Kleene Stars in Shuffle Algebras

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Kleene Stars in Shuffle Algebras
A (tangled) tale of various (bi-)algebras
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We present some bialgebras and their monoid of characters. We entend, to the case of some rings, the well-known theorem (in the case when the scalars form a field) about linear independence of characters. Examples of algebraic independence of subfamilies and identites derived from their groups (or monoids) of characters are *provided. In this framework, we detail the study of one-parameter groups of characters.
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[Music] ok that's like sales to both organizations harkat speaker un sherlock holmes report cliffstar thank you dear globe rim is especially the saint maximin said haiti s team and mike aubenas and on this globe au deer album not been and of course you but you're all must wait ding 10th volume 1 of highway speak about cleanstar anne charlotte g brasse white bottled because the wild side to you when you begin calculated rate it with him non-commutative serris you have to manage yes this superposition a Chinese dissident made clear yes this globe cochet brian christophe tolu innauer publication of an operation twist crisis ting tings souls of disturbance chris pitman laborde disrupts itunes in 2 clicks they combine with torhout this name what what is the wall of death tongs we have to go to day first et oui le same as on take some time for motivation explains zhao who is hoisting himself motivated canahuati g de route ft-romeu the very first motivation dacquoise to extend of poly logarithm 1,2 to some may tower flow poste which made of collaboration with weezi arrives greenberg possible at one art hours yes yes the sideman theorem the aneti the general theorem them we have to prove web drummer he is always there like time i will not going to decide what this reason is the take place in into three variations sounds false general film which is from linear independence of character and co algebra [ ] is said of object of public assets elections so we will see wilzig general iti boat or will go into details gilles general to morlaix generality because it is will be given a makeover hajj and braz de mendrisio rugby generality interests bindis caste conditioner peace and after we will see you also hear an example made in lie to the bailiwick and braz form from de free algebra to the bailiff adding sur mon corps multiplication en after mobile mobile and with some bris marc soboth the structure of sound of group at height group's life ends rated from bourbaki it is the group groupe like bourbaki course aux stores group ce group offer primitive cyrus sandy silica usb two groups off of character general plug in this context and we will see how we can divide local system of coordinate and have some identity that cannot in my opinion bi for proof two wise teenagers offer to the shares with the little care that righton full literality widad dyson now we go to the initial motivation and over-motivation is from losing to the guardian and to confessions and complexes complain or the tec poyz different bugs different role is that the we should be seen as singularity and ouadahi troyenne negotiated dati function of atari integrated it is one over z myners pay day to paul robin hobb holographic within de planes without 6th 10h10 pines aux forces you have had you have phenomenal west bay monochrome on the pass so if you take you take the list of singularity possibly with repetition other singularity jarre different weaves list 4 bis at rehearsals does not happen the real dingwall singularity zfs 0,2 l lamb form six afghans suicide at a rich man city does not dass die barely 1,2 pass batida snowdy fear andy hill dass die poli au motorcycle level which classifies the meeting that if you take that everything happens in rome at topic of course of rizal tisin to results of world penalties - copies classics four pools at the age at fashion and the universal covering gold you can't wait and see it is easy 1.2 clefe played with section auditioned versalko bring you take the singularity is you take director's cut is as in different and you take a ride in order to avoid the garric phenomenon the hornaing thermal system singularity will be numerous at the louis ii check this be the hours like this mourning of this dysfunction state list of singularity and the past azur yields we were clown simply connected home and the holy say all said extremely poor pasqua il initiated des sports de mbour a list of singularity stowers because we said it singularity williams un tribute de readers c'est un art ou you were here you have done bas ping which takes eu un mmorpg there are klier ya les pauses urbanspoon is made in heaven one for all and takes di?n boys and the world as we know it orly one world with variables displaying this is the series which is generated series offers lions as protection imagines taking the world in vain to ensure this guy roles un it is done commutative generating series offer you i pearl garrison know what what are why do we take this jenny racing series and consists of this lot of night fishers you need the film is useful or the commutative channel different single equation louise l'efs multiple elsewhere to will not go back to this picos highway and many many times which will like elsewhere 6th while its 20th
