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The challenge of organisation - based publishing (grey literature) for Wikidata

Video in TIB AV-Portal: The challenge of organisation - based publishing (grey literature) for Wikidata

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The challenge of organisation - based publishing (grey literature) for Wikidata
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The challenge of institution-published ‘grey literature’
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i know well. and where. talks scheduled but can do. yet so we want to head to amanda. and then as a researcher and librarian who works in the area to researchers and research communications media and new collection systems digital collecting can scholarship great literature which can be talking about dying knowledge of structure and public policy. capeci and research communications and public policy in the media communicate about our martina best the art with a overthink. a man with the director of health policy. politicians are trained and award winning public policy research started in two thousand and six thousand and eight chain which is cute many number of research study research council encourage an infrastructure grand parents wrote in the book and cultural sector including establishing the literature residency program and the oak or encourage graham.
seller had to have her. amanda is going to. it was a presentation on the challenger institution publish grayling creature. one.
i. arise from and the main i think i'm quite lives so you're going to slide into a bigger yet again get dressed carry entirely fantastic sorry and yes thanks to the introduction and didn't realize you're going to come.
and sure enough i can come and it is asked to accurate and simitian is wonderfully young to have very soon my ph d. in an miss rica have been on star in a a third on joining in essentially i just like to say. you don't start that i'm not really much as the key data wiki side or pedia exposed i'm on tour to double up on her i cannot really. under its presentation is free and and be advanced some eight. but i do not ended our ages so i'm going to focus on ash and focus on how and why is really important and why we need to think about how we can get into on wiki day when he sighed. so huge fire. leaders are just to have just for teaching minutes on a little bit of another view of what we're talking about even. and in some of the kinds of publications we might be wanting to deal with the and means wow what this or referencing get used to monday might be an addendum model and son the challenges that are involved so a first lady on daniel already mentioned to the sustainable development goals.
so the the reason why are our one been is in his to have a think about just this guy or the complexity the diversity of. how peaks of institutional years of people have hunch trees are hostile researcher research methods on that mood will be involved in trying to address these goals. is not going to be done simply by academic journal articles all know they are going to be important and also downturn ball on a little know is going well economic data is going one ball government research on your own ball thousands of engineers. and from think tanks and consultants as injured so if we want to be is also have information and for the sustainable development goals we need to expand our idea of on where research is located so on.
iranian kind of curse recently i have this term requisite variety and i really like it is the arm. comes from a sort of computing basis a son and the audience nine he be familiar with the and i was it was nice to me and it doesn't being adopted by people looking at the evidence that his policy more our my. so the court is an updated evidence ecosystem would seem to need a regular variety of initiatives to encourage and enable evidence she's that is the return of initiatives from a evidence used needs to be at least as varied and yawns as a positive impact this context that are being targeted. so the point is not the kind of results is that we're going to need i'm going had to be broadly as complex and diverse as the problems with the issues and therefore the computing system that we provide is also going to need to be fairly complex i'll show you the.
i never orbits that we might be thinking about in this context of. the stand with her own goals and climate change is a judge include with calls from the i.p.c.c. itself clearly peer reviewed research not true that are research reports from organizations are owed on here have you on you in the environment programme biodiversity. the issues and your world bank manager. by the gunman open eyes asians in international non-governmental organizations is also you.
huge variety report produced by. and in national and local level all around the world so these examples are all from australia. they include. results into is often races inches in collaboration with other companies and in years. and this and because the group's government research centers its engines.
