Nanoscale switches for memorizing polymers

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Nanoscale switches for memorizing polymers

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Nanoscale switches for memorizing polymers
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To prevent accidents and damage, detection of materials failure ahead of of the breakdown of a construction is necessary. Especially the material failure in composites like particle or fiber reinforced polymers is a complex process. One solution is to fill the polymer matrix with a material which indicates the mechanical states of the polymer. E.g., a molecular switch which changes its color by different external stimuli like mechanical stress or softening due to temperature. For demonstration a polymer matrix that has shape memory abilities is filled with a very low filling factor of spiropyrane molecules. The colour change of the molecules indicate a the mechanical transformation of the polymer at elevated temperatures. In addition, ZnO microparticles can also be used for failure reporting due to its photoluminescence of surface defects that occur either at higher temperatures or under mechanical damage. In this video scientists from the functional nanomaterials group at the materials science institute of Kiel University will give a demonstration of the unique properties of all the three components mentioned.
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as a faculty of engineering the ins institute for fear of science and nine are long and to the group we're in now is called function of the nano materials and function of the novel materials contains also all the materials the the scene now.
and the lead today they are dealing with this particles and molecules embedded and polymers such a spice about their properties so now we can go to hell many scenes in an end to his said she infants and sadness schooled in topics related to palm oil company said and for the switch.
so funny must turn to leave we are working with schools have to assess the style this from chemistry and tween coverage spare of herring into parliament complicit start her in this account pound which can change is calafat defend external stimuli he said as heat light and ausone can cause stress.
yes if we mix the star peyron into a ship from memory palma interesting behaviour can be observed now my college into will show you the experiment.
so i'll summer she i also worked for professor out alone school on the topic of photos which bill materials the photo chrome expire pioneers makes with one of the pre paloma company and in that is pushing machine for the uniformed us portion of the next we add that another component of the poem a liberation between these two components to pan.
on the mechanical properties you need from the put them up now we take them palma make sure we made and put it in the mould and let it settle for few minutes and were put on the overdue for a few hours say to three hours this material response system like heat and light first we see that's response to light by eliminating you.
the light on it and we see how it behaves.
second we see of the a sponsor heat as we talk on heating one of four samples and i stop when the problem i softened once upon a most so if you can play with it twisted bennett it's quite fun and you see the deformed the twisted palma is later cooled to harden polymer.
the inuit trains its deformed shape now the twisted point of my days he did with the hot com i can see both so prominent properties of spiral play and and the poll among those power pain changes its kahlo and the paloma comes back to its original shape their his and follow the ship memory fact is that.
the polymer metrics consists of two different pads been pad is some a plastic which can be deformed when heated app achieving the temperature ship does a pad is so most set which dollars to information for the permanent ship on the other hand spell of herring can be. switched to tune into a difference says a different temperatures showing different callow by mixing does spare pair and you can to palma matrixx weekend used to spout herman as a derek indicated to follow the difference so most dates of the palm of sparing can also be switched back stone those.
stress therefore we can make city into a poem a composite and use it to predict material failure for the problem a composite we can use sink said pado rich can also provide an optical signal for failure detection if we were in the sink oxide powder him the flame you can see device callow ten's.
in two year low and give attach a green light this is due to the oxygen vacancies.
the intensity of the growing mission can be detected and measured.