Designing an open communication framework for the connected car

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Designing an open communication framework for the connected car

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Designing an open communication framework for the connected car
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The connected car has been around some time but we are still waiting for a large breakthrough when it comes to third party services powered by vehicle data. The fragmentation of different technical solutions makes it difficult for 3rd parties or developers to work with easily accessible vehicle APIs. To tackle this, the GENIVI Cloud & Connected Services project is designing an end-to-end communication framework starting from the data transfer from embedded systems in the vehicles and spanning to cloud based APIs. The framework is built on open protocols and is demonstrated with open-source reference code with the aim of simplifying implementation work for both car manufacturers and 3rd party developers. This presentation will detail the work results to date and will be co-presented by Kevin Valdek from HIGH MOBILITY and Ulf Bjorkengren from Geotab. We’ll have a look at the key technical challenges and considerations that are necessary to make in order to create a successful framework. Designing a useful API for developers starts in the vehicle where topics like the data model is already considered. Further on, we’ll show a Proof-of-Concept implementation that anyone can try out. The Proof-of-Concept implements a data server in the vehicle that exposes an API to data clients, such as backend servers. The data transfer interface follows the W3C Vehicle API protocol and the Proof-of-Concept brings in additional considerations in the cloud to make APIs available to 3rd party developers. The GENIVI Alliance is a non-profit automotive industry alliance that develops standard approaches for integrating operating systems and middleware present in the centralized and connected vehicle cockpit. The Cloud & Connected Services project is performed by a work group that is open for anyone to join and to contribute to.
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ryan will conclude its next session that money is given a link them together would be looking in.
week about the designing and open communication framework could be connected car at is a project within the journey alliance some profit organisation. project a meaning that the all the work or things that will show today is all open source is available at the project itself is also been a meeting when it's all love him so if you see anything that's interesting today there is definitely a good opportunities to contribute.
as you talk about can occasionally framework baby one of the first being used to kind of quiet for us it's the kind of data that communicated as so look at the kind of nice or requirements that we have had in mind when starting to design this framework add them will be going to depths of all the different kind of components or look too much and. steps as the shortfall will talk about the different components that we have been beast that framework and second part of the prison. station will be a demonstration issue of focusing on their because server which is running in the vehicle and the clyde that is retreating to date us with more focused on on the part would be cool is the sending data. so the general needs that we had to consider where to go a lot of different types they did it can be generated than of course different use cases in using that data but some important things is that we can kind of get the guys who prescribe services and big data services. what the needs were of course we have to be able to retrieve data from the vehicle that's the basics we have to have some kind of subscription mechanism so when you days becoming available we can get on a bend and fitch the data also considered a speaker could be offline for a longer periods of time still has to collect data has to be cost neutral treaty. the data. and it was considered screaming in the eyes and also custom much jobs when we assign different jobs to be eco saying that ok now in this next gurney as the focus should be on this type of data because all we see the generating tons and tons of data and we need to be able to justify what data should be transmitted create. i did when he comes to big data services we can always considered things like creating some kind of the late. i always the grahams another couple of rounds services like me just dreaming it's also a social data in the eco could also be used in some used to enable all this the first thing we need to we concluded was the ok we can select different components we can build different services. this is also need to have some kind of common language of the police case it's accommodate of all he has said it was the first thing we set out to use and we decided on that using. the good signal specific ation to be causing a specific a shame is. it's an open protocol as been developed but you need for several years. and the main things it was kind of considering and one from starting to build this was supposed to be easy to read and write. human adult just at the computer process suppose so we can build different types of obstruction layers can also be used directly in different systems sold the young form a close as let the best the form of to go to specify. here's an example of how it looks like so many great books we have beacon goal for the book when she indulged from guilt washer fluid school level quite a long path but this is how we can build up as a tree structure different pabst the stock from the vehicle is the main object any goes down words to all different so censorious the actuators. that tributes so support or supports fix that use signals which is more which are dynamic values that can change any time was actually aiders so different kind of computers that can perform as simple functions and has some examples so it looks like sending the and foremost we have the data. when you need the tide and description and of course this is a easily expendable two. indeed as well. the communication framework itself is a is a lot of pleasure you all read the story from the bottom right we have did so two days running inside of eco we have the only in clouds and became an effect trickled in the upright and on the left hand side we have already so. of course. medication framework is a basis to support different services using the data and could become that can be called for the services. any in the bottom right we have the core rate where we actually produce the data into beacon we captured. in this we also have these great books way which shows that the day the most be assessed as mentioned these used else about decoupling so you can also download the presentation right now we're afterwards you can also follow the links you can get ripples of course here right now in this the red sox this is where we are focusing this call. the demonstration where we have the greatest serving the beacon that provides that they'd have to be declined. but before demonstration we can look at the components was caught him from being mikko components.
