Nanocar Race 2017: The "Windmill" of the TU Dresden

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Nanocar Race 2017: The "Windmill" of the TU Dresden

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Nanocar Race 2017: The "Windmill" of the TU Dresden
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A team of the Chair of Materials Science and Nanotechnology from the TU Dresden participate at the Nanocar Race. Our research focuses on the investigation and manipulation of molecular structures on different surfaces. The nanocar of the TU Dresden consists of four single molecules held together by hydrogen bonding. What are possible advantages of our windmill for the Nanocar Race?
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Tidal race Tidal race
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Tidal race
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Cheminformatics Molecule Reaction mechanism
Molecule Topicity Separator (milk)
here in the beautiful city of dressed in germany electric cars are being good but not just here and the transparent factory a false flag but also at the local technical university here interest in however the cars of the university our way smaller they only half the size of a molecule she.
a hi guys the last episodes we talked about the nano carre's the smallest car race in the whole world for that we went to basel and had a deeper look at this was not address the which kind of looks like a triangle and move somewhat like a hovercraft but that is by far not the only way and on a car can be built today we are in dressed in germany a team.
for the local technical university will also take part in the nano calories but they're not a car looks entirely different but what does it except to look like let's ask that frank eyes and which will also take part in the number of calories.
i frank good to see you so can you tell me more about in on a car what does it look like on a cause looking like a winless you can see in the each wing is one more luck you'll on this we knew ok how do they bond so they born via hydrogen bonds and day out rather weak but nevertheless we can move to hold assembly by applying.
the voltage polls on each of the weakness so why did you choose this specific molecules what of the advantages the advantages of we can control of the move in for directions to hold assembly so we can apply for example here on one wing a pulse and the whole assembly is going in the direction of the to his own.
car faster or slower than the other costs so it might be good slower does we will see in race nevertheless there are several events that can occur on the nanoscale.
and for example you can get stuck with the on a car somewhere or your not a car can can be destroyed we can actually repellent on a couple just applying for the voltage polls on the new and it will resemble in its when you structure for the more the velocity this does not place.
such an important role because the moniker raise with last thirty six hours thirty six hours while that's a long time you have time to sleep or eat during that time or do you have to sit in front of the computer all the time i know we can take two and so we are three pilots and we can go to sleep in this time you have a dozen so on that that.
i already excited or yeah i'm completely excited will be a lot of fun to meet the other teams and to race against them but we will train hard to win this race yet another car is definitely sounds like a lot of fun but is it just like small toys for big boys or is there actually a practical application for the kind of.
quality what we're doing is more fundamental research so we are trying to investigate emotion of molecules and mechanics with molecules on the suv what might be possible in the far future is did we can use the mechanics of molecules to build a mechanical a little computers.
of these molecules that some schools and we've also talk more in detail about how such a national computer my potential the in the future work and we've prepared to separate series of videos on that topic which you will as always find a link below i hope i'll see you there again have a good time and by.