Modifications in quantum black-holes area spectrum and luminosity in the context of the Compton/Schwarschild duality

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Modifications in quantum black-holes area spectrum and luminosity in the context of the Compton/Schwarschild duality

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Modifications in quantum black-holes area spectrum and luminosity in the context of the Compton/Schwarschild duality
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hello that's my name is myself here and i present to you all were that is the work that is doing to me and collection of the few and it's called occasionally one can black hole where it back to and luminosity in the context of the call to squash unlikely but first let's see these reviews results.
the stupid looks his first is a hockey temperature which washington like oh and second is the probability of outgoing particles that he's probably two particles to go from inside to outside our trash like oh now let's not that in. even in our village premium increases of black hole that million an observer cost hope article in monday's expression here but to a black hole that observer any meaning one two particles it's given by this expression where we have here. the uncertainty imposition of part down there as an aside by far the sky the early in new york when we have or region with size their bikes in the context of quantum black know where some to to asians with the amplitude of energy use my that and his energy is confined inside his region and the gun. additional radius also is also for the inside his resume and so by this equation we see that these smaller doses with the real degree dissuasion. and there is the end he grows up the gumption away using queries wanting to reach the same the size of the other acts. and let's see now a correction to they had when we spot where you're going to replace these all these expression hear his proposal why car and the sterman we see the gov decision affects the assistant principal then this comes from the issue are should come to court has furnace up late now. for the absurdity in energy. the mines expression and the every energy of the particle affected by a list of serve is given by that so doing the population we can find that. and the average where energy has given by d.'s equation when we do the calculation we find that. in the mind that so they also thing in energy is leaving behind the simple on expression so using the is free expression we can find on the minimal region near the whole. and using these relations an that the wrangling is given by this. we will find these expression here where we're calling you see these were with here so this factor is he implies a long evening space in this business pastor for the a whole. that is different of how reckon making some purple. now you can read the effects of the gene you pee on a black hole in those early and marker on knees were found that the owners of like no is needed by these expression here where we see they in their hundreds of the one on m. square so let's received as much here. body using our results and do you find you can use religion that the modify mares over who is leading by the expression and so years and these mollify mass and summer relations we can find a new meaning more image is express. by that and so correct initially for way way back he respond to messages particles this is true where it is the lifetime for the state of initially he the gazans they stayed on initially the mines they'll home. and so it falls and so finally we can find the black hole minority. the mines expression and so we know who find their lives and this is where road is exceeded and so these is they are expressions of the limousine. and so this than a black hole in our city is more defined by this factor sector here and so the page is one of them square that business isn't take over one hundred. that's our results thank you.