et 21e et tinhan cap nineteen and the study of 10 17 to 18 10 cyrus had de multiple evil efs elsewhere will be proven primitive national basis if you have heard of beauty the author of lies group yes this bed algebra the primitive series his auricane finds attending a guy the many bi-lingual elsewhere are loosened algebra fawar to the a's who don't wait useless giraud uses hop like it can be it's all organic place in strong pole to netease shuffle aid monfils yes ah well if our jumps the second awesome independent fischer tool on the body said night with respect to see it is not difficulty also that of good family did he say cindy is dependent on money this sof scala width ring its width even fields function which will not be de object day that if you go to the lights of le cap d'agde thing we will see this study and which will be a work on some day and twizy dozen exist no factoring ball of this corruptors in and cloudforce bacteria 1,2 and this world cities factories and this series 10 factory you can deal it because you seen the way the new putsch le singularity is you can have some deiser jones us so the cannery abalone live by dating on a fact factors of this factorize q if you use is this is this porte ? 2 we will see at once what is the problem of extinction are series because you see that are here you repentis des punines de word so you can line rises mapping a threshold at winnipeg sun commutative polynomial legs what will be if you instead un fauve hours of rest lino meows yacht inside the series its definition on you cannot foot is true a girl nor sum the theft d 'indiana jones you have to put in fine it that are in need this domain will ciel at once oil what will hunting de domaine annie particular lille domine contains is it au computer with the series anne cseries art expressed in very very useful langou?t very easy the yacht pumper in language or 10 th line that automates a theory and this is cleanstar in-stat if you take series alms doctor who you can't take the series one placette place hope to place a shot infiniti and it is one man s in there for respect or protection in fine of [ ] bara to fire no commutative series under in a dispute detail threshing machine of dida podalyd?s who oise reading from left right it is to machu heather morrison bibliography no what do we have we re give 10 by the farm healer type to the extraordinary tertio world healing like an ati polydome and all and i di biou edition howls fils fashion show we have ever had you man of the proof that this hyper healing take the world and then unknown commutative polynomial it loads single piece if you poutine asana argues 10th of cats fun of two polydome yules you get de vaud product of this early with palau verizon and out web stats say yes to nothing and space in the space in word series format drivers say passeuse we like early breaks down series into homogeneous used guys which is from some of old fashion for words with the same link1n and has hour power alfa beta israel is fine fine ait de numbers singularity of ospina this sn iso polynomial the one where cannes substitute remained healthy into hyper healing know you have to count not they did not have sources in you have you series skins be like that it is just not that some of the home a genius pomponnettes you have to consider the series il de target saw 6 original target may not converge so we ask data is covered titanium positions halimi means a chip shop this commutative convergence times it does not say Anglo Saxon wells and commutative the werden icon with two boundary conditions y take religious whatever from doors to a if i could just what ever from terms to ford compact on is true uniform converge at one and true stroke pack it is standaard topology venture formed gas in order to auctioneer analyze city we say that this series is eligible for the management of each l ifan auliffe this series east and country club endures and this is why we have this it is because it water heater mega shirt with final Sunday topological correctors space 2 46 and 2 10 nice not part latin y also rigid an unconditional icon fashion for this compact for our young people then it it is absolutely converge and we need is to prove that de schafer property is auctioneer it and you do make say about you have you polynomial sua violently this function uses of corse saab space of all omega and you can extensis tous iris which are members of the domain domain rice iden at swiss is standard on this date if you break down the homogeneous series us comprising 10 these risks have commutative indices now so if of the same result is if you take two if successful on domain purchases welcome domain can sometimes nintendomain on you have extender from this is it where the sacz domain dates from charolles properties auctioneer canetti this character with value in each of omega and the
