Open Harmony - more than an OS

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Open Harmony - more than an OS
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Breaking hardware boundaries, transcending the classic dichotomy of an OS, this is what OpenHarmony is about. Catering the needs from tiny sensors up to powerful systems, from edge to cloud. In this presentation Stefan will address questions every FOSS developer will have, when hearing about OpenHarmony for the first time. If you are curious about the architecture, used FOSS projects, or want to know more about contribution guidelines and start picking in the code this talk would be a good start. Stefan will talk about the multiple-kernel approach, the distributed architecture and layers. He will also explain our public development infrastructure and contribution flows.
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evening or early on it with a quick look want to talk to your blog called on the mall and operate. you can see here folks to the forefront of pasta at five am not going to talk loud nothing here for purpose from people into voting for flight that it's gone. so the agenda of thought i would start to talk about the love that the part about open source of water in general. going into the open source technology from time article on and then go into the parking lot of harm the dark picture what kind of open source projects are already using on what kind of party realigning on how our approach to a different kind of money and. our infrastructure and however hundred contributions right now and then be a little bit of. so effective form of them continent on the principle architect and forth like quite a lot and cost technology find out why i joined a white woman from the far cry from the work production company for more called dark left conference calls so. the good life you might think when you in my thoughts can really aren't from a patient who was already in terms of the crowd on but you have been written in different parts of the projects have shown that none of them better yorker of of the u. conn. fox to maintain our and working on the allotment foundation library of the buildings here and so that's a lot of things going on. so open source and what howard effort to get so often falls if we keep to one on one aspect of a breakdown but under looking for the also helpful banderas about work means. people can choose what kind of parker's you can go and how they can make best use of and but that also opens up possibilities for companies have. and if you look at the world our product. the baseline vegas really some lot of our technology of the devices out there is quite from on while he obviously have the technology on top of the printer tough come up with quite a lot of technology for the shot them to make a lot of sense of worldwide. and death. and they do that for white already been very different product obviously a lot and five the chemical space but also not and think life the outcome of what if you look at the high point and that and we can use to confuse a worldwide off the cop employer for compliance. so don't cost technology which was founded and twenty third quite near the only started like the last year something and from the european union. people sitting in office. and difference to the flight belong in a holding longer watch our core the on and also quite a diverse not only engineering but we also have in people from pollack ground around your marketing your future generic and a bundle of income. the big project to project a half right now and bring harmony year. so what if copenhagen. now only a new operating system being developed by by who are white initially and now going out and do on google earth of harmony and gov with the committee's partner who fought for the idea of the idea is to have the extra cloud operating system for. small i keep your voice the consumer device and so on and the promise you want to fulfill the and to order a mom of a corporate devices. one baby idea you come to the latest well that you don't perform so-called virtue of supervised on behalf of capabilities and a source of point into a device was put together and wants to provide than one application can use all of them together. and in the process with the obvious fee leveraging a lot of often force complement already and what you want to do without nominee said the open are really early in the process you want to engage and right from the full what you see in our public good looks and sounds like. now that's what we're currently working on not coach down or something but something i could be walking on defining but often of harmony been so you can be right there on. so the architecture be half the fun part of a pretty common two parts are more interesting or if so the quite common party said obviously we have a colonel and then be up to the basest like they are planning their you want these are quite common to. what you have seen before. have you learned from the governing if the call live with you or fifty the of or couple argue for example and from that or white norm for the two big difference we have here to be i'm going for him would have a common approach to have no running of the powerful force. on and the wire running on the not often that might be more colts later on but the book are focusing on right now. and second aspect of interesting job market for its on the disputed return from their behalf of schedule aren't of parts that are working to have. different devices forming a virtual box and then using that to communicate and by that breaking the heart are boundaries one thing a device half the hardware a source of a single device and then couldn't go. the aim for consumer devices on and not something like you would know from a r r r. so what if you just returned from going to be more detail on so our vision is that you have stationary more what divides us and all of them are going to cover each other and connect over the dispute of virtual boss. can i keep much good on top of the channel. the devices the have all of their capabilities and resources they have taken to jail them into the so-called devices cost point. on that these devices the fourth quarter and then or command all the power from the different device together into one unified a p.r. on top so that occasion the crown on top of the fifty i can use all the things without having any knowledge about what kind of devices are below it and how they're connected of water. that opens up the card from interesting possible. but i mean being it cost them the interesting part of what are we doing on the open top flight if a strong focus on using existing open source project and giving them downstream the consumer but of both upstream in our claim to have to lower our maintenance overhead. it really free engineering to book another party. but you're not using the open source projects on the and genes have said before the oscars here for quite a verse group and be of product management for example setting and project and the group of not so for these people the also have to have and have to have one and be using things like a project for example health. them to the broken be integrated growth engine so here are just some examples what kind of open source project using right now obviously of using something like likely not using open but dr for the building using a lot of different live with them poor and that are funneling layer using zephaniah. project using get left the house took us to understand supported prop instance to manage all or source code hosting a product stuff and five before the project for the project management of the death metal month for sure you can see us a lot of other things i might have missed here but that have already in use. isn't that probably running. and while you're doing that the you're looking at the coal would be half from another part and you look at how we can bring out of harmony and have a vivid picture of the fifth in the office hospital and that of regret i mean look at each company have been house already. if you tried to see if that working relevant something we cannot afford to make sense to open source for its are already something that we're trying to picture what might pick the right things and make the right choice. so how would the building and development said a lookalike so i would say if your income largest the open better this looks quite common to create quite normal for the half a metre part of a horse layer of was standing for or harmony or s m.
