Photoswitchable monolayers on silicon

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Photoswitchable monolayers on silicon
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Silicon is one of the most relevant materials for nanotechnology and semiconductor devices. We are presenting the design of naphthopyrans and fulgimides for surface applications and ATR-FTIR studies on silicon(111). The video includes the formation of photoswitchable alkyl monolayers with fulgimide headgroups on silicon(111).
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i. my name is couple of opponent i'm a professor and the department of chemistry at the technical university of berlin here in the center of bird and our research areas organic chemistry and amongst our research projects are projects dealing with photoswitches total switches have.
experienced several interest for studying complex living systems using light and they are also promising building blocks for the bill opening light sensitive to weiss as we're interested in the wet chemical function condensation off non oxidize plane or silicon substrates and of course we already decorating he said.
substrates photoswitches long term the surface chemistry will be off from portland four molecule a function my station often on electronic device element for instance so we can on a wire few defect transistors so silicon remains to be one of the most important semiconductor materials for microelectronic in. the street now the aim of our studies is to examine the fundamentals of silicon surface chemical reactions now the details will be provided by my co-workers for instance they will let you know that we have to quit for each functionally station by infrared spectroscopy.
hello my name some of those who were and are doing my ph d. regarding the research on some conduct a surface such as in the conduct the surface is can be silly can and city can also the past is today and will be in the future success of choice for the building of electronic components but according.
going to smaller and smaller devices new concepts and ways are needed for development of novel electronic devices one of the concept could be the construction of focus which more later on such a silicon wafer as a concept we can think about starting from the heights terminated silicon sofas first is the latest established in a sense of something process after.
cleavage of the eastern to an estimated more than a foetus which can become on top of such a silicon wafer such as photos community can be fully might shown here for do not belong to the type of corporate across which means that a different for the chronic as a nurse but only stable up a new nations you light and pulled my sunday.
goering closing reaction to the so-called clips azzam or disclose ahsan or can only be open it again by using with the lights for analyzing office which is on such a silicon surface board solution different spectroscopic must not known how appropriate choice of matter is answerable spectroscopy but also for anchoring of such a close.
that's good news on such a silicon wafer the service which is has because the mice my colleague the money will show the research regarding since the work on an example of enough to power.
king you can see a typical basic framework of enough to hire and therefore of promise and the space on a six pile actress psychic ring opening and closing reaction so up an illumination of the colourless close for my some air with u.v. light several into convertible open for my some mass of the mirror cyanide type of form.
but here you can see a model of enough to hire and in the close for my son man to ever are residues in this position are almost perpendicular to the crimean backbone up an illumination to spawn breaks now in the open for the sarah residues are and playing with the crew mean backbone.
does the pie system this extended leading to about the crew make shift in contrast to the falls you might not have parents belong to the tea type fulcrum of molecules this means that the back reaction can take place in the thermal he or up on a radiation but visible light the back reaction is typically very fast but depends on the. substitution pattern here you can see one of the nafta parents we are currently working on to examine of their suitable for immobilisation on silicon one one one with this particular substitution pattern we were able to realize a suitable lifetime of several minutes of the open for my semester which is necessary for further investigations.
it is already mentioned before our method of choice to characterize photos which will monitor laces improvements across the p. h. evaluate of our enough to power in a suitable for immobilisation on silicon one one one we have to investigate if we can observe any significant changes india aspect robin radiation of the sample therefore we have to perform preliminary studies and so.
ocean here you can set of our are machine for measurements and solution on the one side of the hole that you can play such a regular combat with potassium bromide windows and on the other side you can place this custom made l.e.d. module which allows us to radiate the sample why measuring i asked sector on in this case be used three hundred and sixty.
five nanometers last i've already prepared a sample solution but the concentration of around ten to the power of minus two more parade are and fail to combat with this and will now place in the i.r. machine.
and. first we measure and i are spectrum without illumination of the sample then we start or radiating sample with three hundred sixty five nanometers light and why radiating we will court i os peck from here you can see the results the blue curve riches are starting point three percent to close for comfort a stationary state and the red cross.
represents the open for m.p.'s s. there obviously significant changes and the i.r. spectrum he even though there's no change in the c.e.o. stretching reparation of the easter group because i was off the formation of a character is stick absorption band which is typical for the c.e.o. stretching reparations of ketones which can be clearly assigned to the open for mice the mess.
here you can see the difference bextra the blue curve indicates the switching process from the clothes form to the open forms and the record of represents the thermal back reaction the most significant changes you'll find in this area this is due to the change in the pie system which was explained early on.
these results proved that our enough to power in is a promising candidate for immobilisation on so they can one one one and now my colleague and less able to show it does steps of our on ships attend a crude on the way to for to control them on the layers.
starting for the move was a shameful off molecules we start from the one from the already shown commercial we will soon become available when we broke smaller pieces from the whole weaver followed by grinding of the edges in a certain degree of angle just for using on a recent paper after promising was special done in place the lubricant we obtained a special silicon wafer.
why the polished angles are needed to be shown and explain later.
for hydrogen termination oregon impurities has to be removed from the surface therefore we using a solution of hundreds of third set and so forth as a also know as permanent solution will likely have roughly weaver is dead hydrogen terminated just by edging in for a solution will.
which leads to hydrophobic will define services are starting point for me was a shun will for a goal offside three structures of silicon all necessary erected steps are conducted in the glove box to exclude any concentrations of oxygen and water assembly off the molecules to stand on directly on a chip.
as the sauce on the concept first the east as late as the stuff of assessment process in a close watch on the term conditions after transformation often is the terminated malaya to as a term them all the photos which is called on the top of the as a two minute of malaya by using a peptide sentences protocol.
you took a tourist the construction of the silicon so first number of homeless molecules on the concentration of ten to the power of minus ten mold per square centimeter and therefore where he looked so finalizing the focus switches on the silicon so first special spectroscopic metaphor aspect of the is needed or appropriate show.
sport is this attitude to tell affliction.
different to my silicon wafer is mounted into space the whole the and then placed on titan onto your geometry and or are stricter meter.
come on the as not to tell reflection darby mythical into one of the political size of the silicon crystals on the way of her being too old ways to use of what that does not times on the surface every contact with the surface with a sensor by measurement which we can again to murray high signal to noise ratio at the end they are abuse couple.
from this is a country still and directed over different minerals to the detector. as a result we obtain our spectra like this you display foot easily of which which typical stretches and icon region and also sharpen our stretch for the column stretch of the system which indicates that we have to close them down to the mall or on top of the solutions office after transformation often used to.
they are to an estimated more where we can clearly see a shift from the east a signal to the as a signal last that was then the coupling of the photos which on top of as a two minute of malaya this is again wanted toward bought to respect our spectroscopy and the senate obtained by shift in the appearance of characteristics of most for that i'm i've stretches for holding.
now having established of children might on top of the slogan surfers last question would be can we switch off somalia. for this we use again artier geometry and our special cells made a good set up for real time measurements.
was like a different way things were able to alter between a different focus the interstates of the food you might as you can see hear from the difference back to us where the blue line educated stitching during closing and red light in the case teaching in during opening.
was this analysis we are able to open and close to folding might directly on top of the silicon so first and as we can see here for people cycle for the column stretch able to switch back and forwards of the motorcycles without any gration which leads in the end that we can alter the surface property of silicon just by using light.
lessons learned from our research will have a major impact on developing light sensitive bottom up to twice as bottom up to twice as have still the disadvantage of flow reproducibility this already industry can be altered by applying our research.