mega water heater spain factory it is like tati l'afjep spas saunas aux as we want to give example the lobbies or space offer hypernova resort wii this sum the sympathetic conditional in the water it must be said this special k is at fiso demi taticchi and except to lose at the garrison its it is the same sun ten domains is from this series it is relative I decomposes series such list cyrice as virtuous unconditional to know what do you can't you substitute for the camp substitute for them yes uh it is the event of a world title cleanstar each time you take 2 1 expressionart white lead and you and you haufor this check that it is you at your fast cleanstar builder is that is now what will be here in tech and 0 tu have any singularity switch to 0 as customs they say example instead of why one and two eyes and had to write or annexes what the letters indicating which takes singularity integrate a late exercise i just want sex group the section squared ? 7,0 tube and the ones who want is you can proof of course it is a dj exercise the tiji titillates of domain etc either star and 10 of domain and you get this value des copiaus de which will be singer et it is why it is called star of the plague nicosie 1-0 ax one which are to independent letters of dimensional space alpha 0 place bitat ex one is the planes and start the plague exactly this disguise ? 10 geiss will see how they can be seen as characters had it can be prove uh yes there are poor people if you consider al-fahem 0 the beta ex one in the previous the general formula is one it is the star alpha ex place but at 5 0 place cattle or his age and is khan that break down in asia sky can be seen as high five 0 star chapple beta ex one star of the isle of this is not there done asie 10th of pro doc odt viesly adle one can do it is loto foot et jj competition and pure happiness alpha yaya was saying everything I listen to ya there was doing mde specta this M?tis de pro doc formula which was seen here now we coteaux sonnex it will be more and more and the browser spotify chaunois se analytique morano is true that we characterize of this form of course we only one characters used to the fact that we have de free [ ] bara you have all i want character all this date where he is on your mind correspond to their ex beat they say year j batna immediate exercise find you and is lost art of this linea obbink young at 2 now you have fun with disturbances at the heart of the world we cold and with the globe cochet eve 1 ? christophe talus and iseult disruption 9 of turnover the lessee is only by the one un district urchin with the same you need and if you can't disturbed says yes those of the chefs high stakes twitter / can be linear to is it and from this policy of this operation define you can next year says of the association then commutative is a one jean-yves of cats fun with no staffel disturbances with the disturbances use it vivendi he adds finishes kuyl filtration richie dixon bayonne arms which is not she steals the right plunder this to give and following vibraphonist experience stupidity to say first to 10 6th des molosses panics products that within unpublished literature beginning with the rye to norman foster mansou sy the student of mine badminton sidr de apple ford is recruited chase 1 6 3 6 2 in order to the overlay filter tarn except staffel as2 as3 evokes yes it is data we consider twisting to disturbances to can nothing it is known twist expression and you have this disturb the young people 1,2 this is the heart users ipad users save the one with pouch and bi Or consider general yes this disturbance louit is law of associative algebra rich in hits year four pairs quantitative and then dif a?cha mad luigi society six commutative notes those of commentators said madness of guidiguis disturbances wattignies initial motivates exion netease post and cast batave a flow to 2 to sports has 10th iso what is written in looters yesterday years and you have to you have you take that she arm at the foreing you in 0 division it has been ska other conditions of conclusion to new day come from looping algebra and you consider the standard of kitchens axial filter which is the case of product of the term in india increase or elsewhere now you have this file picture which is dick regime you take your togo nal filter operates with a little shift offer except offer idex had it is this is it must have said that of looping [ ] bara and you can hot to tell you filtration this filter axionov them for you returns the path does not respect no solution soho a deposit increasing to of suspect filtration or no evolution from the union of all sectors it would take the path to batman the brave used as it is not in general it does not skip standards example a site is not all du all so we see happy date commutative said so hype as this
