From Reflection Equation Algebra to Matrix Models

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From Reflection Equation Algebra to Matrix Models
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Reflection Equation Algebra is one of the Quantum matrix algebras, associated with a given Hecke symmetry, i.e. a braiding of Hecke type. I plan to explain how to introduce analogs of Hermitian Matrix Models arising from these algebras. Some other applications of the Reflection Equation Algebras will be discussed.
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i'm. oh a. them. and. i will speak completion. a collection occasion knowledgeable on what is in the attacks more goals. mr moment. the first question what is quantum another home to the rule of an ocean been a row. the liberals are bridgette. everybody is in a concert with creation of cost 1 to quantum group would encourage him but you usually however was also a quick race which eleven and to sell than the existing as a quantum penelope homes in. it is the so-called defied the depiction of creation of sugar what scorching so no i will explain where do i mean by the reflection additional should let be a headache is emitted carbon from. it caught with by is emitted women a brilliant. but it means some about a drug addiction on to space to be screened at kansas same span is somebody who is a great relations it is well known and it is emitted his particular case was a brilliant. subjects to her elation presented here it is just as for those you usually know it. while you use a dentist to a greater or limit. behave consider i'm in from sequoia income group equal if i choose ago. in this space to be in the space race created the basis is as florence and so i present my of derrida biometrics and to admit to his us falls you'll see that as you go to those who won the symmetry bendel's sickly. usually metrics of the usual. however if you mention them is great because and do they are was a fake is emitted attendant as usual buoyant i'm not sure where they considered it difficult to present explicitly with symmetry but they are. no mention of above the modified reflection creation of the issue. dated but as a unit is an end to his hosts it met the next from large object was a system which system so here are his to plonk sambo matters but isn't a pop. of it is just the helm milan and so on and so on what his m.o. it's usually a one m. cars are actually said it will not resell sugar the. and even we conceded a similar system it is system because we have here metrics relations so many relations you reconsider with system with solid but i can cite we have zero here it is called on what if a reflection of traditional ocean. i want to say it's not important but all but it is that you find a place shia and wisdom elation on rees won. by the usual fully be we get respectably the end will have to nail sugar it is mounted x. presentation all say and so no sheldon all commuted to felsher better if you put here be you have just they will show better. his computer. if. station will replace the cake to see me to our by seiu colourful. and it is more or less usual notation we get the and will have been eligible here we sell sugar as you can tell sugar and commute cuter commuted to their leisure but a scimitar kills for better or that you have to commute. ok no i want to concede an example to the ultra as for saucy could respond in my tracks are you scared the scimitar presented about and know them well. or wife all it takes this fall. so if you will always make the iss in say relations define the if i could actually courage. but with every system it is just an example correspondent who is eligible engine. you see if you were almost no one would dare we can assess relation. oh it a b. minus the a is the core to be its own obsessed that is a religion. they want to remind you think just another want to make themselves feel better. want to make its main said to be present their relations with israel should have by made to say it's used to house a belgian recalled archie a cartel sugar so i don't want to speak about greece algebra i want only to say that it is not you put a creation of as india. look i know it is only deformation osa metrical sugar gerrard to but even we impose a wheeze a collision more determined to determine a consensus and they will speak about that is equal to one of the formation of funchal else. obama but in an a level sugar. so for you we want to deform resell sugar up. on to grow it's possible to live with his elder brother gigi and reflection occasional sugar as well but you really want to do before and will organiser where it is possible. reflection occasion eligible to in part. for a correction. so because we are interested in l.a. a and l. a of the eligible for you is muddy quiet reflection region are children and not to jail. ok i would like to present no. she reached no sugar in a form similar to an elegant so it's possible to build and media hype affliction edition algebra that's for most it is one genetic and then sorrow and now want to walk and i know some will get it. i always knew it or months and eighteen year can be a nation sure somebody in your condition but the fight you not whistling a combination as usual as a break at have to eliminate all we care for greater our action into space m. square it and says it's raise them. it is this pays lane a strange he said generated by m y. org. and i'm so is the ocean what to watch or orchard. space is a good return and to break it is el owns a usual thirty but a conditional are now what is. question. all project could be going to get here it is more interest in it. one always reaction was that the wi fi actual of and him and also won as followed by means. so the part that a person may mimic credit repair. my wife he said as a text has said it was said to be transported and said why my usual are. james it is it will cause or so it looks like say you show could be dented but instead all she can consistently shown over the usual me here. ok now always a chart it's called the elyse. how about a rocket ship and he is space the the keep the reason is a symmetry. it's all sugar cane bill encourages by myself and four. my cell with