Surface functionalization towards biocompatible medical devices

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Surface functionalization towards biocompatible medical devices

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Surface functionalization towards biocompatible medical devices
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This video describes the surface modification of medical devices to improve their biocompatibility. Two plasma-chemistry processes are detailed. Firstly, the activation of a surface that consists of polymethylpentene, a procedure that aims at increasing the biocompatibility of artificial lungs. Secondly, it is demonstrated how the surface of titanium can be coated. The ultimate goal of this surface functionalization is the minimization of the body’s intolerance to pacemakers.
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but it was good to the the institute of organic chemistry like this university hanover i'm head of the union research polly many design in the cluster of excellence reverse with in reverse we deal with new approaches for regenerated therapies and together with our colleagues from the head of a medical school which try.
to improve medical devices. my name is between any man and working as a physician in the department of carbon price of transplantation invest less energy at the head of a medical school and in the latin its research laboratories for biotechnology and by an artificial on and i am a member of the working group or the development of a by artificial one. as a bridge to transplantation and and respiratory failure this device is a so-called extra corporal membrane oxygen nader is a common clinical use this artificial device consists of such p m p mets of this hollow fiber membranes in which the gas flow takes place in on the outside the blood part.
this is by far the gas exchange one of the major complications with the traumas formation of the plate that activation eighty's when a creation resulting in the troubles formation and on the other hand the infection with the activation of the compliments system and the two became active beijing resulting in the release of the inflow interim eighty eight is.
which can all leads to his depth as the us all of basic concept is to end with the lies these holo fiber membranes in these artificial gas exchange membranes to created by artificial or a biological serve phase for a higher him a competent be lucky and unless the moon or activity for an extended. durability for the gas extra change. become his father of the project is to modify the surface of the whole five as we see here the whole of five was consist of a party with a pen to enjoy the m.p. and we want to introduce or layer of argy the peptides to a low the attachment of and if you use else.
the problem is that the bnp is a very high road for the uk and very unattractive polymer and we have to use a very active space a first to attach it to the surface which we later on can prolong with a link or and finally with the i.g.d. peptide.
this space a is attached to the surface first by a difficult in process and later on by a u.v. radiation which transforms the as i get into the corresponding i train very active species which isn't the putting this office.
the problem is that the polymer the did not react with this basis and we figured out its main the problem of the height of obesity of the surface that's why we have to make a hybrid felix office by a plasma treatment and then make the.
kaupthing and later on the u.v. radiation what is just my.
plus more is they consider to be the fourth kind of measure first we have a solid put energy and so as we get the liquid melted more energy we transform the liquid into postponing gas and be if we put more energy and against we get a plasma so we ionized gas we have. can i answer and fragments. how do we produced this just now we use machine of plus i treat it as a plus one as well as we can see here gas comes and we have a power supply and we have electric field and in this this charge unit we get a plasma the plasma leafs the.
just one novel and directly hits them the substrate surface as we will see in the lap and now i'm just a couple five and like i'm a ph d. thesis and the he said school palm not designed for the ad excellence class that we have now is how you are asked my foot monde.
i'm here we have are controlling your notes here we have just one for the gas flow here we have the past month just wasn't would take to muzzle an hour demonstrated how to use the past now with the city here we have a positioning stay where i put the t.v. on.
now i was stopped but last month for such thing.
after the treatment of the cd with last mile the city is more watchable and the fall and that i was so you with water right now.
so now intense knew about the prostitute multiplies the areas are more hydrophobic them before and the rest off the city is to hydrophobic.
now the whole of august were treated with fast much and they are what will the next step is to have them do the deporting which you can see here we have a space center in math and know where we put the whole of august and originality it stays there for three days.
when we take it out. and then i will be elimination by t.v. lot.
for three hours.
after this step. we went to buy methanol and water.
and then we drive.
this is just a first step off the coating and to maul steps we bring on the oddity have taught here you can see the final product you can see the whole of five us where and a t. us says was seized on and you can see by the green collar that i'm they are fully covered by the.
cells these artificial a device is a so-called pacemaker which is implanted in patients which have problems with the hot frequency the major problem of the steep bias is the possibility of the bait in grows on this artificial a device in the years so wrong that tissue and resulting of these and the right.
to a further problem the first one is in the district cation of the pacemaker and the second born is the possibility of the infections and therefore our idea is to modify a good surface of this pacemaker it to a lower back pain gross and the surrounding tissue.
their reputation of the pacemaker housing is a completely different house for the chemist the housing consists of titanium and the titanium has a very low the real function groups on the softness this time the use of plus mckinstry to posit the silly calais on top of the titanium housing and on the silica layer with a higher degree of .
the groups could attach the functions such as out of the peptides for the past my chemistry we use this time because the pickers and is fed in the past my been and burns to silica.
when the past my been contained the silica it's that had a name so office we get to the position of a silly calais on top of the titanium surface now with a high degree of functional groups. then he was up to us to introduce and the new rules on top of the civic as office and then the new rules can later on the decorated with function molecules such as i to the peptides in the same manner as shown for the p.l.p. phones and other cars and other titanium plates with celtic our need to put thousand.
that it had something to do not say which gets there were tears started farming is that he took up the heating jacket and then we'll be and used to the flame in another novel concept of pacemakers we use titanium i like this which will be fixed here.
and for six.
after that.
and you played is covered by selling. thank you for watching i hope this be offered to interesting insights on the location of just what he was free for the surface with the occasion of making them by. which. which. which. which. which. which. which.