Continuously manufactured polymersomes by self-assembly using micro-technology

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Continuously manufactured polymersomes by self-assembly using micro-technology

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Continuously manufactured polymersomes by self-assembly using micro-technology
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At the beginning of this video we will show you two different batch methods for the formation of vesicles and their limitations which were adapted from the liposome preparation techniques. Compared to this, the next presentation of a continuous process for the production and in-situ loading of polymersomes illustrates the outstanding advantages of micro technology for nano engineering. Polymersomes are the synthetic analogues to liposomes and a relatively new kind of soft nanoparticles, which have already shown great promise as drug carriers. They are composed of amphiphilic block copolymers instead of phospholipids like their natural counterparts. Due to the good synthetic control of polymer chemistry, polymersomes provide much more variability, stability and functionality than liposomes. The formation of polymersomes by controlled self-assembly can be induced by transferring the block copolymer in a selective solvent, for example water. In this case hydrophobic parts will associate in order to prevent the unfavorable contact with water, while the hydrophilic blocks will face the inner and outer solution. Due to this association, polymersomes have the capability to load hydrophilic molecules as well as hydrophobic ones, which offers advantages over spherical polymer micelles. Nevertheless, the preparation and loading of polymer nanostructures is a challenging task since it must be a highly controllable and continuous process.
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i. hello and welcome to follow five thirty a.m. in minds my name seen up close and their work in the nano particles technology department head of five for some a camera schools today we would like to show you how michael technology can help us to continue its manufacture nanoscale checked it.
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it's haven't had a feeling cared and they had a four week tale which consists of two fifty s. it's this and fully character and it was the formation of biological membranes inspired by this biological systems that officially prepared besiktas from possibly pittsburgh developed so card like assumes can be used.
sense for us and the village in hands as focus medic products on a fantasy to its the basic us actor who i didn't in the idol fully call what did some of those sensitive components can be a capsule a good and the liberal felix m m when were hydrophobic components can be incorporated.
however like presumes have some limitations in particular consenting their stability in difficulties in the manufacturing process in our lead we're working with put him assumes poem assumes of them to check on a locus of life of sums they are on composed of conflict record put immense instead office.
on the pits like their nature of counterparts.
this figure shows the a be a tree plop copolymer that we would like to show your two different batch methods which were kept it from the left as on preparation.
they'll my name is a bit of some bomb that i'm a ph d. student at the nano particles technologies department yes all five city i am and what possible a better method for the preparation of probably miss soames its of simmering you trace an therefore i'm to flip flop cope.
the man is dishonest in a good saw them accountable can be edges into the palm s. solution if the civility profit she says some a lot. as an example of a high profile that carol i have no water in some of the die.
other potential congress can be frank fronts us why timmons not make it practical its trucks and so on.
then the side and could be removed but operation to obtain a thin polymath to.
the next step is to review trade the palm air by adding water across before.
as you can see sunny cation helps to detach the polymath off the less so face this technique resides in visit colts was a relatively proud size this evolution.
to obtain a low up fully dispersed the team the sample can be post treated by extension stroke quality cowan eight men praying with define course.
and here we see a polymath solution with the die as a car or no i want to present to the first step off the course or of and method.
and as a selective sawbones to and farce the said assembly where the water with the sirens palm.
in general the second step of the course of a message is that of operation of the goods sold on one problem of this mess for this if the powers to hydrophobic precipitate the constant contact with water so you can see the cobbled precipitated the.
this is one reason why we develop them through and continuous message.
the concept awfully ms on preparation a micro mixing the wise is fairly simple similar to the course all of them met the volume heirs to soften a good solid and fall loss the volume a solution this mix with the water in the michael makes this a spray of the surface and it takes things this cater for them.
michael mixers develop and build yet the phone feisty i am in a structure so small they have only a size of three hundred micrometers and there was mixing steps the mixing process spaced and split into a coma in principle and highly efficient this means that in every mixing step.
each flow is plugged into to lament the flowers and we combined again. so in the idea of case of the twelfth mixing steps there to to allow eleven makes them the closures this means two thousand and forty eight the members size and morphology of the recycling struck just can be influenced by the volume of conversation the concentration them.
fixing ratio the floor eight and the temperature the next and the last step of the formulation process of the fortification of the i phone call him his own this could be done ideal situation by de assis off simply the operation depending on the only man in the congo and the solvent.
you to the falling from michael reactor were able to perform the operation process continuously this reactor was also developed and build here at the fraunhofer icici i am the main of the falling from mike reactor consists of a steel plate which channels are rich the channels a one thousand tons of michael interests. five and one for my own first time because of the etching when they occur in these channels we could just have been downwards by credit she still they can meet temperature controlled for recycling water flow of the best between those steel plate at the back in the classroom known the from this again.
this gem of the height of four million shares guess floors in concord flow to the liquid and stripping that have operated guess at the bottom of the reactor the final product streams flowing out.
the combination of the from michael mixing the russians needs to calm the process of the formulation of the slow to fall in mess on the defined for but it's additional so face functionally they shuns like the attachment of targeting like and prone to the range of possible applications.
you see if we realized that the experiment the polymer some solution get on the lives and from the laser beam only the new to die doesn't get or.
this is the difference after a one off for the better for source and in the continuous process.
now you have been different ways for the production of polymers so much by self-assembly of unfulfilling look cool billionaires the first important part of all work the characterization of the food use not have structures for this number of state of the ottoman.
to kill methods are available in house. now i would like to provide to shop inside into the characterization of the polymer soames we have abused just know it. you can see ten things just have to pull him assume samples on the right to serve their full most rooms could use by a bench froze the picture shows full immense assume some to size of a continuous folks as the bench produce play mess owns have high.
it typically just for city meaning that different sizes of this probably miss soames in contrast the continuously some to such pulliam assumes a very uniform and size. to verify this results in a sample the methodist necessary a dynamic life scattering is a suitable method for that the cars it delivers an average of a millions of particles.
today we hopefully could demonstrate the outstanding advantages of microtechnology financial engineering. microtechnology is a worse or two to design coast time and energy saving process as with a high reduced ability and reliability.
it has a credit potential for scaling up for the more michael technology enables for break screening of friction parameter us today we presented was utter process for and capitulation which can easily be transferred to other fields of application one example it is the encapsulation of not a fan.
now so i took an active agent which he cries the high quality concerning size and spur city and above all high reproducibility injury liability.