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Implementing the Tangent Graeffe root finding method

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Implementing the Tangent Graeffe root finding method

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Implementing the Tangent Graeffe root finding method
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The tangent Graeffe method has been developed for the efficient computation of single roots of polynomials over finite fields with multiplicative groups of smooth order. It is a key ingredient of sparse interpolation using geometric progressions, in the case when blackbox evaluations are comparatively cheap. In this paper, we improve the complexity of the method by a constant factor and we report on a new implementation of the method and a first parallel implementation.
Keywords fast root finding over finite fields sparse polynomial interpolation

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where we used to france for he trains for all the grief transform intro all color wheel arithmetic. so we use infrastructure and while we want to do is we want to compare with interests s. and house. cost of this is a table timings were destroyed and it's a sixty two the crime and could destroy said. the perpetrator was done on a road. a multi-core computer it she or he tried to six sixteen c.p.u. as a cause some running it should or two years space and general located one of the rules here so for include color you agree to seventeen minutes once a degree our will and two. four point four seconds. in this compares with magnets timing of six thousand sections however is a problem with a magnitude could be patient. you look closely you'll notice that these timing or drew going as to to greece double two degrees and outgoing and the timings of ordering that says the immigrant and communications or drug problem is that there was a saab our in communication order. steele. use releases. so this is the secret time when should you into session. she was an interesting discussion that period including out what was wrong. there. so what's a result we take four point four seconds her name it takes five hundred just to five hundred seconds to older hundred times faster conclusion is the it can generate are really isn't. now we also made her heroine communication using souk see how we did two things with her allies the underlying a key we saw that since all are.
routines race or we're pretty maybe if we just her eyes. that alone would be able to get us could arise in. it wasn't the case we had to her eyes of the year really well this is just trying to do with her eyes of many great transform start and we are allies the the computation the prada us the crowd a tree or we are lost art should not what agency. the in a stable during the raid numbers assuring the parallel speed absences for to jewish he calls are getting some very good current state of six point six times also a year ago. the old rules the job he is good and four point eight. for a she turned into who are strong who would agree to the twenty or so these these results are good in our. we're still working on.
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and in the year we have to agree to st gallen o'neill said jose only you're here is a very big iss five million. in space needed to do their three years because of three parliamentary most inane i need to use an area the size in in his to paying the street bigger the creek to face. year and. the total space needed his three year stress created team needs tree or a zoo size in this and struggle and call it got so as to march. i'm so we made to changes in order to get staged or christian recently to use a small rural years this increases the time ago. so that's a huge factor to in space the main change who wish to to the not too used to shine for to do in the valuations using a direct to screen for each transform the sizes five times to train and so we can do this using find a few tees and forestry. training to the trainer in. if a cheese of size five possible in the iraq war we do this we get the true face turned from trees trust to three and three is one point two mm issue just one shot me. which is feasible. now other thing we're currently working on is one of the constants in a two hour in it can generate a world of indicators just how would we want to get a tight now and on foster injury he is an injustice and how should you need to look at costs so weird.
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they're an interesting. your interest should not be a good a true we share these are more complete version of the aig are on our trust in we continue to work hard.