Chemical imaging of biological tissues

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Chemical imaging of biological tissues
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Chemical imaging has emerged as an important field of research in recent years, and the respective methods are used for the spatially resolved analysis of the elemental and molecular composition of biological or pharmaceutical samples. Here, three different techniques for elemental and molecular imaging including µXRF, LA-ICP-MS and LA-APCI-MS are presented with their major principles and applications.
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the images as more than a thousand words you all familiar with the statement and it holds true for many different applications in life. in bio medical diagnostics for example magnetic resonance imaging this one of the major tools to study different diseases and to study different states of the human body our approach is to use mess petra metric and spectroscopic imaging to study tissue slices of animal human a plant origin who like to show you some examples for that.
in the following my career except is a technique for two dimensional elemental imaging using x. ray fluorescence for the determination of the analyze one of the unique features of this method special poorly capillary glance it is able to focus the x. rays down to twenty five my for meters the instrument was able to.
analyze samples with the size of twenty by fifty centimeters and the spot size of twenty five my for me just allows highly resolved images the stage has a very high travel speed and is able to make very fast scams of various types of materials but is also able to move very slowly for sensitive determination in the.
this image we see a cry section of the rest lung which was investigated by means of my prius arrest. the biggest advantage is that it is not destructive it can be used as a pre-screening method for more sensitive investigations like place of leysin couple to an ice p m s.
was sentenced to death at the time and the elemental that you can see a circulation i sit here and that's what this effort the sample was placed into a place in south just left out of helium gas though for emitting purposes we have let the sample line by line with the pope's laser beam he was also our also.
is transported into the i.c.p. for the party killed by evaporated atomized and i analyzed this enables asked to transform the results into a three dimensional image with the signal intensities of the third dimension this method also provides a possibility of quantification for example by made to miss them that this.
ample show the distribution of server nanoparticles great interest in after all education with the space shuttle mission of five my eyes. in contrast to my critics and later place and i am as the communication of laser place and with a.b.c. i.m.f. and a recent attention of small molecules and alive specific from here that later material coming from the laser placed in service is transported to be a transfer line into that if the eyesore.
where the molecules and i noticed by carona discharge the benefit of this method is a direct another says of small molecules which are not accessible five k.m.'s due to lack of metal take one example is the analysis of teapots and imaging of effective from a suit to the ingredients hear the whole.
the habit was placed into the appalachian shampoo and the surface is a play to live a lie. what each pixel we get the whole mass spectrum and by merging of pixels with a specific moscow chartres you get at the end our image with the distribution of the active pharmaceutical ingredients you to imaging technique office different opportunities depending on the in the light and the internet to good question lament.
to or molecular methods can be shows in other aspects which have to be considered for example as a spatial resolution and the acquisition speed of the technique these perry just as dead need develop and improve in order to extend the information obtained from one sample our future perspective is to combine different image.
teaching techniques in this way the spatial distribution of both elements of molecules of interest can be correlated among each other and with the microscopic picture of the sample this can have to draw conclusions about biological processes are.