and yet layer of their funding cut off stuff was funded together basically and having no means quite easy to bring another layer from the talking about a doctor's weeks we can bring in your piece people a year for your the the car to bear can bring us off a layer of a half like your room. occasions for on and on middle of a or whatever for that of easy to bring in together to build a full time job so let's look at them campuses and mean creating a directory clearer than be use rep have to make sure that they have all the needed because of course cloned and thing in. one girl so you for money curfew and from under you think. and after that you would basically have a normal often better work and you would disown that real solution and then you would have some take players from a crumpled via using much are we and apart from here and doctor that you can go ahead and they put their image or pick up. she wanted right now using we just have paki and that might change and machine here secure in order to be really hard. comment what hardware on what kind of popular support and right now so for the first two boards he said of them from things that it's easy to put so we decided to go with two bought from the ninety six for its initiative when the narrow the said. the quarter and the hotter bring up it's also quite easy because i have been done a lot of work already in the fire authority on the market and make that happen. and the boss to having our venter fix nine and for large wooden board the event of being a combination of quarter of a seven and one in four called the natural and being thin a quarter important so obviously that means he would go and game for running high on my children and running. a month on the ventoux on and maybe even and company rationed by the run the knock on the a seven course and the heart of them for costs but that's something back to figure out how to do the best and for what you pay for the next. the un out beyond these two bought the already gone to court that would be more coming from all sides as well but it's also something to communicate and really jump in and make sure the show us what you're interested and pouring and said the trip the easiest to make sure that the right. they have thought a neighbor for you you build and going from also will be more bought coming that are interesting for who have lived for five hundred companies are working on for the something that just proper time and depending on the amount of interest. based on the fact the big linux their fire and have a better doctor with the birth of them should really be easy to bring up a hot air into the disappoint. the market so i'll see other the interesting aspects for how many that is quite different from other parts that i loved playing with a query aiming for and what the book on approach them into before the idea as to when the running of the powerful to them it's a complex. and and far beyond the low and from the state cortex and four obviously you have not found to the port authority on more like a class of devices year and korea. and and again as the combination of you and the order of the set out a liking for more protests or devices with an eighth day of a seven and four together for having communication china like more proper more practically nothing it's also interesting and fun to training. in the stock going to even the overall bill will be the same for both of those there will be no. different the building your whole image of something you want to bring on to provide an independent comic-con so i thought you build a whole there for your lawn doesn't matter that all four of the thing. there might be nice for having from support library to our command the economy p.r.c. happened a different kind of the operatives something he might you can do harvey do that in detail but not completely the final conform to the dawn for happened or second day. but to avoid yet complexity and they can seem so we have to see on a case by case basis how we're going to. on the artist side we're starting with the fire and for what we're going for right now but you can imagine that later on them might be influenced me for for other choices like microsoft three articles and that's really depends on the demand and interest and. people are going to work on the on. these have been put on are probably left and then they have so if you can see there's already a lot of for a public course there and to also work we're doing it already in the public if nothing hidden behind a fireball of counting all the day by day work we're doing. it's happening there and can look at it and line and maicon and making make america crest of things so that for the open spirit you want to undergo here. and that quick to point that the whole be running the project for more like a fourth quarter not like a company product so let's forty on the ideas behind. we already have just a good development for coffee also being in different offices and a lot of us working from home due to covert we have all the death of already in place for that and yet our public education system like metamorphose some of the whole team sitting there and have nothing to do that. the plant going to do and how we're going to unveil the public can just on the eve of what's going on us the public have been sense of thing for all together. and for the product planning and management thought to have on projects that are still in progress to get that our into the open but you're making a point. and yet and the identity thought he also have popped lines already set up from going from simple star checks and famous going ft doing on heart attack thing for much request for life. so it's quite common to what you would expect from the open source project and maybe not for common what you see in the public at least on a on a company's but we want to be dropped and said that the really very calm contributions already have this early stage i mean. nothing you can now put on your heart there and run and sell a product or anything but can really be indifferent to form the from the start making sure that things are working on of a you think that make sense or dust contribution may confuse the koran product of them. the second consent and not request you can discuss issues on lap you can just climate almost and and i'm looking around talk to people see what's going on what up and fun. talk about plants here is what we have a thorough and not from our future looking because that's not a runner you did and last year to actually invasion how we want to get more money and have to the start of us can see the only got of . founded in the equivalent to planting for that means us law things just in flux them through growing basically right and all main focus right now it's to get all the intern in parts in place so get are deaf or from place to get all the corporations have to make sure the life of compliance. cup not and start can be thought of cooking called contribution from point a really getting our to release the baseline not believe like final version you can just put on your devices and sort of product and everything else happy more like really. release of the baseline but we can work together and then really interesting for. so with that would be from my fight on thankful are fulfilling and and think the law also true of the people from pasta and make that possible another quite a huge task for you could get it all in a virtual environment. i'm not having your use of a of bring everybody to ruffle so really i'm happy that you did that i'm happy that you have to force them to secure so a contender again you can find out that the set of c s she wouldn't arc just get up in front of well you don't invest a son and i saying. it's that i'm ready for action.