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ArcGIS to QGIS in One Easy Lesson with SLYR

Video in TIB AV-Portal: ArcGIS to QGIS in One Easy Lesson with SLYR

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ArcGIS to QGIS in One Easy Lesson with SLYR
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SLYR is a QGIS plugin which has been developed by North Road to provide a route for the conversion of ArcGIS artefacts for use in QGIS. While the process is not yet 100% faithful to the original, it’s improving with regular releases. As well as a drag and drop facility for e.g. MXDs and layer files, the plugin also installs a set of tools in the Processing Toolbox which can be used independently and incoporated into processing models. The context for the demo will be MapAction’s use of SLYR to support interoperability between its work with Arc (mainly used in emergency missions) and QGIS (used in training and capacity building), and in particular to allow Arc products created in humanitarian response missions to be converted to QGIS for handover at the end of the mission to partners who are QGIS users. While the plugin has not yet been released as open source, North Road plan to do so once a specific funding threshold for development has been reached, with a six month delay.