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Tropical Algebraic Geometry - A tropical count of binodal cubic surfaces

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Tropical Algebraic Geometry - A tropical count of binodal cubic surfaces

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Tropical Algebraic Geometry - A tropical count of binodal cubic surfaces
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In this talk I will give a short introduction to tropical algebraic geometry based on a tropical count of binodal cubic surfaces (joint work with Madeline Brandt). There are 280 binodal cubic surfaces through 17 points in general position. They can be counted using tropical geometry. After a brief introduction into tropical geometry we see how the dual subdivision of the Newton polytope allows us to count surfaces through points in Mikhalkin position via floor plans. We will see that we can recover 214 binodal surfaces with separated nodes in their tropicalizations and we will also have a short look at the complexes hiding the remaining 66 surfaces.
Keywords Tropical Geometry Enumerative Geometry binodal cubic surfaces
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