New elements – Alchemy with the accelerator

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New elements – Alchemy with the accelerator
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Six new chemical elements were produced at GSI. Sigurd Hofmann is one of the discoverers and shows how sophisticated you have to be to create a new element. His ingredients: fast ions from a particle accelerator, a target and a very accurate measuring instrument.
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the. howard new elements created mix together the ingredients stir and then done unfortunately it's not as easy as that in order to make a new element enormous amounts of energy are required and lots of experience secret hoffman has worked for many years at the g s i a helmholtz center for heavy i own research.
which in time shot our main book is the tools study a and you elements but to be put to use yes it's the two years i buy fusion reactions at sea excel of ida yet most exciting is to find something to the creepy as experiments.
and now especially case shows he's also heavy elements and you elements. and we can do these experiments based yet two years i by using z. been switched come from c.e.o. accelerator to understand how new elements come into being one has to first examined the makeup of atoms and adam comprises an charge neutrons and positively charged protons in its core and neck.
it typically charge electrons in the shell the greater the number of protons and neutrons in the atomic court the heavier the element and the greater the number of protons in the course the more they reap l. each other.
eventually no more protons can attach themselves at this point it is only possible with force. in order to bring about a new element a lighter element is fired at another by means of an accelerator at a speed of thirty thousand kilometers per second. physicists sufficient to the to a big as the us of what a tidal clio with so close connection with a target to do with those that sees to nuclei like and out and fall month a new element to this and the projectile is fired at its target from one hundred twenty meter long live here.
accelerator. we have followed todd the e.u. and six the latest mounted inside says vacuum chamber and to be miss coming from so by side and it hits of the u.. insist place of the if any high beam in ten cities and a fixed i'll get to read to the melt in the beam and staff over you'll see it's about taking the however despite the large number of particles to atomic course combining to form a new element is a rare occurrence happening only about once a week.
you know the cementing have ceased to earn weekly i've got to child and todd it happens expect liam's up to fall into the young and still insights have foiled which is only one michael metres thick and thin new element of escapes forms a stock of material.
and goes into production of sept later the new element is unstable and the case with in fractions of a second in several stages leading to lighter and lighter elements in doing so it emits alpha particles characteristic of the cage.
very sensitive detectors can measure the decay times and the energies of the emitted alpha particles exactly the data recorded in the measurement chamber prepared for computer use and subsequently analyzed of thinking of fifa to measure the idea is so significant that the definitive the candidates this both and.
the women and we also get a lot of information on this one measure the uk twenty six new elements have been discovered in this way including elements such as tom study home and rent genio.
all of the elements discovered to date decay very rapidly nevertheless researchers calculate that in the sea of instability there must be an island of stability. according to some models this could correspond to course having between a hundred and twenty and hundred and twenty six protons in this range peculiar physical effects come into play making the elements once again more stable.
on a large construction site next to the g s i can see the beginnings of the new generation of accelerators fair the facility for and the proton and i own research was pleasantly we can use only stable beings could be fined on the us and two to excel of it to see your luck excel have had to.
but this so i'm more new tone which idea active the project ties we can come too much more new tone of it. the isotopes of those super heavy elements of he expects much longer lifetimes.
the hunt for new elements continues and researchers in dime shot as well as in russia and japan are using new experimental techniques to edge ever closer to this island of stability.