Could there be war over Climate Engineering?

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Could there be war over Climate Engineering?
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The term Climate Engineering (CE) specifically describes large-scale technical methods that can be used to reduce the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere or to reduce incoming solar radiation. Recently, some scientists and politicians have begun discussing the possibility of using CE to deal with climate change.

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right now countries do a lot of things to each other there are in the ballpark of economic importance probably a lot bigger than climate engineering when China decides not to have a flexible exchange rate between the yuan and the US dollar the cost of the US economy of this is probably order the magnitudes larger than if China decided to do climate engineering unless it's really big sign engineering but the climb engine we have in mind right and so um you know right now you know the u.s. is not you know going out on a military campaign against China in order to have them adopt a flexible exchange rate right so so this means that you know you know well in which countries are interconnected invariably country a will always do something that is against countries bees interest and we have a lot of things like this happening but not that many of them leads to military action it's possible that maybe we're estimating now with the extent to which you know climate engineering would fall into entirely new category you know especially because the you know the basic impacts the material impacts associated with this you know are probably much smaller than some of the impacts that we have going on right now between countries