For many Millenia

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For many Millenia
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The term Climate Engineering (CE) specifically describes large-scale technical methods that can be used to reduce the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere or to reduce incoming solar radiation. Recently, some scientists and politicians have begun discussing the possibility of using CE to deal with climate change.

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the climate is inert so the climate needs time to respond to external forces like the increase in greenhouse gases but once the climate has responded this inertia leads to the fact that climate change won't stop even if we would cut down completely the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and the higher the level of greenhouse gases especially the level of carbon dioxide is in the atmosphere the longer it takes for the climate to stabilize if we will have a doubling of the carbon dioxide concentration so that today's calm down site concentration or of 400 parts per million suppose we will attain the
doubling of this concentration say by
the end of the century or so to 800 parts per million then it will take many many millennia until the climate if at all will return to its original state