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The term Climate Engineering (CE) specifically describes large-scale technical methods that can be used to reduce the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere or to reduce incoming solar radiation. Recently, some scientists and politicians have begun discussing the possibility of using CE to deal with climate change.

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so a forestation you know is grounded on the idea that one way to solve the climate change problem is by sequestering a lot of carbon from the atmosphere by growing a lot of trees a lot of trees many more trees then we could possibly imagine being grown and of course that's a type of land-use intervention that is likely to have
several problematic impacts first of all
it competes whether the types of land-uses and that makes it very expensive because you know every square kilometer off of land that can be planted in forests can very often also be planted and other things like crops for people to eat but one reason why
some of the climate scientists are a bit
less enthusiastic about the idea is because the first order impact of forests is that it darkens the earth and so so instead of making the earth more reflective we have a darker earth through it that absorbs more heat so it's not clear this is going to work the
other thing about a forest station is interesting is that I'm not quite sure what people have in mind when they think about a world as a forest it first of
all I think for a lot of people forest is it a thing they associate good things with forests you know pleasant you know Sunday walks and things like this but I don't think this is what's you know a really seriously dedicated for a station for sequestration effort with produce I think we're much more likely to be seeing things that look like and all the oil palm plantations in Indonesia I mean
we would need to fix carbon at an industrial scale as efficiently as possible so this is not going to be a
happy playful forest at least not in the way that I can think about it