so my a dire contrary to what we're dealing with here is that if we think about his research in his research communication and scholarly communication is a subset of that. his research publishing and i kind of the latter this commercial academic publishing and his organization research publishing as a lot of what we have on which he shot me day is commercial academic publishing is not an a research publishing your way you can buy thousand dollars to you to get access to her or not. a research report and been is substantial but still relatively small nonprofit academic publishing so the annexes new know diamond necklace generals in georgia. if we think about what might be then included on with the data and we decide we need to think of beyond books and journals to think about riposte to endure. our evaluation is the third down it's not quite clear what that. the heart is referring to his policy brazen greetings again not very well defined only data discussion pay bills. on the day but actually it to my mind is around the nation. it used by consultants and governments as well systematic reviews on begin only dated its kind of use to be like to talk it is a sugar talking reference to the library of congress on so used to eat alone publications up as candide. objects as well as obligation child's the winning bid can make sure we're not getting as things confused on each room use review on cruises love those does not quite clear exactly what as referring to her knees on the the tide day is actually. referring to research methods rather than a case study and the publication korea grins waiting tables to a case reports rather than any current course on and scholarly articles solution is it's just a sample of what we might be wanting to work on and and korea. there are references for in which the data so do on a tropical climate change on their i actually are thousands of publications it is using scalia to see what was available on with the data intensive kinds of content. anne's know when he many have a look at you the lustily articles and been a lot or review articles if we get rid of the scholarly articles and the review articles were actually got. on in down on the economy changes one report a year for the last season may be a need to show you did. double on the representation of the kind of material that we would one and she on which you know about climate change to be very relevant. on the other hand. the source like the a.g.r. route has scars. i'm showing hundred reports on climate change and i really is sort of show these may lead to just two hundred people that there are holes are out there is not the the reports are there and it's not the guy and an important and should stand show on residual quantity exam. schools in here from the euro a client change around helpful ground have no news to the environment to new zealand so we're not necessarily young wisdom. into stand show him on verifiable research on a lot of really substantial material and also the on funding about idea is to have a look at the goods. kinds of documents that are also it compensates discussion has wouldn't hide studies briefings articles guides dollars your goals shoe is a little lot of diversity within his arm with in his era. so you don't need a concrete problematic because he is on his never really being we were dead show to their iron there is a good history and away a on to develop ontology huge difference to dominate. and even in the way john on on wiki data in seems to be used for between kinds times the content rather than on o'toole publication times which is more unusually used. so it is another trick number of projects looking would be great if the project which looking to the clean air and reportage richer organization publications actually prefer not to use greenwich a job but i use of vehicles in its are on it does then offered. a certain segment of the community but we think of the organization publications are thing is the easiest were even better. shelly consideration of the axis rupal trees hands are made in it tends to create a vocabulary. and that's reference on key data.
others to be really useful on that actually is it using the other leads ontology scrooge reduce the cost for friends to each other. one but only the core can be a reference is a just constantly thousand and nine the library of congress's are certain gods and extends you join or form but heavy lorry on in the london countersued had a little bit of are biased towards folks. and by much. on my studies ontology is held in a bar stools books on. third i often need the the then policy or has a lot of publication touch the and visual major dinner or his she buried ran and i think in what it sees is to arm. credit or a job for her can be used to to an extent. the using something interesting use under the wing hundred edition and in the confederation of an axis repositories actually describes the unpublished documents references the gist. christina we should actually describes the wing papers published document thirty two year even even it is reversing the same thing you can actually have the opposite definitions are merely call a bit more work that needs to be done he on but having been in canada to do. but all the the complexity year and differences we can ascertain to two books. a guide to all of what we would want to be using them for on described the money these materials ion documents. have a hard road had all the or third of mongolia's often institution on his arm. in the age you need to think about a instead as certain publication i recall a willing buyer taking cuervo or you could even be molecules of those on. the tide of the subtitle the institution partially publishes of an organization often multiple organizations as a organizations have managed to get it in the country the publication date she added that can be confusing is interesting to look at him. the i.p.c.c. report. has at least find it had to date these can be the case the government documents were on their. the point is going to die in a saner enter one he needed actually doesn't get released into buner period the colony. a good talking career in vast numbers of topics for the talkies is going to be quite complex and a thing you know. the e.u. that me with the chinese to a jewish is how we look at getting some sort of. the topic. can hillary that we can use on the u.r.l. to the full article on his third uses a while as a question with a weird way we going to one's going to happen a lot of this material is published online by the pub by the organization and doesn't remains stable. and so this is this is a big problem. the forward when it might be available there isn't in by is so some other large holes two hundred yen parlor corps todd on china might have multiple it enjoyed fires. i had a child green using and in was cool things in and sons their words and sometimes it doesn't serve even with an end in fire might not cool in any content on in the language is a part of this year is a collection session so again on million is a really strong basis to you. i developed on a date a model for different hundred documents based on books but we also need to think about her the differences hundred thirty two zero g. is an example where it's a sugar to publication date and i'm sure. a wider you are in synch similar as possible new can also use a are running follow its or is followed bonnie answer is hard to read on to the i.p.c.c. doesn't actually happening products on angeles phenomenon so. crime. another example of the insured whole sorry this is ugly being good example way it's really important to put a arm. the. alternative high dose so although the name of the trouble is exceptionally standley exit exxon's its geneina as the ginger court which is the case with a lot of. you don't mind you got. on the and i see. his solicitor general guide just leave. zarrella able to link the age of four and. he is not a day link ego is to use a new chilling third the continent for it has been a job as if i can do this year so we're going to live on the live by age. in curling hear these actually go is to you this page so do all the room.
it's still high aged man are registered in a link the conceit is not free all.
on the uninsured for and inviting a child look it up and where you think you gotta actually this is the government's response to ensure and her mother who gather regard the uk doesn't have a copy of the insurer.
you can find it on this website are not required show and its when he started to any way to her community should also a twelve and tested on the is seen as many scholars also going to copy the insured for which had been his quality or i our white and test again not a geo eye.