the art of his upon a four page so he can on it is more interest and of course. and to you we take his determine when do more. can events have seen it. comment from quantum group of as a collision course year to year it's possible to go. no problem but it is not a good give formation on collision colloq a whore hedges imagery it is with is a reason why i am interested in haiti should do asian and not. a no i want to produce some a great introduced by watch and hear. so what it does the end she some a good day. can be constructed by means of. i bought it difficult to explain but finally we have to a greater been b. and c. and to what is or. while i am interested countries as eat by you find action on the generator m. while she him and to hold the space he has always be so with separate presentation. and to what. later she is used or useful because it even we concede as a whole and braced for a sore throat am them here is a new met her and she is just with a grade. his race i call a race a coordinated in each shoulder take his imagery hot the take it all in all ages she knew better with a greater turns into seclusion call what you are. proofread you want you all costs you are so in which it duration he began zidan kitchen and great big you hope for is here he is similar. ok no. it's portable to introduce a so finally here i tried to explain that. a stock share and in demography isn't always the space you be so what is intimate if you always pays to be integrated their own spaces are on it. damage so is it brought to the fore and finally his porsche about go by huge and so or get a grade b. and b. be too. you lose weight in between him and causes space we then to women used if i can see the insidious space. asia's it mean says that it is defined as usual with it as data but if we want to go. to apply for in between him and in another sense in another order we it's necessary to use of be so what is the difference with klitschko situation and college consideration you with her here data. we have dared to hear. it is not so. ok now all i would like to mention. properties for many useful for metrics moto modified reflection a creation ocean what is in print. a more perfect to go on modified reflection additional shabana you with him as a whole in shane shows immigrants. useful role question what it is not well it you is was to what you know that a symmetrical chabrol voyage year and it is not dissimilar figure and willow canal sugar. us all if is a wallet yet it is not so. now all i want to introduce in my. rated by semantics m. and nail of all for him and the semantic web in on mills and cool scimitar billion on knows it did just are giving asian what is it initially so it's necessary to book he a on all s.. so it is a n l r o skew sanitizer is sheer we have made riser and hear some broader to the medics and one or lie. so here i explain what is and not beijing. in his assault will and but finally doesn't met it's possible i read your was about to introduce an era of elementary and. also a produce an era of poor people in on as well and have for them. it would issue sold rule is well it does well and quantum our farms. all all evens with critical situation in the hole in our usual for his use every place to buy a. i wanted. they know we're work and ella over on our own sterilization. the currency is that q comes here with relations for asia. vision for what you want to keep should asian creole does it is a big gain swann. ok now. my interest in of course it's killing him you don't have it. order to present it i want to produce. considered special protection lambda it is party shun partition was a just cause the even stock partition could respond in to see fall india or here and go hero. all along and to juan lardaro so idea no. or. there are. she wrote it requires euro cheer i only have rescinded this fifty years said move sumo. ok now we say and wanted to forty eight the symmetry are is all i am and. eve down go hero we had to work. hell is a small strip down go third said they are. good sure been enormous. the skills it has a hole in the. poland partition here is a equal to zero in the studio. it is not be made on his head. she is a small speck on go but it's possible to. position was progress and kelly committee on a danger in a poker i phone. if i is over him and that is a fall in hope. so i present here just to bailey. the gaelic of madonna did it. i would like to say it's very important probity for us led coalition here and here us and they don't see those are sent to offer. i want to say is at least nobody reset relations. not modify reflection in a shelter but it is a mark. i can stay in a similar relation in modified reflection creation of. ok now. let me introduce nome you why you and you knew why. they are various sources. they are a good mate is also the second which means to carry him you can get in or no can be presented on does a fall in whole. so we says he fears creation square of does it. question after said we said that his asian was the first product and the first was the second. ok how i would like to mention here. it is how could buy who did the on warner. they they have shown that push you can imagine she is the question of fresh have to show billion on knows as follows and the color and one equals to get his union so for us. all reasonable didn't finish an old biddies india because we care she are won central women. they were beating down is the rational to. but in our said in much more janeiro we care for similar to finish by deep in you should just the recession is called get engineer. but his and to this whole as it is proud of your product open you question. but it's possible all-star who defined and ella over determinant. you may be reaching an undetermined is no different elements of the coalition is that asia ofa should put in on al gore is what you owe partition and here is what we hear product called your and productive you hear a show. order. now. in the east into his fresh to the nano here they knew. why for instance in from now under the rio a big belly go. then we have a hole in its possession so some known commuted to come been a hurry. who is going to use a you consider what doesn't and supersymmetry