Iron catalysis for biaryl coupling and ether cleavage reactions

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Iron catalysis for biaryl coupling and ether cleavage reactions

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Iron catalysis for biaryl coupling and ether cleavage reactions
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Axel Jacobi von Wangelin and the two students Samet Gülak and Dominik Gärtner demonstrate the simplicity and effectiveness of iron-catalyzed biaryl coupling and ether cleavage reactions. We utilize 3D design and 3D-printing techniques to fabricate a number of miniaturized fluidic “reactionware” devices for chemical syntheses in just a few hours. Starting from inexpensive materials we are able to produce reliable and robust reactors. Here we show a two-inlet reactor setup with pumps and in-line or on-line analytical techniques, such as IR spectroscopy, which is used to follow an imine condensation reaction, and mass spectrometry, which is used to characterize the complexation behavior of a cyclohexane-based ligand with copper (II) chloride.
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the he said.
you can see at the university of reading's the was interested in development can with the transformations and one the main objectives and even as the use of iron as a catalyst is a very effective model as it's very very cheap and can be found in many many sources on all planned and so it is not surprising that nature does.
he use iran as a catalyst in many many transformations for instance in the metabolism of small molecule in the transport of small molecule and also a on kinds of crosses on the other hand it is quite surprising to see that there's only a handful of island lies across as these men make synthetic transform a nation's while most of the challenging. the reactions are still being exerted with the use of very very toxic and noble metals such as palladium platinum and road over the past two three is my group has been looking into reactions where we try to activate a rather sluggish and very very strong single bond and these molecules by the use.
of an island catalyst and we have been alongside other room we found that no way to reduce iron conferences are very very competent in these transformation and we simply generate these low whale and reduced medals by the reduction of simple iron plus three salsa which can be commercially obtain from just.
one year rule for mobile in the presence of various reductions we undergo this activation here we generate in the first stage such a complex where we have to polarize more at ease on the island complex now we have two opportunities to take advantage of these might ease.
one would be the nuclear feeling trapping of one of them might ease and the other then of course and a lecture phallic trapping with a suitable electoral and that's what gives rise to the formation off to organic molecules one being the nuclear feeling trapping product and the other been the law.
electronic troubling product and my rule will just in the second show you exactly two applications where we take advantage of an iron catalyst process to generate selectively either this or this product in a very very practical actually fashion and i'm an interest only get land i want to show you.
well. of asian a simple and separate method for delay should have a cause for an example i picked up from all elo a huge unknown.
our relation to the action takes place for them are employed catalyst in our case i and we clawed have one more person. of using agent this commercial ethnic newseum right.
using one equivalent and.
the action is carried out an empty signing.
and the age of which are at room temperature in less than one hour. and off product is the deal at a later its products called huge in on an ingredient often asians for and because our cricket the list is high was kopechne we have to wait it's in the glove box so.
no here we have our prepared to list i when we clawed and now we've got to solve it in theaters.
now here for a solution off the old yeller huge no in exile lean and now i'm ending i would lower solution to subsist solution.
do we actually only stars have to be additional off the ground we age and we're using on to more ethnic museum closed and the age of.
adams i'm just letting you know. become a change you'll see indicates the formation of the air act of catalyst species.
after one hour the dealer nation process is complete and we cannot quench the action with an exquisite monaco its solution.
now on to the latest product can easily as a little we're expression of biathlon even though the product to be an organic organically and.
i know i'm shaking that we actually show up.
the. aig and organically and.
not all the action was asked in be shown in them to see you and others us.
no on the light you can see directional successful on the left side you can see the adult the will allow you to know and on what's a huge move.
hello my name a circular i'm a third year ph d. student working on the field of five at less cost up to its today i want to show an experiment which highlights the simplicity of the effectiveness of i get less viral couple reactions during the last year of my ph d. i discovered a new mode of activation reactions.
florist i which already here. crossed science are very simple and easy to prepare but i rather than react to for cost of actions in this reaction we use i.m.'s as a catalyst i've reduced.
we are forming in c o two from iran as a pleasant to make this case. which is commercially available this reduced iron species is as a label gets fear so it can't coordinate to the violent and this is exactly the effect which we want to use for the activation of course dives and look at this structure we can see this course that in.
there's a vine do so the the reduced i'm speaking coordinate their and then can do fossett addition to the structure now after the asian have more of the going rate and we form this. eisley substitute its star in there with the products which are carrying the swine flu which we can use for further actions like oxidation switch actions also c.c. cupping reactions like a correction.
and we can also visually follow this we actually started with the red color it's the colour of iran as little as a this often to it then reduce it with the winner even then we come to this typical brown color for the capitals and then after oxidative emission we see the yellow cup ok now let's see how the reaction.
works. i already weight in the iron pre-sold its aren't as it less nate three just a typical red color and i was so that now in a solid mixture of tear jeff an m.p..
doing everything in the nitrogen atmosphere.
take now around for me like this was the sole mixture.
i turn on the pitch nexter of.
but it's the solved i take one day later out of it. and put it into my reaction vessel.
no the exterior. the reaction now until you get to the reaction concentration of around zero point two moala. now i will.
starting material the short story is close to endure it is.
exactly one million know. it was this a modem syringe now i will add into my reaction.
and you will see that there's no color change.
now i will at the federal money isn't brought might with a syringe bump over forty minutes.
we all know exactly. one point one equivalents of one solution.
i would like this in their reaction.
now i will start the sewage pop.
and with every drop we see that we get dark color shows us that the reduced its pieces for directly the the oxidation takes place as gets a big and colors.
now we can see the typical no other. exodus disease. now after one hour the reaction is done we see that from the typical let our shows us that know what sort of divisions taking place now. you can see here it was like ice cover now we will. at this incarnate solution to his reaction to quench it then the simple extraction buy additional of that lesson.
what makes a solution it was like this. now after clinching that the test incarnate solution extraction with it as a date now can do the santa this is from the reaction mixture walking clean up the product by a single colour from there.
well i hope we can show you the reviews byron complexes have a high of thirty s. catalyst an organic synthesis we've example hide this today by two reaction classes one where we make a carbon carbon single bond to make this fancy by our own a t.v. on the left hand side and on the other hand were we.
break a car mark sutton single want to d.l. late that is to be functional eyes this molecule to leeds the free alcohol which is a natural product called huge no thanks for your interest in our search by.