i am not. so in museums listener while waste or her of viability for something that is you know like. family importance government report in intense the other banks as policy. on sean turn. finish out on an shine time probably going to our story here just a week a start she said i think about what kind of sound. stand in god we completely did not see how a pro. or can only certain materials are we really interested in working on that is a lot of challenges in these areas. mashable to harman's name changes are a huge problem with machinery government changing government. is often multiple organizations on often you know how rich an ingenious you a hardware cash you actually are in in the authors there's often no identifies in a remote island in piles may be our goodbyes that actually tiny working all the right is often be seen. on her when you depend on the jurisdiction union as to what it means in a story that means automatically over a two thirds on. you're even hundred different congratulations depending on something is published on polish so we've only just in our last couple of years curb or duration for unpublished were on hand is often missing information you're not again over the know how this to our location in iraq. i'm sometimes not even a title is quite incredible. so a year just got to thinking you're ever publishing online to make sure the nerd you lower and by itself. on. so you here we did not attend to hear this is actually such an enormous amount of material that on. we really need to be looking at both important and and how to be doing much on the lawyers organizations like the un a job the jury which are world bank after very well organised collections on not mr liu race for on doing. you search is on and so actually on the need is an enormous need for a our lives sky or database where you can systematically review the literature on beer is on any topic and being able to do that and include she major research course is a serious issue. there is no large scale corruption doing their money on had little time on their into new era of children is an encouraging cosy commons which on on the ugly in both he and. one option coming along but he is and we'll look at shene the show the data. we can work at had a hairdo at scale. um. then did your institution positive result he often god damn there are no contender would not be a the mind on average live we had a really great collection records so did the are very dark places but did they tend to be on shown to medium sized and having. through. you know since take much to do with a warning for the overarching coordinating. on collection in his eyes.
but i am sorry i haven't gone awry the time i got mine on a plan. there were all that's to be fine and as mentioned earlier in the intersection we don't fully had a no show from one of our present is so we are reshuffling of the present order currently and we've actually got a couple of questions for human the that have been added into the ether. first is theirs was a definition question actually what what do you reckon is wrong with the wiki dart said definition of discussion paper. how to us so i had been mooted afghan man i think it was that a mom.
yet more. he gave anything. i years sorry and thinking was that he can contribute to the coming from a the a guarantee research and go on and. was and what isn't. sorry my computer is not finding it for me. some are not getting am not getting it out. i'm going. it's to in sorry that it is coming from the abyss they did all of our a research discussion about unlikely mary findings that sort of thing where is actually discussion paper in a political context is often over in a research said publicly a discussion country. this is a lot more about kind of presenting on ideas and policies for feedback certain just just the only your seeing around on a local a lot of the definitions com founded on academic has to do and don't really take care of a policy. there are an organization does that give in.
and there's actually an additional questions about the a p o two tax on research ask has the a.p. or term the taxonomy change the link that the questioner had to climate change now returns a four four era. third there is an exam they had to link in the ether pad. i actually am so i had been working for. nearly two years and song not responsible for that. anymore and they have actually can create a new takes on me on a public policy needs to such it takes on me which is being added sure you research starters china. some uist and nj and so in my. and again. there are nine. and so i can say. and i was just second use the comment you made about the difficulties in this wild west are for or verify ability i was working on a project that require me to look at a particular report a while back and not only did that report of. it's not have a d.i.y. or any stable. identify like that it didn't have a stable your r l pointed to it and it didn't even have a stable title so it was published to pay to multiple different places under different variants spellings of its title and so many ways with the doctor is actually more vital says these sorts of items than it even is for. and academic journal publications and books which already at least have some stability in their site ability and actually for a lot of the the organization published literature reports and gray literature actually with the doctor might end up being the primary. the prime location for collating that sort of information by in thought i was thinking on my feeling is that there will be. areas. small thaw was go collection because in each year being nice nature or the. the easy really did a good to do any research its guy or particularly am ninety nine a systematic review. you actually want to be i would shoot because you can have to dodge scale search is all databases what you really want to be a to do is read out and say we've got all the journal car articles covered what what do we need to find at that's not a journal article you know how do we actually.
the city everything that's not a journal article and that is you cannot do that on good though you can do that on was all i can do with a decade. dimming a luddite days you can merely to differentiate from i don't want to see johnny and then when you did a good the collections like the u.n. charter you confidence. you can earn station is queries on them so i heard projects last year looking a digital health and i was given his or her viewers stringer your ten different terms that i was meant to serve run in on on numb and there is a pixel digital hell's that you would you can to ensure you. am i a commercial area got it. or or some of the systematic result is an be needy every time i would brown is going on and on another database light of the wager again nothing after in nothing because he did you just couldn't he had a legal right to just on digital house year marino x. india. the extra all of us don't believe isn't really the idea is that made for an overarching aggregate data on the altar once i would should be allowed to have a lot more complex many than a year around the recession may the internet all italy thing and they could to study added into record. since for different content on certain that can be reused.