Mirrors in space

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Mirrors in space
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The term Climate Engineering (CE) specifically describes large-scale technical methods that can be used to reduce the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere or to reduce incoming solar radiation. Recently, some scientists and politicians have begun discussing the possibility of using CE to deal with climate change.

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the nice thing about memos in space is that scientifically it's relatively simple to handle because effectively it
just reduces the solar energy reaching the top of the atmosphere it's
interesting in academic terms to see how audio system responds to reducing it if we drastically reduce it we could go to a snowball earth another possible climate by which the entire Earth is covered by snow or sea is so it is academically it's simple and then in terms of engineering on the other hand it's probably difficult because one would need to generate a mean one would need to create very large mirrors and it's questionable how to bring the material how to how to bring the material into space and how to manufacture the mirrors and where to put them one possibility of course is to point where the gravity of Earth and Sun cancel each other the lagrangian point but it's far away and it's not easy to put something there