will be no 1 10th not glop cochet vol ou this very nice how to compare to the firefighters of fiesch a folio such a cure the world's first world you take you small vertical and the second must from a small horizon which dirties the from left to right and you know from 10 10 the stations water born to this post is afraid corner you know passeuse weasel east north passes in diagonal past and bear twitts pass you can eva told him 'I didn't go to zoteux for example y reliable diagonal term ? will take five of the do letters annie fault horizontal admission pasri ipod ipod of the state they remain two horizontal world suf iam dare not from offer north step to will put the letter of poverty kloppers on now as it and this is another example ipad is will use forts and or m ay pastis suitcases empowered yesterday so we have considered faiza fun and we can say that her pays with his schaefer fault providing fabi associative reader associative algebra and we want to prove that is you to the river sean ischios ndao qishan chedrawi soap operas tools of 10 tidiane concatenation cleaner and elections an epsilon witch tale the monster of every polydor him with biaggi bras in fact hard both facs of athis delta one he points a hang-glider hotel delta place in new the repeat vice of procedure of other facs of a Thai system nil potter than this algebra in fact europe en cause you can't you been there so fidji identity because you can powder identity and kohl's epsilon place high places en place in new hope you die in furs crisis we play surgery no you want to go to those who you are so if you want to go to jesus and you desplanques atention will stay from place to photos that prohibition and your eyes schaefer will take the price of delta fayoum technical conditions on dit sanchez constant 'in order to want this will not develop the style watch the bowl of sight what is it and resting iti what is in terris sting him this morning he was with fight crazes art star character except the play with the wind that you take pure state inaction line alpha ba jean philippe this link been seen it is just linear form to ben I had a lot of stars at the military nict of play and 2e azzoun au it is true said algebra of character of dedit to djibril make up louise respect and everything from god to water to delta lights on you composer on play with le fit shuttle and see the what is not so easy to prove combinator you bind to half word pi2 pedestrian way morning if you take e de level frame of the university data of fire cards love to characters in the game character jazz stadium everything is smooth formula and letters and you can prove to 10 follows golden cursor means that her it was to little this
azura woerth bed of first height of seconds term and deal disturbances year of confession and identity eight years or to analyze groupe aoste of books at refusal of apple for example the csars not so this is now to see but a rice mill those of origin berg hancock mine and means that this is property and for every bayane gibrat bat in you know in they want the arms of two maids rid of paint in iz beau ian by and the bayou ? polygone of character soul to exist in the rye start the be on the bright and then we will make the standard decrease in fine by action to 3 those who would have missed 3itech guy says antoine halff filtration witches increase in with no suffrages it is gross filtration is compatible with the revolution product a de con que je dire cet irf this it can be done for whatever the ring of coefficient to beat non tu a all year round gobeil strong guests galgo mind is up of character is liina lind and panels with respects any risk of pollution has had an example let her live with jean-paul witty there is all in in winter a polynomial what guides me is good from at arms of diane jay bryson girl diane diagram of polynomial czech only one varied ball delta is the delta aux ex et extenso one love takes pin's the actress gives primitive an epsilon he attacks of consent polynomial and other jumps to this our star anthem on full showcase start of the line because you have all in one time venture those of character aof two stories are useful easily beaten Czechs at 10:10 a.m. peculiarity of formula 1 to 2 of bono ide and deposit son joe biden beau for particularity this group at it is the case for every you looking at the brave at 10.6 to annals and aspivenin trigger the example at the place called the rachy all in order to have the roots the update for the memory extinction 9 blu ray the roots and you take all de prague d'un buzz a new day resorts of the prime numbers in this is from character of love keyyo ex identify as drummer in what i the pressing stadi thing to tell you it's tough characterisa jay bryson depanneur over de pauline au vote and you can first child is considering that it is a star is silver on fouad meine is zone i hope august at bmx this time with her with respect to the complete edition pro 2 add to view this in stat of inch apple power and kings tower multiplier you can't be checked synthetize alger by hippolyte debate gives confidence and furious men is variable either before entering via the network so what we consider now is the group of character and drop of character on a feat of a thing adlane la gare is it is very very easy lauga who correspond no elsewhere yes the live in to be with you i found 10
example the staff need the project took stock of the razor birds
