Ultrafast molecular switches caught in the act

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Ultrafast molecular switches caught in the act
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Photochemically driven molecular switches may serve as motor units in future nanoscale machines. To design such motor units, we need to understand and improve the photochemical dynamics of molecular switches. In CRC 677, scientists from physical, organic and theoretical chemistry are working together towards this aim. In one of these research lines, the well-known molecular switch azobenzene could be improved significantly, by joining the two phenyl rings with an additional ethylenic bridge. With advanced methods of physical and theoretical chemistry, working hand in hand, it was possible to analyze the molecular movements on the femtosecond time scale and to fully understand the reasons for the improved photophysical properties of bridged azobenzene. In ongoing work, further improvements have already been achieved and embeddings of these new photochemical switches into complex molecular environments are studied.
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the. this is a galloping horse can you see whether there's a time in which all for lakes are off the ground during the gallup we think you can't because the movement is too fast for the human eye in the physical and theoretical chemistry we are not interested in horses but in the movement of atoms and molecules it.
to get a first impression of brown topless infinitely stem cell research. my name is bound top him i'm professor for theoretical chemistry at the university of kenya.
we're investigating the a photo chemical properties and which are hostile actually going to make so for those witness atoms and molecules its move incredibly fast to see and to calculate the a movement we have to get the tires a notion of one femtosecond which is ten to the minus fifteen seconds.
two segments is the time between now. and now sixty five million years ago the dinosaurs went extinct the relation between two seconds and sixty five million years it's the same between one femtosecond and one second.
my name is freed is tense i am a professor of physics and chemistry at keele university and i am especially interested in the experimental investigation of the order fast than an excess of four chemicals such as such investigations a possible by a technique called santa second pump rob spectroscopy this is a.
the model of an a's of benzene which can undergo a sister trance by some as asian reaction plane is of benzene is not a good for the chemicals which in terms of its efficiency this is why the mahdi fight this molecule by an interim an economic bridge to improve the switching but how does this happen.
let's figure out in the artery cause one tenth the second is so short it is not possible to make a movie of a molecule that one frame for fantasy.
that data rate would be far too high for any recording a. but it is possible to start the save movement of the body was over and over again and each time to make a snap shot at a specific time delay which we can adjust in fact the second steps by assembling the snapshots we can make a movie of.
and the second motion of the moniker many three of our i am scientific a work and the research will have the tenth and at the moment i'm working on our trend in a lot can experiment and with this kind of experiments we are able to follow the ultra fast molecular dynamics on a femtosecond time.
i'm scale and s three times already mentioned weakside was sample molecules put the short femtosecond pump was in these parts as with the desired way things are generated but different monday or processes in this part of the experimental set up and the molecular response at a certain the late time after the exciting asian.
this money taught by a second pas the pro pods and this profiles is generated year and can be temporarily late with respect to the pump was my an optical the lime the time resolution of the experiment is us only limited as a temporary with of pomp and pro paul's and not by the speed of the electronic detection.
calculating the movements of molecules is much simpler than doing these experiments never the list with the powerful computers to sort of the quantum mechanical problem.
the websites of these calculations can visualize there's a movie of the molecular movements.
i'm happy that and i'm a ph d. student in the group has a band hard to explain the properties of this molecule and the pair of a to its it's necessary to understand the basic principles of fota chemistry and dynamic simulation techniques this model show that they calculated energy said face.
of the electronic crown state and the first excited state of angel benzene.
the mini mart on the lowest to face our this case and trance geometries to get from one when the moment to the other one it's necessary to insert energy in the fata chemical reaction this is done by light this leads to a vertical expectation to the first excited state from.
this point the molecule behaves in a very simple groups and taishan like this model which follows a gradient of the surf face and can switch at the intersection of those dates to the lowest to face this point is caught conical intersection theoretical in computationally chemistry calculate and simulate.
the movement of the mob the on our case a molecule by slowing the creations of motion this movie so supporters mary sation of the bridge days of benzene after a statistical analysis of many trajectories you get for example the quantum youths this means how many trajectories.
and in the product structure. the combined experimental impurity grizzles clearly show that the bridge between the two from the rings is helpful it's still allows the molecule to switch but it restricts other emotions of the molecule that would lower the quantum the structure can also be used to build the molecular tweezers pass the bridge.
is the benzene there's a better molecular switch than the original how.