Fixation of spin crossover complexes on surfaces

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Fixation of spin crossover complexes on surfaces
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Functionalization of surfaces with spin crossover complexes is an intensively studied topic. Starting from dinuclear iron(III)-salten complexes [Fe(salten)-(pyS)]2(BPh4)2 and [Fe(thiotolylsalten)(NCS)]2 with disulfide-containing bridging ligands, the corresponding mononuclear complexes [Fe(salten)(pyS)]+ and [Fe(thiotolylsalten)-(NCS)] were covalently attached to Au(111) surfaces and analyzed with Infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy (IRRAS). In comparison with the bulk material data of the [Fe(salten)pyS]+ complexes , the surface vibrational spectra show an anomaly regarding the geometry of adsorbed complexes. The salten-ligand is partially decoordinated from the Fe(III)center and one of its phenolate arms binds to the Au(111) surface. To find a system, which retains the geometry on the surface, [Fe(thiotolylsalten)NCS] monolayers were prepared and also investigated on the surface. Here no anomaly was observed, which indicates that the coordination sphere of the complex in the bulk is retained on the surface. The implications of these results with respect to the preparation of surface-adsorbed monolayers of functional transition-metal complexes are discussed.
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while in my name is fixed culture professor of chemistry he had coast and i'll put its inner city of key all in my group with some for saw his transition matter complexes and the polls with them on surfaces in the following pot cost my ph d. student time.
young cop my master's student aleksander sholom and myself will show you the process from designing such a molecule tools synthesizing it and deposited on a on the surface and characterize it by spectroscopy building smaller was storage devices is a big challenge in.
history and research all of us want to have small and light to devices hot this and smartphones.
with the bank storage capacity for music files and photographs.
the ultimate goal is to realize status storage on a molecular level. useful compounds for this purpose are spin crossover complexes these systems can be switched between two magnetic states but temperature pressure and light.
in the look and feel to have an operator a complex the deal or with earth's split in toward the t two g.'s set of over thirds and in each he said of orbital it's in the high spin state their electrons are distributed over to the two g. and.
the ichi orbital space with the maximum spin. in the last in-state the electrons are mainly located in the t two g. orbiters and the spin is much lower or even zero to be individually addressable these complex as have to be deposited on a surface here we see in iran three south tame complex which is supported by.
spent and tape to start painting and and contains of parading group in order to attach those complex to a surfer's we have to putt to put aside for at home on the pier have been cruel and by means of this offer at home to complex can bind to the surface and elegant way to.
she says crafting of so complex has to synthesize a dime arm which contains die southside group and the on the gold surfers this bias south five group as cleaved and to individual monomers are bound to.
the gold surface.
one and alex will now go to the lat synthesizes complex and deposited on the surface. furthermore they will check by infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy whether it is intact on the surface. only in this case it is useful for our partners.
hell my money are caught and i'm a ph d. student and the working group of professor doctor to check the main topic of my ph d. thesis is the fixation of spin crossover materials on surfaces.
hello my name is alex a mushroom on muscle student in the working group of the first a doctor to check we investigated to position of transition level complexes on surface and now we want to deliver you insight into all research topic to understand them as a spec for more detail to perform chemical calculations to get information put in.
majestic table geometry and abrasion frequency modes of or complex the census of our desire than ok at transition level complex process functionally sation can be reached in three steps after and i'm condensation of these two molecules the side to make.
and system can be obtained as a light yellow oil the following complex a son with iran three chloride leads to the iron citing to read a complex.
which we can see here as a black precipitate the last step involves the coordination of the surface binding bridging ligand period in dies a fight by exchanging the clearer it a leg and.
but first on the pros low concentrate solution of or complex and at them before we can immerse assembly into solution we need to clean sample but annually.
we immerse seven wins solution for two days at room temperature during this time to die suffered bridge for complex cleese and equivalent bond to the gold one one one surface results as reductive behaviour of select one rich surface now we can spectroscopic lee analyze our system and bought material.
and absorbed and so office with director rice the but material in detail with different spectroscopic techniques like elemental analysis i are and ron spectroscopy in the i.r. spectrum we can clearly observe significant dance of different function of groups and our side of system for examples the prominent see or stretching but russian.
now we want to analyze absorbed molecules on the surface by using not very common to surface sensitive method called in for reflection absorption spectroscopy and short of us here you can see our spectrum either which is equipped with a liquid nitrogen could sensitive m c t detector.
that i are been generated by globe or furthermore a sample holder which uses sample as and reflect america and the grace incidence of a.b.c. greed is necessary. this fascinating technique allows the detection of vibrational intimations of mormon molecular films on surveys moreover are this technique allows to determine the geometry of the ads are molecules on this her face through the special surface selection rule through the interaction of.
but the incident light with the transition dipole moments of the vibrating molecules on the surface only vibrational moats perpendicular to the surface can be observed in the surface i asked back from here to clean goat substrate without any absorb molecules as shown the second substrate shows our sample which is covered. with our complex's with the human eye we are not able to see any differences between these two samples in comparison with the df t. calculated spectrum and the back material spectrum sea surface spectrum of our heads up molecules show an interesting anomaly a prominent splitting of the sea all stretching.
the vibration is observed it seems that the geometry of the have sought complexes is not the same likened the bike material.
for this we propose that one final late on the coordinates from the iron center and binds to the surface to priests out of the geometry of the molecules on the surface which is very important for the resulting spin state we prepare another die nucleus system and a lot these molecules also on so face. in the surface i aspect from of these molecules we observe and in tech geometry furthermore this system office us now the possibility to coordinate differently against to the six tree put the nation position has always has lowered them to hold loans for the complex with the.
six to hold sources on the retention of its origin those your monthly whoever this is the law has been called us in order to convert to a spin crossover complex you have to replace the photo sign a group by a third the leg. no we go even one step further. and use and is a period in league and instead of purity and this way we may be able to switch the years since they have a complex by light. your kindly investigating whether this class of complex as can be used as spin switches and whether this property is retained on the surface. yes many more years of research will be needed to optimize the system and to use it in our daily life.