Smart carbohydrate chemistry as a means to understand glycocalyx biology

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Smart carbohydrate chemistry as a means to understand glycocalyx biology

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Smart carbohydrate chemistry as a means to understand glycocalyx biology
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Cells are commonly surrounded by a nanodimensioned layer of glycoconjugates, called the “glycocalyx”. The question of how Glycocalyx Biochemistry functions in detail is of major interest in the realm of Biological Chemistry. In particular, comparisons of the Glycocalyx Biochemistry of cells that exhibit different states of health and disease may pave the way for hitherto unconsidered methods of treatment. The supramolecular (bio)chemistry of the glycocalyx goes beyond monovalent receptor-ligand interactions. Thus, unraveling the secrets of carbohydrate recognition on the cell surface opens the door to new concepts in Medicinal Chemistry. This video provides an overview of our work on the investigation of carbohydrate-specific bacterial adhesion. We utilize functional glycomimetics and specific glycoarrays that may be fabricated from photoswitchable glycosides.
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the. so welcome at the university of kiel at the ought to do use institute of organic chemistry my name is to split tossed by research group deals with like the sciences in its chemistry and biochemistry now introduce you to some of the most important aspects of phone research will.
but like the scientists to read the chemistry and the poetry of the carbohydrates carbohydrates are correct arrive by an enormous diversity of structure as research approaches and a little bit of this is reflected in the thematically issue of synthesis of the like the scientists one and two published imposed on show in of organic chemistry. free wi fi the carbohydrates covering eukaryote excels you call your excels are surrounded by a lift to file a a song these extras said he lost sight of the afflicted by layer carbohydrates are attached forming and now and i mention layer.
which is called the lichen calyx see some instead of looking at the molecular the toes of the play i troy as we see it in an electron microscope she looks at his side to have cost cells see or candy cotton.
other sales approaching such a cloak of the latest seo see the carbohydrate first and unraveling with details of carbohydrate mission between sale of is one of the central issues and cell biology and one of the big secrets when it comes to buy a chemical process. is between self geico calyx recognition is connected to healthy so states but it's also connected to d.c. states cancer for instance also a pop tosses or inflammation and one of the process as we are interested in my leg as bacteria tuition but keira attached to the surface of the target sale. most by using kabul hydrates antrim points saints in order to do so say i chris with long hair you a penny to score the film korean as such.
so bacteria like e. coli life to recognize man no small in tears on the so surface and if we can actually hit this interaction between that like alex of our target sell and the coal i we can approach and entities of therapy against her to. question so also one of the ngos of our research was the distinguished the good bacteria from the bad ones so switch bacteria teaching selectively how do we do that a major goal in my last make his life he met six pounds for.
important working horses and microbe likely metrics are inspired by the natural structures but the intelligent feature is added to this structure in order to allow us for instance to switch said a teacher.
so there are a few interested in every aspect which we need in order to investigate such settler recognition pro says which are connected to carbohydrate commission one a synthesis one is the signing cassez see you think you have peter inspected bacteria for instance that you will see in the lap later on.
and also the signs like oscillated surfaces to switch you will also gets us labour off later in the last us so take it all together we could say that looking at the molecular details of carbohydrate trick mission in order to understand like of calyx biology we look at.
to shun we look at conflagration and what is special in my leg we look at the confirmation of control of carbohydrate express situation and for that we need likely medics with a handle which allows us to change the exposition of carbohydrates on a surface. and these intelligent like an emetic we have called sweets which is six suites richest carbohydrate explosive shown can be changed upon fota irritation like in the collective findings like in that like ways of benzene.
it also this will be seen in the lead later on so we are one of the very few. groups in the world which address this issue which is otherwise very well accepted in biology but not in the carbohydrate regime so far so if you look back to the structure of the clinical calyx which looks like a forest of chaos it's quite natural or but confirmation of control must be a key feet.
soft like a calyx biology. we have seen that bacteria fusion took like oscillated surfaces is a key issue in my group now i can introduce to students to you'll catarina called and cloud f.s.a. let both biochemist cent doctoral student in my group they deal with. the details of opportunities an catalina will show you how he asked the bacteria to shun and how we evaluated hit tours of this process in claudia will show you how we investigate force of bacteria teasing by functionalist country lever tips. we want to find out how bacteria bind to specific function ice offices to find that out we use those micro title plates the bacteria a specific labeled and when we put an ad detection solution this bacteria will try and the solution.
i'm from cow allow us to green so we see whether to carry out by a culture change i went out at as an example that the texans solution this solution contains eighty s. was a crow for that will be shane during the colonial from like green to dock.
cream if that optic hiriya which are labeled with the power to days so we were seeing now.
. i.
the screen come on now shows were victims have on to the functional i saw face this essay we can use for all our testing of the the from function a soft a surface of the different and he vetoes so it's a very good thing for us to find out whether to buy and and how we can inhibit them.
we also want to find out how strong of the teary of biochar carbohydrates for this we do some if and measurement but just gold coated come to live this and i function last to tip and ten is a measurement the bacteria for some binding studies.
so what you could see here is to continue emitting and and the magnification you see this little square which just a needle and discuss about four hundred nominee to high and redo the action measurement but this.
we have seen but for the study of bacteria tuition to carbohydrates we need like oscillated surfaces and one of the most fast and molecules we use for this purpose of this week's which shoes so they explain to my group for the sweets which is this region on china has a cut on the day would you tell us more about this week's with. to this year making this i am to those thing as a bill to make a site specific molecules contains one goat of core group and others.
cutting bodies as the bins in this as a building were going to get synthesize to address the confirmation controlled in carbohydrate ignition don't like the interesting point about these as a building like a site is because of the has a built in go to these molecules looks really colorful which makes the beautification easy.
and so more beautiful pay a lot. some more. dahl great.
some have a lot to slip below. some more comes with a bit reddish brown and even to loosen it looks like ripping a lot.
having these as a building like a site in large quantity he can you play these molecules in large diversity like function is it on gold surfaces gold nanoparticles on hand for.
i imagine if we manage to understand this you people like like chemistry of the like alex fee understand how consummation of control is functioning at this cell organelles this will lead to a revolution of medicine chemistry for all.