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The European Open Science Cloud
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Interview with Klaus Tochtermann, Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, Kiel, Germany, recorded at the BEILSTEIN OPEN SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM (22 – 24 May 2017). Klaus Tochtermann discusses the European Science Cloud (EOSC) with Carsten Kettner. He describes the concept for the ESOC which is planned to connect current and future research data centers with one another in an eco-system of infrastructures. Also discussed are the standards necessary to make such an eco-system function: standards for metadata, standards for APIs and standards for authentication. He stressed the need for scientists to make their data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable), to support cross-disciplinary research and re-use. In the EOSC all data should be FAIR. Klaus mentions that in the opinion of the high level expert group on EOSC, about 80% of the reasons that scientists do not share data are cultural, mainly due to the lack of sufficient incentives.
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three. the last autumn and it's a way to pressure to have here and said to total was the world open signs and solely all at a very interesting talk about the european open signs cloud is it really explore we were used to own know from our positon so it's a special thing.
minded be used to tom cloud just as a metaphor you had not in mind tories step has clout solutions for europe enough data management european clout solution now like in the original sense would mean to establish a central repository for research data management and this is definitely not. what we have in mind what we want to do and this is what the cloud metaphor sauce for is a connect existing and future research data centres with one another and his entire ecosystem of infrastructure as this is what he referred to as cloud so it's a decentralized thing european wide. and as yet basic idea is to interconnect a number or form we search institutions what we should institutions are we talking about anything or other special disciplines we have for belly step this research data centers in different disciplines like hungary a for example are in an environmental sciences. and like the research data sent us which should become part of the european open science cloud must meet some standards for example they are should have thought i can know all my interface is so the to be can access the meditative describing the research data and the sent us they should also. my provide other technologies which are based on so stunned that's because done that's a prerequisite for a successful interconnection off the state are repositories what kind of stone of the total reporting stone goes all the so not really standards as so it's a step by by the german. the answer to fall for standards have been saying special them in place will stand as what kind of stunned as are we talking about someone's done that is so for example is the use more hoff made at a test and that's and standards describing the research data another stand. there are standards for the year a p i is the interface is through which we can access the content of a repository or thought example i authentication standards so because some repositories requires their uses too authentic fi and for that we have european wide standards i see it was not only. the technique western earth but also stand for best practices. we told the board open signs and all the next as we also have to look at fair the i could just say something about fair fare date. it means that people want all researchers to tomb make fair use of their data and fair means the data should be fine double accessible into operable and reusable so the idea is that the researchers in the research in the future does not protect and shield the data but make it find a public says a pulse. into operable to support crossed disciplinary research and of course three usable hearts european open signs cloud huge form for data. our aim is to. in the european a mom. science cloud all data should be fair so this is the idea so the two paradigms are closely connected to one another european open science cloud is the infrastructure and the data used in that infrastructure should be fair i see i mean this we are talking on the wall and on the body interest worked. but we also need to keep the scientists a normal lines we have to convince scientists to contribute to the open source to the open signs idea what kinds of awards do you have in mind to to persuade income when scientists to contribute to the sum. structures my completely increase in the high level expert group on the european open science cloud the be argued that eighty percent about the change is cultural change and only twenty percent is a technological change infrastructure change what we need our incentives. this incentives for the research just to share and make available of their fat they tell these days we don't have these incentives we have many incentives for publications like for example impact fact or aura the eight in the index age index like number of centenarians of a year. occasion we don't have similar measures and metrics for research data and this is why the european commission also established an expert group on alternative metrics and this group should work on a new revelation forms for an open signs world can you really say anything about these alternative energy mix is there anything else. still life way of life so far the expert group just coined the frame conditions under which the new metrics should be used for example of you all only want to count the number us which a measure this mess says mean which meant that so only michele bachmann. s.'s the the idea for example the number of tweets concerning and so the publication does not really meant to be in our own research we identified the number of citations do not correlate with the number of tweets that publication bias well some if there is much higher mentioning off a pop. occasional twitter it doesn't necessarily mean that it has high as citations so this is one example of showing that it doesn't work and it's much easier to find these examples which are not suitable and it's quite challenging and the group isn't that far crocus just to find the frame conditions under which we should develop these metrics.