Challenges for Scientific Databases

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Challenges for Scientific Databases
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Interview with Frédérique Lisacek: Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Geneva, Switzerland, recorded at the BEILSTEIN OPEN SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM (22 – 24 May 2017). Frédérique Lisacek is talking with Carsten Kettner about challenges for scientific databases. In Switzerland, at the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics there are two groups responsible for setting up databases in bioinformatics; one in Geneva looking traditionally at protein data, for example SwissProt, and one in Lausanne looking into DNA data. The main challenge in hosting and maintaining data collections is infrastructure, both in terms of hardware and information curation, i.e. carried out by experts in the corresponding field. Financing curation is a big challenge as it does not traditionally fit in either research or infrastructure. Frédérique tells how important standards are. They need to be developed between people who have the scientific knowledge and people who have the technical knowledge. The coexistence of several standards for the same thing is probably an advantage as no one standard will be able to capture all aspects; however, we should narrow the number down
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they can take from geneva. rule your from the swiss institute for one for maddux i guess that the other geneva it's always nice place for host or big daters searchers sona storing answered yes i be is doing so do you have an idea why geneva is such a room great location for that. well are you going to you putting me in a difficult situation because i cannot say it's only geneva and its geneva and those on end. it's really am corporation especially at the level of its i'd be. the art. we have in this it so certain division of labour there's a tradition in geneva to look at protein data and in resigned to get d.n.a. data and the big data at the moment is rather the in a side so that there is a lot of activity happen. being a in those on as well and on d.n.a. and so because we structure was born in geneva so there is this sort of tradition yes to to have a specialty on protein. information in sanitation in its curation were born by going to them soon and you always the plan behind how would i know no i think he was a most varah was in geneva his family decided to settle in geneva and so it happened there. do so would say are the largest challenge is to maintain and hosts data collection is it that so in general infrastructure in a ease is a challenge will have a national agencies with funding research like as if you you didn't need them to me.
seems to actually completely research and really talking about just the infrastructure mean infrastructure is his hardware year but it's not only that it's hard to i became have to feel in the content i mean that a base information curation he spotted it and actually doesn't belong it's hard way between. research and infrastructure and it doesn't belong to do any been in a way and this is what was so so much of a challenge to actually finance this aspect but it is not all goods euro i mean if your own just host collect or and they don't live so border to show your to need some.
something additional but so is a description so these data yeah so this is what i call curation and the annotation n n so this is all sort of bound by by people who design databases and and so it's i mean like if i think again the example assist brought the year and this. scheme of the database was certainly designed by someone who knew me it was a loss in collaboration with a few people but there was actually some the exchange between the people who actually do did and did the scheme a and the people who have the notion of the content of the data sold. it's always communication is the only way to actually solve problems as far as i'm concerned i want you know we we saw that just in the presentations just then let me communication now he's helped by number of media that he's adding to the to science the water board. based on those. and standards yes this is one aspect thank you for helping me in the going a in the titans of the list. so this is this is essential but i mean it's its spot again of exchange between people who have the knowledge of side the scientific knowledge and people who have the technical knowledge so how can you actually use change and and really frame the data and. such a way that is not going to be to framed but and is still this going to be some flexibility i still think that look good distance of several standard disease is a good thing because you cannot actually capture visiting even one box so it's a wee we speak different languages you speak german natively are. speak french and yet we use of english so let's have a few languages and a few standards in a few different means go exist but let's narrow them down so that it's not as skeptical about the place.