the first thing we have the as this states the rich simple and make any some all getting pulled from all the difference and source and broke into the goal and then all quitting add that data to be an it a server coun that has the interface to cloud the local concept implementation so we have. and on a group called the implementation of which we finished good buddy end of last year as the just a few months ago. day we have built you see with the relational database using his collide demand action contagious domingo me the the set up a database of the country gration and then india and the data server which means to get access to data from the state's the road. using a scale. in the get cover poster we have all the documentation of all that is set up but also. this. can a simple way of old having the latest cash don't know a bit of bad news of the be. they said they'd up the there and protocols of implementation we first looked at different simulate just he could simulators how that can be used in the end we decided for a bit more simpler approach we have another database the running in the into the girl which actually processes data that has been captured in different ways. waste earlier over the weekend trip data when we play that way to simulate there it just phoenix the previously captured data included the interstates the rich have to the simple way for us to cannot use data we collect on the streets just put it in the vehicle we run it. of them constantly i'm stem cells they the new data. it's the rich that collated them be transferred to the. blog. the meeting data service will be one of the key focus points in the demonstration using the w three c. the iss the two protocol. so and we have done the information he added we have product will implement the second is it should be in the early days of beta server so its biggest ever because of course to be warmed up process is the true source of data are constantly being updated new couple data and then exposed. is that to the of the cloud to can be french. so when they got get to request the data service it looks in the states corps of shift that the data is available in the u.c. or triple concept we're trained army data. i think it's called also the said the status or race the implementing go and fully available get help so you can check it out also and and how it works. only cloud side we have crossed all the the client to the client course the one connecting to the data service so course it's also using did the iss that the new protocol. and that it holds they died in a couple contemplation of on the protocol basis the product itself so of course subscriptions so the beagle odio the clyde can only subscribed to different about this based on what the interest is an a in a given moment the data up the money go look it up look after. and as soon as the dust being retrieve the latest them being stored in the media in the database of the cloud. it recalls up with income of the the data is also the relational database also wish to live as team looked treating the state's current to using goal line which is the language to build the manager said up to configure it. and the but it can be accessed in two different ways either foolish to him directly or through a resting place so sold just a different ways of interacting with them with the database to store the state of. of from there the decline said. leslie the less component that will go into its the record. so pretty simple it's of course any category b. i could be exposed to four bodies in this case the. we used the graphic your late be identical comes up with rafa him server that exposed. cafcass scheme are using the the casino specific asians are the same data all we have in the vehicle its india and exposed to different parties and and the faces the bid database in the cloud to get the latest data that it's them being exposed to. some of it that's the general framework and how we have defined the different components so we're not looking to anything specific safety look at these different than the medication had been daunting goal we have selected you like and so on it's more about.
it's a selection forgive proof of concept of course the any relational database could be used any language can be used to write the right after. school language doesn't have to be used simple way of demonstrating this and it's all also been made available and could be used as a reference implication for anyone using it but it could also be used for. by anyone or by you if you want to check it out or even in the whole project or put on some kind of rest very interested in the vehicle the to set it up. the concept groaning with the data server and that he could climb on their own the culture. so with that google could demonstration will let had the were told would show how did the cold so reckless and works works in practice. shoal ultimo to grow can double as she can to working on. second generation of the iss space station which is station on the island in vehicle server or hang on to serve. in the vehicle or off the clients station consists of two documents according to documents shown here if which contains a higher level messaging they are description of the axis controlled model and so forth. and there is also a transport documents to to the scraps the support to transport protocol space to pay and websites and the there respective payloads these documents are still not made public. harbor plan is to do so or if to get the first worked in draft the make probably. later on the screen. meantime shift would like to access the same information in a stadium and farts the automotive the w three c. automotive the top. if you like also. without were on the implementation of the so far. being developed a and e.. it's a week. quickly picture of the server see here it will cease to serve a core part to which. managers for the difference transport protocol stone reduced our reps look at the next to be currently runs a reasonably scale to into supporting more protocol stockton reduced to work or what currently follows bus station with the stew and. on to sell side on its own accord on our service managers stuff will soak reduced or into the sort of a cork and down. the actual do the actual processing all of the request to access date that in the in the vehicle subsystem below. so a core responsible for checking that the requests are rarely it and and off found in derby assist tree which is to take them on being used here and then the routing all the messages between different service managers and transfer. if you know to to get a response back to their clients. the top. the actual directory structure of on disc you to follow so on me or the serb architecture so there is a sober directory great you can find that the front the components states should be manager and. were so good manager and the so called off course and so forth. i. there is also a client directory where you can find. some disquiet it's all written in your all the script. it can be used to test the server. taste of the client. clients. we also have a website clients to where we tests to compress payloads that's outside. actually this week a show that's tested here and it's also a file containing a template for payloads crist bailouts that can be used. why the clients. so let's try and see if we turn around this in the roots of the.
