Photoswitchable protein kinase Inhibitors for novel anti-cancer applications

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Photoswitchable protein kinase Inhibitors for novel anti-cancer applications

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Photoswitchable protein kinase Inhibitors for novel anti-cancer applications
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The goal of this project is the development and biological characterization of photoswitchable kinase inhibitors which will be useful for innovative therapeutic approaches with focus on anti-cancer applications.
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i. well.
hello and welcome at the pharmaceutical institute at the university of kiel my name is custom pay for and i'm a professor from that is in the chemistry here in our research we focus on innovative concepts for cancer treatment in more than cancer therapy protein kinase us have become.
important truck targets these protein kinase is our enzymes which force for relates signal proteins in signal transduction cascades. this is one of the most important or regulation mechanisms in south sometimes protein kinase this may become overactive and this leads to the uncontrolled fell across and the formation offer to more it is not surprising that in modern truck discovery programs pretty in canada.
this are important field.
however some of these kinds of the bitterest make or serious side effects the goal of our project is the development of a full search of a protein kinase in the bitter that means the biological activity of such an component can be controled by light this project require us and in the disciplinary.
approach scientists from bari us lifeline spec ron work in my croup now they've show you how dare research looks like a timeline a throwback how i felt a family thing and i are working on my p t p that one of my path of monica modeling you think the software i can take a closer look.
look at protein and how drax find to their target for this project i examined the kind of in have attacked internet and its use for the treatment of kidney cancer act the two men can be switched between two farms a radiation the few the light you can see by active trams i some air by.
and so the target and therefore inhibit its function the other pharmacists i some air doesn't fit into the binding pocket anymore so it shouldn't block the enzyme on to hear everything just happened on a computer so to see if our calculations are correct you have to visit my colleagues and the that have.
welcome to our chemistry love my name is dorian another part of the chemistry team my job is to develop some terrific strategies for the molecules that has been designed of the computer today i'll show you a photochemical experiment.
this is the kindness and having to exit in it and it's directive trends configuration for off photo chemical and biological testing we need not only the trends are some a but also the cyst was a mere to get the six oz america the photo switch the double owned by the radiation with you the law.
right. now we have a mixture of those i summarise next we separate them by flesh chromatography.
at the end we collect the purified frictions and evaporate the sorbent.
now we have purified our compounds and they are ready for biological testing.
no words biochemistry it now refuses to to make our system is to get in there was a convincing huge or some other tickets which each answer comes to sort our sense of armaments says no.
to keep them and severance the couch and uses cells is it human mobile but this is because sea of norwalk conn course you can see something success in college.
the cell cycle in the us open can use infusion of his kindness he hoped to suppress it to local news so what we do know this to it or this so if you could throw exciting into the service in kroo bay itself and then measure of the several across in microfinance is ninety six years.
you can see shower he did so by communities that we used to be any it's a real power imagines a number of higher sense as his use of blueberries arts in the rubble sell us reduce it by sort of becomes and.
i remain bill means it's a and suspense i saw you can see share that fota species to extinction it will be a it and keeps this is now you have seen how would the lifelines researchers in our group pharmacists chemist and biochemist work closely together in a team.
by our as a fifty six seven seven approaching even photo develop these photos which people kinase in the bitterest for future applications in cancer therapy.