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Introduction to Wikidata

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Introduction to Wikidata
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You certainly know about Wikipedia, but do you know that the free knowledge base Wikidata is gathering a lot of information in open data, collected and organized by a community of contributors? Let's discover more about Wikidata, how it works, how the data is structured, and how you can contribute!
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so is the cause of the talk if you do have a question just so she is to examine the charts and then to a one to try and assess the end of the talk. yes or less dive straight in paris which heats up.
oh we created a frenetic pace that is based on facts and reference just that anyone can add it's fair use. it's part of the leader projects like all of us to stop and put checks which data is was to learn while and has no longer bear else. update ten week it is that it's really isn't a c.c. zelaya sense that means which it is the science in the public domain and it has no a close enough intellectual property rights that is applied to it. i'm with the data is not a primary source of information it only aggregates of corporate structure the sad that is already available some of which are lengths to or that it had been is so it's not meant to be a place for it in our research. the key data is to meet for humans and christians and is available for every once use what on our weekly the project of our side of it. so why didn't we could be tough. we can get across lines some atheists ago and was their original a creator to solve the problem off a structured lists in the plane takes for much of that information in the ditch went in and also to provide a central story location where our of the different language wikipedia us can connect and talk to each other. today we key to her sons are drawn is intended to pause and has become so big success for that. embarrassed only you know that was edited we can media projects to keep it is the star is now used more ouster of the media project done within its. there are more than twenty five thousand active editors that means people who make and use one added every month. the kiddies says used across its hundred class which media project in modern two hundred languages and it's interesting to know that the largest proportion of which he gets s. i am so and the category of scholarly items comprise and about eighty percent of the all. next flight. so far people and bought stuff made more than one point three billion adults to teeter and create more and one million items this mark you see here is a visual impression of julie kate items currently exist in and wikis or so a.
rights era s. items that have occurred in its location party at it as a statement. next flight.
so with peter has the vision and like this is fashion week litres of fish in a sticky if more people more access to modern age. so we cater gives access to information regardless of the language that people speak. because we keep it a small so when will our it expects translations of so-called keogh number seems you different languages and so do in which the data helps our support the smaller media projects that are you know by helping them from where to benefit from oregon where get a bigger projects are doing and applications and put it. outside of media are also able to benefit from their which data sets in which he did that. so in a nutshell key data can be touched off us an online repossi true have started dates added anyone can add its and reuse next life. ok now is we could get a connector to wikipedia entered order we can either put checked among voters do we continue to our can step projects with more easily maintainable in four books us to a table at the right corner. at school and wikipedia old and infirm box i'm sure you've seen before. i'm lucky taste able to retrieve content on wiki data into those in for boxes seekers. and for smaller language wikipedia is like you know where i'm that plan a wikipedia all well as wikipedia live that read the leveraged this week he needed to see to get content and it is helpful because air sets helps to reduce its in wicklow. for volunteers next flight. so why should you expect to see on a typical week each item. i'm lucky to express his tuition ships in the form of triples dareus temps starting with key all and property starting would be a clear and direct and will typically be made up of our least one statement so in this example you see on the screen we have to stick to. plants are an interesting called the class dems the fair statements douglas adams was educated at peace sixteen my son john college i just means that this statement is qualified by federer properties that is the academic major economic the creamy you stop. i am an end to end time and qualifiers more been in two states spent so we can get our costs not just its moments but also gas sources can see hear this health trusts and to reflect the illusion of verifiably it's your on the project so were asked to. since douglas adams was educated at st john's college has to appear a francis that points to the sauce of that information and a second statement that last item secure forty two was educated at the sixty nine percent would school. only has since the qualifier start time and and time and it has no reference us so a single statement consist of a property that is made up offer value which all without reference or weights or without stared qualify this. next flight. i'm so a typical week each item looks like paris and you can add it's likely can on the edge but some it as dispensable what's at it next to it as you can see each item has a unique id deadliest he all followed by some number in this case the.
a ten dollars adams house clear idea of cure for two and when you look at the top ten blocks where i'm we call them we call it that came box at the top off the top of that contains the living in different languages. the description of the arctic terms that this more fair shot face tell us what i tell represents its to say in english that douglas adams is an english writer and humorist then there's the elastic next to a description which aside from the label to assess what's the item could also be known by here. next flight. slow.