great pro you can find. the show's scripts the start of summer with so serious for stress to stop it and that was nothing solid starting system that all the sec six a different process is one of which four constitutes the actual sober. and to our product on the axis control system access gronstal consort run that stalking so if one wants to play with them the axis control system also specify so we have now started. the city we can dole soria.
so say a year. so we can go to a. director area where we have clients we can start. crist clients are. it's very simple the first have to. a. correct if dress it's connected to it. and now we can i say go to. i. i. fine with the templates. caught. i. come on such. so far it's a. i couldn't find his off so i send something you are incorrect. so will tell you. her show waiting for this one instead. tuna. i. i got the correct response back we sent to get stuff and we had a request study which showed her what to say and then we have the data going back so from the acceleration longer too little off date the court. and one thousand and two and a time stamp all our guests today no one would want. the that the town stand. as he was captured so this is that you capture for a couple of days ago. down. we can try some other request according to a specific asia. two for example to a request multiple. years in one request to us said i have so because it's. it was once. it. could find. or. which was still a barge. so you know that. check for historic data. feature also supported in space station we didn't ask for that but it couldn't find it costs and that's correct co-stars so i assume that's would have to fix the store to take things very recently at its students or so say we can try something else like this. request which is so subscription we crist. this time based so that it will return a signal. thirty seconds. so say we have more success with the one. the first system. it worked and then it starts now if returned to sit with her second. from there. see the day the party or off the last four. the data points time stamp. them. the value is just a dumb about you don't add up. the times. time what really not yes it's so it works so gentle soul on subscribe to. should stop again. how. or. oh sure it's on such response to fly. on more patients sent to us stopped so. some show stop the show. i respond directly but ultimately we could hear everything right now but these will have very soon want to argue speaks to a different requests have tested now a website. also stocked up the parts actually want to start anything up it's already sitting there were eighty two to respond to any crist so what you have stopped just a stick the test flight. why i could address. no one could use the different a template share of course the costs can be changed everything can be changed and tested. the soloist template still too. help just to stir were also some templates for for payload see if one wants to play with the axis control system. so to four requests to the axis gronstal can soar something looking like this should be euston. for for the in the second step to the axis token sore the token received from district rest should you want for the payload on and somewhat the parts are us as a show so that can also be tested. and it works according to one follows the space station. i saw fun and months. i just want to say that what i shall now his sister. a sample of the day the server the recession to sober and client not not the client carrying the c.c.'s architecture test client so we have tested this party or. for the other components. you can find here like the state's store each actual a database to open the data sets and the server. that can be used to ensure value soroti rallies from it and this week a client that read state that into the odious over can be found on. the ski top where we go to the us directory server. if i said it was responsible for really reading writing into the actual database and the system client you that this you stay in the and architecture in which the just looked at it. there's also the state's store each. the base in the database is so worked as a preferred between what the iss sore and underlying vehicle system. there are some of the process like to live senior later that can be used to simulate the cul de sac. the tests database of the over the years for markets that it can read. so then it can replay that and right into the state's storage and so forth all of this is used in there was used in the day most of the c.c.'s architecture. all members meeting in geneva on sleeping couple months ago i recall correctly so i think their circle coach meyer presentations so i flew back to the caribbean. thank you. great so we also have a bit radio online about the full and penetration so considering all the different components in the framework and then it is in a presentation so all of that just a few less noakes and so. work or to project is different to work in progress so concerned it's not finished the framework just it continues to hold you want to join that we have different health costs are we won the talk about be conveyed a mormon days and then the clinic age of craig framework also won. asia from the time on mondays and then on wednesday wednesday's we have not have time to slow this mailing list is a big the bottom of the page you can see the links to be the can find all different resources for his project. that's it has so thanks for a book about hope this was interesting were both available for a chat show any questions just as no thank you.
are they asked questions so show you a question some media and the calendar year so i want to know what about the. what about the. a flash how you use a lot of impact on the flash memory with a new story a lot of data on the vehicle. you know.
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the first face of that project just seemed to see related vehicle simulate the vehicle data and then there is a second phase where we're actually to try to use a really really feel so we can.
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