Switchable antifreeze proteins

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Switchable antifreeze proteins
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Within project C11 of the SFB 677 researchers at the Otto-Diels- Institute of Organic Chemistry at the Christian-Albrechts-University, Kiel, aim to modify a naturally occurring antifreeze protein from the fish winter flounder to be able to switch its activity off and on by light. The video describes the background of this proteins, its mechanism of action, and the steps needed to modify it and make its activity light sensitive.
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the to in its also it is one which is will the freezing water. can we leave returning is easing of inter or exists in the war his fatal to all going to survive even pull it was a whole of his. organisers said the protective mechanism this begins freezing away with one on these is the production of antifreeze of antifreeze proteins and have the unique ability to bind to this author's of eyes because the nuclei stop the growth and that's also lowered the freezing.
according to water when water freezes initial microscopic ice crystals all these things go upwards layer by layer antifreeze proteins buy into this growing so this and with a bind.
the ice growth stocks completely in between the proteins the iced can still grow but this then leads to coverage of the eyes. the cross offices and energetically disfavored based on the so-called kelvin effect to this effect the temple geneva for for the high school this lower that's the growth stocks even between the proteins the consequence is the remaining water stays liquid as it does not freeze without any see crystals and to respond.
teams have been identified in many many species of plants insects bacteria however they were originally than to fight in fish such as herring and caught flounder. these proteins differ remarkably in their properties and their structures they vary greatly in size amino acid sequence and particularly in the three dimensional structure however they have in common large non-polar flat surface that.
it enables them to bind to the ice crystals surface of our research interest lies in this structure what is the structure function relationship of these proteins what enables them to so tightly and basically irreversibly pine to the ice crystals office in our project in the as if the six seven seven. we go even one step further that we selected the a.f.p. from winter flu on and try to make it more active moreover we try to be able to switch to activity on and off at will where talent to oil at where we suffer size the winter slum antifreeze property before i show you the practical work.
let me explain how this method works the assembly of a peptide chain consists of two main steps the first step is the capping of and i mean as it to the sort of support one part of the immune s. it is protected to prevent an undesired participation in this coupling step after the coupling remaining solution with and reacted.
free agent is removed by situation the second step is the protection of the attached in the knesset for the coupling of the next the meanest the steps are repeated and to have the desire picked a chain is the senate and i'll let their reaction is performed in such a reaction this.
through this for it at the bottom we can remove solution by for tradition from the site its support the first thing i have to do now is to prepare the resin for the synthesis of.
next the solid support has to be swallowed this is done automatically by a peptide synthesizer.
the why of the residents wedding i'm preparing the first amino acid for the coupling.
if and we also need uncoupling reagent to activate the amino acid.
this nature is added to the solid support in the remaining tasks like eating the protecting and the necessary watching steps are performed automatically by the peptides of his eyes.
the steps have to be repeated and to the peptide chain is completely estimate after was the resin is right down by the peptides synthesizer.
in the last step we have to keep off the peptide chain from the solid support to do this we need to specially cleavage picture which consists mainly of a strong as it after the peptides cleef of the solution containing or find a peptide s. to be removed from the sort of support by situation and now this solution only has to be freeze dried to u.-va.
isolated peptide this is done in another.
a. hello i'm mathias the foot and show you in the next steps the measurement of apartheid.
when the pepper the strides we can measure is antifreeze put this we have to prepare a solution first way in a small amount of the peptide and does all that in buffet water.
now we can measure it in to freeze activity of on mentally to offer meter. not only to us meter is an optical device for determination of freezing point of solution it is composed of a microscope occurring stage of a sample holder at the control unit this allows us to adjust the temperature very precisely up to one hundred of the decree but first we have to prepare our samples.
this one holds a field of an oil. and not only to size droplet of are already prepared solution is then be petted into the oil under the microscope verify that our samples and move to fight into the on and not at head to the war.
now we can have a closer look at the sample.
on the left hand side we see is a reference solution of pure water.
as we can see the singers ferry ice chris to continuously crowing in every direction and the right hand side is our solution containing antifreeze protein. as you can see the shape of the crystal is not fair it but it farms hexagonal by permit this shape is typical for the kind of antifreeze proteins we have working with the second observation and difference to the continues group of the disc eight ayes chris to the actress a sample is that although degrees the. the temperature chris's not crowing the antifreeze proteins prevent the chris a crew of and the complete freezing of the surrounding this date can hold four hours even days practical applications are the driving force for the world what research on a different approach and presently these proteins are applied in the food industry.
you and the preparation of frozen food and as an additive to ice cream to keep it soft. other applications are and vision and medicine primarily in the storage of cells not clayton that's or even whole organ as we hope that our switch will a.f.p. will be particularly useful in such applications particularly when the ability to speak.
initially or temporarily activate the protein is useful such as in their surgical technique cry or surgery the minimally invasive to more socially technique independent of this however which will ever be as will be of tremendous use as we search tool in the study of.
the mechanism of action of these proteins where this tool we hope to soon be able to fully understand how these proteins really work.