created a new items are simple asked to intervene page and we keita and clicking on create a new item. and where and once you click on create a new item you get to fill in the form that is asking for labeled description and and in the us and keep your ideas are signed my ticket the next flight. now.
next lie. i. next life please say. right so to lose our last adults with the turmoil efficiently and make balk at its to weaken the satirists arab quick statements and you can refine. there. his was the previous light.
crowe k. yeah right. some quick statement and up in a final are asked to make what to make it at its end changes to we could eat a lot of tools are available drugs to visualize would keep it as these are some of them enhance its the user interface of ricky data and. these could include scripts that i detest can install of body could be candidates that may be enabled in your professor settlements next flight.
rocking. now i'm so far into a new and guards and how he does try to concepts in with the aid are innocent been doing for the author is years after the project lights are in germany and eighteen we also started storing a new tribal with and information in the languages. lexicographical the app which is basically information at my words and phrases in or have marriages and so you see on the left and now the data will tell that is a big complex and as lana begin to imagine two teachers now but who can do about this later and you can. you an example on the right where we basically this crime the word a new car in in german any indicate an anguished electable could agree and or cannot information's another about the object any more of that actually about the word and how it's composed of two words as and when a to do in german. and things and is around so again only if you want to know more about this you can have a look at the security go there and we can in a all we can talk about it together later in the question for example. so we can do now doesn't come to know when it comes with a bunch of tools that have been some of them have been dropped by a doughnut you not work again asked some of them had been no by a meaty themselves in order to do things more efficient he said candi for example and i need that in some of the tools have.
or even mention my marriage that can also the matching the and other databases were being to date allawi using the data now also bunch of tools that are about. and watching today now in watching it's quite seen watching what it is had been done recently insulin in you can find the page those cool with it and tools on the data to discover an injury to any kind of forced create your own. so we mention of the goal of the key now is to be we use by everyone eventually wondering who has actually be using the data were not the first three users are often get asked in our is actually the weekly enact meucci cells that would be good at it was big.
because all of these items are connected and so on one item can be in from another because a one eyed and can be used on one another and one the wikimedia projects such as we could be halved the not only wiki media commons wiki sourced almost all of the weekly average it and that point we use part of. the data that is coming from the data. and then we have companies are them from the moon biggest one and two to the small ones ireland because it in ice and in cities euro everyone can just for used cars and that they need to bring have of course body is to shun such as museums libraries into one. also and journalist in for example the journalist we have scientists and researchers end i'm probably much more in the things that we don't necessarily know who's were using today are because it's year in the open the only may use it just that and we don't even imagine so if you're using we get our food you. to let you use to hear the now let us know because we're always interested to discover more. now the question is how can one we use our weekly am i'm going to prison very quickly one of the most popular way to quit reading out and the going to get into details right not because they will actually being and workshop and and the conversions our morning today is on the three and the.
there's a reason than and you go there and his cover more hard years it then where is the reason it's basically a sparkle and point sparkle being aquarium language where you can really ask questions to begin at ten get lists or these variations as results for example.
here's the map of the airport's up the word name after a person and the color of the dot. it would send a generous the person or you can make a list our own country plans that are including a son because it's the data is probably model in which he did i you're able to describe what are the different elements that can booze and nine contract.
or you can have his album charts with the outlook could be asian of its used which is because when and that's the kind of the now we have been with india. now there are other ways of course to querrey to be on and not going into details right now on but if you want to do more when this you can for example on china with him he talks that are going to happen tomorrow we have dozens of today are aware he can download part of or all.
d. at in fine we haven't hundred eighty s. checks is directly from your program and on with the media projects typically between the developed a bunch of complaints that our using the latest data using newer. now for something a bit different weekly basis you may have heard of it any may even have one or a key what's the difference or vision with the baby in with the data well with the baby is basically the desert where our indicate out in more precisely the media wiki leaks tension that.
a stirring media week he and in two hundred days as own. we base was started to power we get it out but it also started rubbing on its own with the data is still for now the biggest existing weekly basis instance. but people can also a install a weekly basis and guarantee on their server and basically create their own you'll personal or public family which data and i am the development is still ongoing there are all kind of super eccentric sure is coming up soon and for example the are easy to connect better. and we create our end and new your own an instance of a case for example to be able to use data that is already in which in a connected to the energy you have in your army base.