by definition have closer that's why and while. condon computer to worry about going on though he is said could be the person is if the scimitar with respect to access to medical with that with their. also you. it's won his eco you read one while you want is he called too keen to sell to britain on the continent. oh. a it is a question on which she sent a cyber some but it is a shove some second on else but no i do the same creation for post what this country. also. but it is a show is as holes so it is usual for more political former is where did you we could hear one and here. one. here. here. and here minus one we have adjusted clasico portable we screw efficiency of coal quantum dimension but in general for a new and she you live for more. all. i would like to say that to his. billion normal. most to hold it will woodward. a similar looks like. although i did you we queued you you call won with a degree of here's a glacier cohort. but to calais chicago it was cheaper matrices. ohno. if we pass by using a good fight on a modified former british mission in creationism or to we want to get symbol a formula for. for general should to ration for modified reflection of which were hit the ball and foremost whole his formal it is similar. but for my love for quantum dimension. you see here q my notes swonk hear you. so one laid the quantum dimension i changed as if we queued q is equal to one. it's a nation for starters haitian my picks on the look and eligible to the. i want to say once more. it to relation incentives to look in algebra. becerra man is as whole. now. i want to say that finally you we concede a magnified reflection occasional trouble correspondent to take his he made a common firms that quantum group we haven't been so go to put on intrade information which could be huge. one but i meet her it is just a message to envelop been eligible for it is a as you wish a response to leave but i can pull in your bright and another guy meters comes from boston to the fictional creation ocean or soul would have to. but admitted to permit soul with healthy boss on the part which is generated by to get into a break and energy. and so finally it was on cooking pot. and check and nail a second break sometimes it's called him on the insurance tea break a box human tissue. this to reform it is another but i could define it come true. and to the idea is not the interest in remarks. a is a very interesting to sell by showing. i teach it shows that the we care for you new models are possible but i can you murder insists the the east asia. compatible in also is a correct. and you for we have such awesome breaking it can be contacted by you. ceviche mentored but it's possible to quantify is a so i know it. as an algebra easy usual creation which trades on the quantum male sugar. was taken to say should we said traces was about you you new model of. but the break and related to the fiction additional sugar is not. it is also able to construct a correspondent. watch him as a darkening you you see i presented a race in quantum ill sugar but these days. all these not klitschko it is not usual so they want to compare a constant auction of is a result you will hear of unum address situations it is ms usual but is as possible he will have my situation it is not possible but days is possible in. it's all of the station it is the. all i just too small we consider is the simplest one medics molded define you define it by is a whole. we say billion on. if le under a convenient is was limited because each age it is of course and medics we consider integration i was a set of metrics. we countries and is a partition function. oh and why or why they can really use as whole. so what is he a result result here is a that can we should do asian we care. if the mayor for the issue has to endure more eminent street crash that's the city. for kidney shun the duration was likely to be asian with her here one for i can see the. more. ok so what is my india and so long. i would like to quantify is a. all his movies that i want to define our analysts. some could do. in many taken to be placed in the usual graced borrow but by our. the race no instead go for. own are as human error to generate the matrix the oil for which to fight inflation creation algebra correspondent who are not wholly key for his image can see. old patient will be replaced with the buffalo thought. the rise of why you can be a team you in new prison drama. but what is in the ocean mission it is not going to go. so consider the fall imitrex here you see all races are harder to braid. own position if i consider as a critical grace ratio means. equal end hand and the zero so dominant usual determine of the brits makes you just didn't want to determine and square. the ban to know. i know our home each of the border. the shoulder he went and compassion nature and eight the fall in horrible. it's. determinant you show didn't and always metrics. ella n.l. are all for wyndham owned and. so as a whole informal and know who the experience the award janeiro i made its mojo but i did made its mobile why are they going to use. new and new you know finally instead of the college ago when her own do. all i want to discuss who want creation know the whole equation. we considered have owned by the demand to know she do a chicken and chicken sequences. consideration for matrix more white house. wants to infinite dimension should do it so i will put his hand ways we can court struck some analysts in infinite dimensions to do it all the way consider and ella origin or offer. younger make additional. all we young been a raging debate in apparently aren't great encourage means that to be considered here but our braden connote. here. just to the usual younger brain and body. the way why is asian rossiter weekend hole in the position if our is in all the kitchen and as a whole and grade here we are is a brain the mensa. that it means meets the current great depression it is made in relation as well as above but now we have worked with patient was. it is haiti symmetry depending on the so end have a similar statement but not all are is a given but as a whole and for all. when hundred youth with my whole her opponent. the generals