explained laughs you the addition of in dc as perturbations sur you have the beginning the same as those annual craze why idex ipod touch this town no if you take two the zone apply it string will see formula has he general pierre fons taffel must 10:10 late staffel d-star equals this nazist icloud to pout all is one indyk chain al fault plus cattle to 10 is by linea product and cheese water fault it also makes 10 formula you can see me mathilde if you take a never limits on why why why to this project hours teens power light in a world style so you code this link robin action by jiss serristes 1007 united senio poutine a zo power you get this following women eleven you get the fallen from formula 1 red bull pole bankruptoubaz why this polling eynden johan firewall s chapple staffel saurai fayon brown of tea all apple sorry from stars took six hours and cool fayoma wife and the what plastie by the swan sodji ce will result in the fact that this is the one by bulls and has it is the one configurable week and identity which can first check back in town g?rard forme de la like for example this is the dark the planes switches character and character that are unique to the nemtsov primitive element jump 10 exploit people yves at yes we have character will be used exponential of what it is in the same as it is so they taking having had to waco ding we can use this and take you and letters for example to the standards ? la hesbaye tea and said that this is not the one per capita group it is the one permetter paf drode 22 October bat it can be lobo watkin one can take 2 log au petit paramotor care make a formula 1 opinion [Music] so is formula a candidate ball czech by other things may be so 7me plot of stars of the planes property which is not dit ficoba titrisent world to be
minister in 10th then in baillargues and brad richards at fuse combinat th?riault neither trained nor operation offered formal power series coding hoding different sing star of the planes property in that character for this is exactly handisport so this form you learn easy as protection of groups of character
and for pong characters yoka sheet matrix or non commutative insults is not un portable and cozy free and the bright bright dawn commutative paulino gueule non hypios consider this composition 9.6 characters him to 20 impressive pollutions or it is the rolling stones the project revolutionize pression in physics led by carole benson know if you have character which is this time y value divine statuerait is the key commutative algebra associative view against nothing contrary and wyse to customs of might have commutative well it is not himpens ozap because he has this is commutative zen e10 ymagis commutative bat wil also destroyed or if you fifi die for difforme 10 it is not necessary commutative chaud le mas stes start with his anne giscard actors identity you give me your world as we give you got words the c word 6 identity and of course i traces de charles prow portier because you this the chapel morphism his name we have here is made from diagonal series city we are the renters of the moe ue tensor dabo you and you see that it is as expression nova identity on you catch and letters from dabo yohan cabaye or everything to buy the thing duality tour octogonale bezouce orthogonale between them says it can be prophesied mayor factories exion times beland sound back above overwhelm that is easy the product of the stone age of course non ifrs of character you can't keep the identity direct from a titi showcase diagonal series which is pharma nadia and then you obtain system of local coordinate high tech data dira motors group oasis heart of groups sonata yf equippique belge are there to link algebra to the fridge you take who operates thing yoav system of local cordina hitch backpacker the unity non un computer so you see that this will give you system of local cardinet of as you know your golden house at the lease of composites is true that actor at the product of elemental character and two hands with durable des formes version 9 10 factory section and of course and is rather state for war ten faults historize associative son paste with 2 commutative cut in our assets it is generally the ball with the witch general study conditions highlight the wall thouvenot commutative disturbed everything explodes look-alikes factorization which is easy to all is in any case sometimes state is the key except researcher the in fact owls of all for all developing and the brass which are free have had a radio ski jump causes do not intervene quickly formula as you grow derived formula 1 could very quickly by this and under certain conditions production techniques you can have said orthogonal belgium which is in them say be stars when you go gebra saut channel 6:04 am dip this idea is true of the opera sowind evokes of christina bauer section swiss them the hired eve note ric ur du use this to factory are characters honor to rhode other hand volley ping at the base like the heist nistelrooy shicoff pardonne me for dit pronunciation binding the arms otherwise otherwise want to evoke in nador lee algebra which path commutative un coming from maxi saut njawe c2a yav finished with my presentation of invoices or for over you atention with big bear lake in heat described marc sur cobain it will be 25
did not forget 5.5 sport had missed the public shoot [Music]