Tropical convexity, mean payoff games and nonarchimedean convex programming

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Tropical convexity, mean payoff games and nonarchimedean convex programming
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Tropical Convexity, Mean Payoff Games and Nonarchimedean Convex Programming
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Convex sets can be defined over ordered fields with a non-archimedean valuation. Then, tropical convex sets arise as images by the valuation of non-archimedean convex sets. The tropicalization of polyhedra and spectrahedra are of special in- terest, since they can be described in terms of deterministic and stochastic games with mean payoff. In that way, one gets a correspondence between classes of zero- sum games, with an unsettled complexity, and classes of semilagebraic convex op- timization problems over non-archimedean fields. We shall discuss applications of this correspondence, including a counter example concerning the complexity of interior point methods, and the fact that non-archimedean spectrahedra have precisely the same images by the valuation as convex semi-algebraic sets. This is based on works with Allamigeon, Benchimol, Joswig and Skomra.
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cheese and his friends to come claude viallat jump to 6 the pitch to say for now if they are calm and polite dronne match all these calculations ron paul hart barham been required the fact that this one had with the energetic orange is then explained they consider miles mourning masters as generic sheikh saqr it is necessary to hold up in mutation of the tshatshi maximum lines soda or explicit controllers managed what is still on the identity only problem in 1h55 cultivate them like we are [Music] say it results in such a cause when one you with him earned linkers games as the istiqlal no mercy median solo distances he follows adam north-is?re soil inard probable how many communes hatcher suddenly our schedules an energy distance 6000 assets available and chains in Macedonia for larry to touch at least eight or even in a powerful central platform facing white john sauven centrale goes digital a cheat ivan not one little influential pressure making we have z or ends he wants tropics 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nova accelerated chan is proud to the rulers will accelerate challes it is necessary here where are you going to speed in water carry his nice blazer or and a whole bunch like 10 pts but billy tweedy on your action that was shapes in general that a supplement the role that they be examined approximations all there it was the language of tec 10 in mouth is world tennis they are ok here ayiti it is john dee analog model fretin total varied [Music] ok it includes strong definition our precious to which tf1 [Music]