Molecular switches as motors of molecular machines

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Molecular switches as motors of molecular machines
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Switching processes are the elementary steps in most sophisticated functions in the macroscopic world, as well as at the molecular level. Photochromic compounds are most frequently used as molecular switches, and among them azobenzene derivatives are most popular. Our goals are threefold. First, we want to improve the switching properties of azobenzene. Second, we aim at modifying the parent compound by proper substitution. Finally, we change the molecular framework to perform more sophisticated tasks. Recently, we discovered that diazocines are better suited to our task than simple azobenzenes. We are currently designing new diazocines with the ultimate goal to build a “molecular assembler”. These compounds are similar to ATP synthase in that they are driven by an external energy source (light) and fabricate molecules in a predetermined machine-like process.
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i do is high.
the e.u. is used field of research interests hours in in the future of malignant national science is practically every engineering task that we know from on microscopic word like i'm old whose palms information storage is already realized that the molecular and the nature. and we think that the elementary step in these more sophisticated functions is a switching he went so in order to perform more sophisticated functions we need to switching molecules and these switching molecules have to be put on the surface or. were implemented in to function and materials in order to give you an example i am percent inc a polymer film here in which we have implemented one of our switching molecules.
the most frequently used and while investigated molecules switching molecule is his of benzene this most stable in its trends configuration and upon irradiation with you we lied it would i not courses trance as summarize asian but they are several disadvantages of these of benzene.
it's a very flexible molecule he can flat tool either this or the other side and there's free world taishan around the fennel groups social tool construct of molecular machine smolders we need more rigid molecules in order to achieve that we have bridge the.
to authorise decisions of his of benzene and end up with the by cyclic system this diocese seen his improved properties day is no free with patients of the fan of groups and the more we have higher switching efficiencies and we can switch with with a polite.
but before we go to the laboratory to make these molecules we are calculating them in the computer here we have twenty candidates have conceived of switching molecules which optimized using a density function of the ri method we know the properties and now we said.
up and ranking least have the best candidates on of course be would try to synthesize the best molecules with the optimized parameters in this case this was a day is was seen as we can see here this is the most able in the ces conflagration and less.
stable in the transplant operation and we can switch it using was a polite.
and now we are going to the lavatory to visit my ph d. student can all say who's actually making this molecule.
hello my name is tom izzo i'm a ph d. student in the head of school and i am dealing with the centers of dying is designed by his design is a modified optimized age of benzene and as you know there are many ways to prepare days have been genes but we found that in case of die is resigning. the most suitable sentences is a reduction of the corresponding nitric compound jose's of compound to in case of our parents systems the guy is and without any further substitutions we start from the guy night through i've been lion.
we use the night to the groups in the autumn position of death from rich. and after a reduction this leaves. two hour days will come home to die is a sign was old and new firms will have to choose. but we now try to make substituted that is the signs and this makes the centres is a bit more complicated the course the reducing h. and has to be compatible with his as a introduced substitution it's an.
it's a function of groups are in.
it turned out that the best reducing a chosen for this purpose is dizzying was that sodium hydroxide and s. only solution now i demonstrate how we do expect.
the. starting the to you is an eye to a compound and at first he suspended in decimal.
was this ninety million visitors often s. some of the suspension we now at fifty million it does have is a twelfth mode of sodium hydroxide solution to.
finally the ets dizzying power.
and reflex for thirty minutes enough though work up and purification be obtained or product as yet no crystals which the soul of an organic solvents.
hello my name is benjamin violent and i'm a ph d. student and workable professor haggis i built the lad sauces and in contrast refusing traditional make real lambs for elimination the u.s. commercially available high polities.
so if this is our compound and the cyst farm. and if he eliminate it. i was more rises to transform. which is wreckage.
upon irradiation with green light.
but i wasn't arises back to this is one which is yellow.
two. so this is a sixty the molecule my ph d. student has a made in the laboratory it is able to grab another molecule and to read these it but we are more ambitious we want to make molecules that i needed to make other molecules in order to teach. if that we have to attach more sophisticated substitutes at the both. fennell rings imagine we have to subsidize once each of them is a blue to bind a moral mary molecule to phosphate molecules for instance at the two pining sites and upon radiation we can now bring these two or more like you. as in close proximity form a bond and upon radiation with visible light we can release the product soul if we would achieve that we would have us very simple model of the a.t.p. since these which is able to make a.t.p. from phosphate and. a.d.p. so we can drive if chemical reactions away from the thermodynamic the delivery on this would be a law final goal. i.