. that includes all of his round to me and that's just the confines of a lot to police asked any apple the hopeless a good idea and yet he wrote it and he knows a lot he knew and also a lot of days because you pay. a hard work he replies and you have your not have if you have a lot of questions happy to be out but you'll have thought possible we want to thank him. a recent have want to sign it and it got worse on that front row come that these days they say they want that that's provided a highway pay because he has a political question for it is hard work out with what's that. so all that's almost all your coffee was not particularly at work here. i could.