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Successful mast-based launch of the V3 kite

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Successful mast-based launch of the V3 kite

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Successful mast-based launch of the V3 kite
Animated sequence of photos taken on 2 August 2012 from the ground
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Original sound, no spoken text
Schmehl, Roland
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Former naval airfield Valkenburg, Leiden, Netherlands

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The animated photo sequence shows a successful launch of the TU Delft V3 kite from an upside-down hanging position on 2 August 2012 at the former airfield Valkenburg, Leiden, Netherlands. The hanging kite is first steered into an upswing maneuver. This upswing is not continuous, however, with the kite stagnating several times, falling back down somewhat, then picking up speed again and climbing a bit higher, eventually reaching a stable flight position above the mast head. The tether is then reeled out continuously and the kite works its way up to higher altitude. After reaching the highest point (not visible in the photo footage) the tether is reeled back in. At some point the tether looses all tension and goes entirely slack. As a result, the kite further descends in a paragliding mode, moves upwind and towards the end of the photo sequence, overflies the ground station before hitting the ground. This launch was also covered by data recording, and by two different GoPro video cameras, of which one was positioned on the ground, next to the launch mast, and the other one taped to the leading edge tube of the kite, looking down at the kite control unit. The 77 photos capturing launch, ascent, descent and landing were shot with a Nikon D40X in irregular intervals. The photos were assembled into a video using the precise time information available for each photo from its metadata. Because the time duration between some photos is very long, the generated movie is of limited use for these periods. Also, the absolute time setting of the camera was incorrect. The time information from the data redording was used to determine the starting time of the video sequence as 20:45:10.
Keywords Airborne Wind Energy Kite Power Kite Launch Airfield Valkenburg

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