Organic photochemistry from 1 to 4 eV

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Organic photochemistry from 1 to 4 eV
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Organic photochemistry utilizes electronic excitation with electromagnetic radiation in the region between 1 electron volt (eV) and 8 eV, corresponding formally to a wavelength region between 1240 nanometers (nm) and 155 nm. Short-wavelength excitation can lead to direct electron detachment or to photoinduced electron transfer if substrates are excited in the presence of appropriate electron donors or acceptors. This property is demonstrated experimentally by a 308 nm excitation of an aqueous solution of an electron acceptor-donor pair by a xenon chloride (XeCl) excimer radiation source in a falling-film reactor. On the other hand, in the case of the long-wavelength excitation region, direct excitation is unlikely and sensitization by energy-transfer sensitizers is often used. This effect is demonstrated experimentally by excitation of a solution of an organic dye in the presence of oxygen by means of visible light, which leads to the formation of singlet oxygen with an excitation energy of less than 1 eV. Singlet oxygen shows high reactivity with unsaturated organic substrates and is used to produce organic peroxides.
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i. the. welcome to the department of chemistry at the university of cologne top research group we're working on applications off organic food chemistry is can see here indicated but a symbol of the sons of using electromagnetic radiation and older to induce chemical reactions and when you. think about organic photo chemistry you always have to think about a citation energies and makes a tagine wavelength and one of the well known bay feelings for fake citation all for organic molecules which a color that is five hundred eighty nine enemy does this is the way feelings of the very bill no one sodium street lamp. which emit yellow light and his yellow light of five hundred eighty nine enemy does have the energy appropriately off to have a lectern wolves so we have to electron volts energy available for exciting organic molecules and this is the starting point where we can try to use die stuff switch of soap invisible region for. organic reactions now we can go into doubt two directions we can go to the right using low energy light we can go to the left using high energy light for example we can use three hundred eighty nanometers which she's an energy source for photons for electromagnetic radiation which has about four electron volts energy. and this energies emitted from a lamb not a sodium lamp its sixteen employed eczema land which we also use in the laboratory to excite organic molecules the question is what can we do is it of course we can excite electrons we are not in the region very excited taishan so vibrations weakside electrons from the ground. state occupied all bills into an unoccupied all bills and in extreme wish of course we can detect the electron so we can oxidize all monocles to the corresponding radical care dines if there is a corresponding election accept or and one of the extremes way or extremist way off exciting electrons of course his photo detection. and so we can hire an ace organic molecules to generate radical and nines and radical can do and the one of the applications will be used to screen employed eczema radiation sources ease they fota detachment of electrons from organic carbon assets and couple silly guess it's one of the groups which are. important for this kind of application is the crucible of political rated organic compounds and the aggravation his peers see one of the most known compounds east to pull the floral dr knowing acid which is a highly reluctant a very stable organic her flu related compound this is. the molecular formal of this continent equus solution it's normally the public's early as it and nine which exists because that is about one hour this compound on the rich nation is seen on fluoride in the presence of an appropriate electronics sector can be oxidize to the corresponding radical complex legal medical which then can be done. he could be dated to fluoride and carbon dioxide by this way does highly stable compound can be decapitated by photochemical method is and we will show you this in the laboratory by a set up where we can use this kind of expectation in a one litre axiom or radiation falling from sales. health my name is nest and as i will show you a fortune to couple situation. he flew off the queue for a new city as it in water and. this cost of and into question of the truth telling me i make to action on this is a santa claus next time we have specially upon waitress without having to think so it's very important for constant ten.
which are for constant and light intensity of waiting to hear.
the geisha a solution and for good mixing for connecting contorting i may show a cow and york's high formation with carbon dioxide i sense or and four p. h. value chain which i use.
is this the age had told.
second example of organic food comes to do that i would like to shoot to use this indices off a complex organic molecule and the idea that is organic molecule gave us to make simple models structure is a complicated so it's can be tempting like to own the name of his art. museveni. each he has a couple of methyl groups which his position this position and in this position but the most important thing about this compound is an oxygen oxygen which were these two columns so we can see to special feature of this compound is a poor. foxy rich as a component of a six member during. to indicated in yellow a won three for trial saying system so the special feature is the oxygen of certain point and one can think about how to introduce these bond into organic molecules in order to establish the reactive a t.d. pharmaceutical reactive feel. and not amusing mean nowadays is something like a lifestyle truck so you can go into the internet and you can really purchase artemisinin in a very highly pew forum and you can use it for many applications but there are the most important application which is known from chinese folk medicine since more than.
two thousand years is its activity against malaria or so it's one of the highest active area pharmaceuticals chemists have for long time now which right to establish the follicle for of this compound and difficult for his indicated here but the callers and to try to synthesize the river tips of this compound. in order to increase the reactive eighty the stability and to cope with is the increasing resistance ease which has started in the last two years against other a malaria components now in order to introduce oxygen oxygen bones into organic molecules we have serious of possibilities and one of the. simple two ways to do this is the activation of normal air oxygen normal triplet oxygen to production under most conditions is non reactive especially in the absence of enzymes but by in formal easy transformation into in electronically excited state indicated by his era now the difference in energy be. between the crown state and excited state corresponds to an expectation wavelengths of one thousand two hundred seventy nine meters which is only about one election whole few can generate disney infrared radiation and tried to excite trip of oxygen which is impossible doesn't have soaked this rotation so that's a problem. how to excite tripled oxygen into saying that oxygen now one way which is used in the laboratory east to use a molecule which we call a sensitize if you use desensitized to desensitize a can transfer its energy to trip that oxygen and the crown stayed is reproduced. and a crown stay then again can be excited by light to an excited sensitize i'm on call but this way by a very simple way of die energy transfer to treated oxygen to generate the reactive species which eventually can give rise to product formation like these kind of compounds or simpler derivatives and the laboratory to have a couple. of different ways to do this by which we can measure the rate of the cygnet oxygen production but which we can measure also the rate of oxygen consumption and a more simple ways i just used to transfer organic molecules into all to die species result measuring anything and we will try to shield his to you in the following. hello my name is sasselov and i show you a special effort to support us into nation it's a closed system full fitness one million models oxygen and it was the science of money trying to kinetics a foot oxygenation reactions the next to the land in the sea ice the interaction between the sensitize and strip that oxygen to generate single at all.
kitchen which is needed for the direction of the substrate.
the uptake of oxygen gets done under pressure and the system and so does little stone it to its light area and separating fuel no balances the pressure and the system and in this way we can measure the consumption of oxygen and determined to kinetics.
he has seen easier installation we have fought for talks and to nation pull scientists who cannot measure kinetics e.u. but the whole insulation is when we use a you only have to switch on an early the lie to the starting material is prepared in under two years it's all learned as a foetus hands are tied to use pet.
a few not possible when you and be at a consistent oxygen flow to provide enough oxygen fall reaction the advantage here is that we can always measure in an m r c of all the action is completed and then put it back in front of our lives.
for the chemistry is much more than only two examples you just saw or if you want to read more about for the chemistry and its implications are we commend if you read for example disease your biased and juicy thank you very much for watching a movie.