a generalized to go on sir over our g g k you see the humor correlation. but no all it's the only difference now is the medics t.d. benayoun put on it out and say braden are the ban on to commit and generals i have no ice the young against opening connection attrition why you see the difference use. relational looks like or but elation in action. it is also possible to construct double in galilei cultural are inspired oprah should you consider on earth. and china and then. but i want it will be more in other approaches to construct the infinite dimensional structure is in front. so now that china. i just be eligible to give notice will i get over it. it is a good part is actually traditional trouble so he's a new edition hid is no good but it is and will have to measure but or janeiro as the ok then to a what is have inefficient we paid into the engine and eyes to. made if you show mechanics in to reconsider ensure it is what the correspondent own you are a number of car. you would use. a few new station blatancy usually all our business and it grew into used to define the envelope anelka are all for generated by always have made it ok to relation is critical whole his college ago. so critical question mark so we created here. to ria canton it is a waffle about of course is no incentive to encourage change in the number gay and number so when the judge and here we care. so it's really natural so it is not possible to find she encouraged them in another way it is there. all order of considerable. i hope the insects on it so so as you we should we have gained a fine el shinta but who is eligible to use a state of the problem. discovered it was hell should always my colleague or some years ago but finally recently when does tutor said we still struggle to. so. the we consider a pre-sale jabre it's a u n a lot of hidden below can eligible for of the refined share and. but where the interesting for me when i say it's possible to construct quantum an elder of our function in with the way. i would like to mention paper by models a toll on cue to the formation of washing model. and in we speak. he said. that calculation was not construct it is what was her were trained she aging. but we said came to construct a cache quantum no function. and been undertaken by a chef and does a. in research or so people that and found it. the dems. it is not so easy to enter i forge may be a all are eligible to watch a good for construction quantum and they'll a whole bunch. why because if we can she'd or. u.t. more those in sense of more as a friend told. we have their relation to to sell for more lessons for was wise me a minus means or do we care for therapy on shore or was on say it depends what their relation more leisure. with hair sound. on you and so q and g m. only. they are. and he wants to construct a real. who are terminator of our financial business it begins a hole in relation to hear. and you hear his efforts of in say a brooch. oh how i consider oil. i have a deeper. once it's possible to construct komodo by use in our elder brother. so if i if i know. unfortunately if as a new show is taking away from the ocean is no deformations have the courage to go. with this problem and can seek to our final sugar is no good. croatia where you've ideas and wouldn't you. financial data is who he does not. it's the only proven. it seems hopefully diesel so you may want to construct a reasonable to excel sugar word genius ation it's necessary could you reason worrisome. the end such a hold to a scimitar regional. all of which hinted at it this fall. it really isn't all of whom you can check stories it is a cynical but i didn't ask all i rate in relation to his full hoecker. the correspondent algebra. the average individual older brother and construct a fine find mandela hose a sony separation resell sugar is a good year. and i don't want to go into detail concern and construction all the corresponding want to build excelled rubber i want only to say the the order. fuels. well before he was whole you he is a mole is critical way to define order to conduct bought your goals. the future felipe or it necessary to boot. our family our credit. about of course it's necessary but in usual. the initial say a communal it it's very important and you do show so it was about to dylan to go today will have no hear it. indian. excel trouble and so on. everything goes smoothly and finally it is possible to construct as a correspondent field as you wish. but it is only as a big in and owns a story it is just. four. this connection. one woman. i wanted her to mention quantum in l a hole for where to sell for a reduced by a jumbo pressure it is all jug eligible to construct that. a wire wm against final year it isn't rocket insist started to finish he can see minister jens to encroach so we have you and get on. as we discussed above usual kuna gear on which is constructed in a similar may or may not unfounded and some relation between two indians and care relation between queuing gallons or her mutation relation i introduced the concept paper she can she run of. and chance. don't i know not mistaken. h. in ninety two. and to but finally the actual much it should also quite excels are produced by age and go down is an area where your crotch. if you want strongest and water. the military situation you have some fun like who can like about you and your and our cue a nail a hole where to excel jabre it's more easily. understand. this area in sums some sense a more. so i stopped here i only one country are due to show him in to finally you cheat. the data. all production concern in my tracks mogul is it on reproduction occasional jabre interest in currency only beginning as a bunch of the other partner construction i'm in infinite dimensional algebra braided injury dimensional job or so. so it's necessary necessary it why. i's a visitors to mete describe about or so until a hole in the second commit to describe a well for all of the musician hosted in a gene that the new station is i should. but he is on you. the u.. but the thank you very much and. now it's time for questions. oh remarks. no even even command. so we need some to speaking of the actually the cheesy and the e.u.. i.