so if you're interested we did that if you want to know more now version pages did you can find there is a have poured all the projects that is the main discussion page of the wiki where he can interact with the other any interest to me he is super important to get in touch with and you want to get sounded good and we also have made least we have.
and a news letter that his goal would be separated you can find on the key but also because of crime to me is you will also receive it and then we have some concerns social media on twitter or there is a facebook group there isn't any ground and that is linked from the group a chat and there is also known as the channel so you can maybe. fine people from the beginning amaechi everywhere. so we're approaching the end of this session an but it's not down we have more weakly they are related sessions an as you three and in the week back our so for example of the moral or you're going to get introduction jewish.
he didn't ask this is tricky for journalists and she denied earnest then in the afternoon we going to have to get any touch the first one is going to me and john and the second one is going to mean english so depending on your very language you can attend one of the other end on day three and as an attorney for our we going to have a. the workshop to learn how to querrey and we can as they now with sparkle so few free to have a look and see them also in the main as get all our have to get back. thank you very much for any decision on these are our own teachers if you want to.
to contact us and of course you can now ask questions as we mentioned in the chat or with the hashtag and two we will be very happy to answer all your questions right now. thank you for your input into the global view about to get a time there has been a few question all the questions already served by jewel in the iris each other one was about the big dump of scholarly data and what's called the data is and how this came to be in the key data but.
there is one more question from the czech right now to last can i add new types of data that are not yet tracked in the data. so i'm wondering why do you mean exactly night type of a man eating delayed or need to us because they can mean a lot of things are more likely and the day on a weekly as is very flexible and it's absolutely not set in stone every. me every week and their green she comes up with some new ways to describe things sometimes you realize that there is an area of the world and we could be forgotten cover and then we create new properties on to describe for example a certain type of an often said a certain time off. i'm building or objects that we or philosophical concept that we on did and i am described yet so this is always an improvement in in action. when it comes to what we actually called the attacks which is for example a string of text or a date or a beach or we have all can have been at times like this this is a little more complicated and overall it's quite where and that we as a new dinnertime and it needs a strong legs use cases as so we and that is. for i hope that it has very question in zone if i didn't you should you ask again you recover a good example to two men was their say so the organization or protocol parliament watch in germany and that was when talking only does the today where they try to track. and and scrape and analyzed the parliamentary protocols and one big issue they had was with the structural data about all the members of parliament and them how they are organised and and stuff like that. i remember correctly they actually was a protracted try to include the structure of data of members of parliament in be key data from a mistake an asset any its of the project is cool and new year sending british as all politicians have a memory that name right now and indeed. and some people are already working on a memory of hymens and my political people and engine also and is very likely that there is already a way to structure the data the best way is to contact the people directly involved on this and move on this big project. with the project by the way and our pages were basically people who was physically to be of interest gather and can discuss in august this is the questions on this subject on so i'm have a look and this and this project about what it takes an arm yeah tried to see if anything is missing. and the journey and we can get a defeat the welcome information about. traditions of my mum or on humans is kind of the what we do not do however is stored the fool their documents for example in any case the report or the documents than the loans elsewhere medium we can you can for example if it's possible interactions and as it but only he and will be happy to store them into the in aberdeen. already joining will or trust post a chilling to the ricky protect every politicians or if anybody looks for every politician on the data they will find the project so basically the bottom line is pretty much anything is possible in decatur right. yeah i think you'll in high on almost everything so on weekdays not just like only the air we still have some criteria to define what can get in with him and what not because on were aware that this knowledge states needs to stay quiet general. and he cannot contain absolutely everything for example of the committee decided while good and they would not create one idea and for each human living or who used to deliver on earth that just not possible on so there are some the only criteria as if you confine and in the health pages and. and our own i would say that earn the level of like how fine grained of the action be an has to be discussed with me she and a good thing about having weekly basis also available as a separate instances we get it out is that if some people want to work on a topic where they have some information it is very very specific. in with maybe not fiscal have to get into they can create their own be based in many can connect the content with what is already in libya so all together in this week he basically system yes pretty much everything is possible when the future is certainly the noblest refrigerator thank you again be a moment for your insight for. introduction to the data and looking forward to more people joining you enjoy efforts thanks for presentation. use. whew all were already.