Gardener of the planet

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Gardener of the planet
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The term Climate Engineering (CE) specifically describes large-scale technical methods that can be used to reduce the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere or to reduce incoming solar radiation. Recently, some scientists and politicians have begun discussing the possibility of using CE to deal with climate change.

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so people have altered the atmosphere by a side effect of other processes for a long time I mean we've made the climate change since the invention of fossil fuels although obviously most of it is only contributed in the last few decades and we've polluted the atmosphere and changed it in many many ways that atmospheric chemists can understand but the difference in thinking about solar general sharing is the idea that we would do something deliberate the idea that we would do something that was meant to offset another effect and we would be trying to change the atmosphere
in some direction it was ultimately a human choice I think everybody feels
uncomfortable with it I think it's really healthy that people feel uncomfortable because it seems hubristic in a sense to do it but I think there's really two sides of that coin the other way to think about it is that by taking responsibility for the planet were in in a more deliberate way we're likely to treat it better so one way to think about is to do Clark once told me that we're in the gardening business with this planet whether we admit it to ourselves or not by humanity being
forced to or ending up making deliberate
choice about the climate instead of just altering the climate by this indirect process of getting cheap energy and polluting it I think it's quite plausible that people take more responsibility and think more about things that their interests