Superconducting spin-electronics

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Superconducting spin-electronics
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Superconductivity and Ferromagnetism were long thought to be opposing states of matter, which are mutually incompatible. Latest research suggests, however, that superconductivity and ferromagnetism can coexist under certain conditions. This creates the foundations of fundamentally new classes of superconducting spin-electronic devices, which are based on the generation and manipulation of spin-carrying supercurrents. In this video we will introduce the concept of superconducting spin-electronics and illustrate two different strategies to create non-dissipative supercurrents in superconductor-ferromagnet hybrid nanostructures.
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i. my name is forced to teach in my group here at the university of konstanz in southern germany explore new exciting phenomenon and i would not have structures which one day but help us to make even smaller and faster devices in this video we will introduce.
reduce the concept of superconducting spin electronics at the moment this is just a vision but the foundations already studied in our laps.
at a clinic where was and the internet of things are designed to make our lives easier nowadays everybody owns a smartphone but did you ever noticed how hot ticket today electronic circuits are made of transistors and wires a small as fifteen on a meter at least the mentions he disappeared and becomes a real issue and the laws of classic of.
for six are no longer up the couple as we enter a strange world of quantum mechanics so clearly and new technologies needed one that doesn't have these issues and spin based electronics may just be the answer in contrast to normal and their twenty's and spin electronics not only the charge reflect on this used to decode information but also its spin.
a quantum mechanical property that gives the electronic tiny magnetic moment the spin is represented as an hour over can be either up or down hence are two different types of photons magnetism is a collective phenomenon involving many spins and therefore magnetic materials are the basic elements of spin electronic devices.
but moving electrons in a wire still generates heat due to detective assistance so why not combine magnetic materials for superconductors which don't have any electric assistance to make superconducting spin electronics or short super spintronics combining magnets and superconductors to useful devices is.
actually much more difficult than it sounds for monetarism and superconductivity often said to be competing or under the mystic effects meaning they don't fit together well for example we don't know of any material but a sport for a magnetic and superconducting at the same time isn't organism money for us itself and. most of all materials to a magnetic field.
affair among the concentrates fixed and field in its center while a superconductor repels democratic field. the origin of this competition again lies within the spin it is too many interesting interface and proximity effects but just studied in my group my colleague simon will now explain the microscopic origin of this competition and he was show but superconductivity and for a moment isn't can indeed coexist despite their competing on.
upon us but only when the interface is well designed if we know want to build superconducting spintronics was a three phase a serious problem the electrons responsible for career in charge and subsequent dr always come bone to pierce earned those peers almost always have opposing spin this is a problem.
if you want to post to carry spinner for mission for us because the total spinoff of cooper's always hero and it's an even bigger problem if you want to have these coopers to penetrate for a magnetic device because ideally inside for making it the only spirit and once been the reaction available the one the thermometers no contest in which means that traditionally and said. for magnet or cooper should not be able to exist. my brutally no focuses on forcing electrons with the same spin to fall coopers those who oppose would carry speed information and the it would be able to penetrate affirming that which is what we won four spintronics.
current research shows that the best way to achieve this is to take a moment to prepare and force it through affirmative it into things that exposes it to two different known cooling in the country's asians this with the electrons in the cool pair of rooted and then flipped and to the cooper with the equal spin. is formed. here in the constants we use the old for high resolution is going broke techniques this helps us to gain a better understanding and whole expect the of those coopers have formed no most recent publication we used couple has created in superconducting the you'll be in the and looked at the behaviour of to exposing them to within film of germany's economy.
in the natural make a big order in home human provides a star ricky with an uncle anemic his station that forces the coopers to adapt and equals been hearing by using a very sharp metal to and positioning you'd only a couple of centimetres above the surface of the film we can make electrons tunnel into the multi-layer and by analysing the tunnel in prague. thirty's and the looking at the end she spectra control conclusion about the expect the asian mechanism happening for a magnetic interface and into those with none calling you make decisions is not the only way he has such couples can be created by calling ourselves will not show an alternative concept car such as can be created the extraordinary.
element only on in characterized by space shell inorganic minute properties these may be very useful and was used to explore properties of their own magnetic superconducting systems the question i'm. trying to answer all is can we create cooper pales in all the mary calling the art fair amount net with a dynamic magnet to say shun to investigate these i an alliance small changchun between superconductors with a fair magnetic space on the space so is driven in a fair magnetic.
dissonance this means that stress beans in this material for assessing a lot along the magnetar sation access to basic idea is that we can transform the hoople pills from a superconductor with disposition into coopers environment and hands leads to a super.
on the fundamental change of physical properties can be seen in transport spectroscopy in particular the current world to attract tourists let's look and normal conduct on which is interrupted by a fair amount in this case we would seal in the other pendens of war the chain current according to almost long.
however or if which during which the normal conductor with a superconductor on the owners law isn't well it anymore now if the interrupting space a small enough that coupe else can tunnel through the burial one measures and current over the wise we found any will to two point until a critical current is reached. and then to jump specter the normal conducting curve we saw before we have for a magnetic space so it is quite difficult to reach such circumstances to to the suppressed proximity effect to fear a magnet fitness would need to be only a few atoms however if the processing magnet to say. nation commonwealth's cooper pills in a superconductor two pills in the fairer magnet then again as super current can be measured even if the magnetic space is very thick and this is what i'm looking for. by apply in a mating current to such a trunk can now this is where it gets complicated we can see so-called shapiro steps to to the ac chosen effect. these steps are replica of the super current french and can be used to analyze the superconducting current phase relationship of our junctions which in essence is the fingerprint of a chosen junction and tells you almost everything about its properties. now let's go to take a look how we measure if now we are in our low temperature lap.
this one here is a delusional officially on which i use for my measurements. these wrote here is to insult and it's going down into a liquid helium but it is the actual heart of korea can exist them and that consists of the measuring wiles have been several failed to stages and the measuring platform and of course the dilution system with he said.
appeal we are able to achieve temperature down to forty million caring. the cooling power war is provided by heat of mixing of helium for helium free isotopes. the sport here at the bottom is the simple holdall on which we attach are cheap.
this is a silicon wafer and is structured why usually the graphical metals.
defiance structure on it is about hundred nanometers and by the actual chosen contract.
our research clearly indicates that superconductor from a hybrid nanostructures can indeed support it is a patient support her and these devices so fundamentally new properties which we are just beginning to understand so that's a lot more to discover in the future before the vision of super spintronics can be realised.