One pot synthesis of a cyclodextrin polyrotaxane and formation of a slide-ring gel

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: One pot synthesis of a cyclodextrin polyrotaxane and formation of a slide-ring gel

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One pot synthesis of a cyclodextrin polyrotaxane and formation of a slide-ring gel
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Polyrotaxanes are molecular entities in which many rings are threaded onto a polymer chain with attached stopper groups hindering the rings from dissociation. Polyrotaxanes were synthesized from isoprene, styrene and cyclodextrins through a one pot reaction in water similar to an emulsion polymerization. The product can be isolated simply by heat filtration. Slide-ring gels are obtained by cross-linking of the threaded cyclodextrins using diisocyanates.
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hello my name is jessica hedge fund and i will tell us something about analytics of this new products aimed which isn't very important part of our research and mark is the first evidence that we have pointed out taxanes because beside the rom of signals as you can see here we also have the poor as a korean signal here we use and.
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st to farm innovative rubbery materials in future we want to develop smart coatings based on these hollywood dec saints for new products showing self healing properties are.