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Kubernetes of Things
Case-study building sensors and actors as CRDs
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Kubernetes allows to extend its API surface with custom objects called CustomResources (CR) whose JSON contents is described via OpenAPI schemas. The REST API allows realtime notification of changes sent out to multiple listeners. This sounds like the ingredients necessary to build an open IoT platform. This talk is about using CustomResources for Kubernetes as Things, i.e. namespaced objects representing sensors and actors. It is based on a case-study implementing this idea following an example of a deep sea station with valves and pumps, a controller controlling the air pressure in the station.
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the awakening why talk about what we call it what need is of things and i called it a case study its citizens is a pattern here and there was he white.
i want to show a product today anything like that or big project.
but to some colts about myself i'm working in quinn it is full on years already since news beginning if you owned a price basically say everything which is wrong to a machine in the incumbent ages and guys have on a cold generation klein library sets miami off work.
a cable courts i can put a price and the reason for the talk is that obviously she has a price on foot have a price.
lots of things actually he asked my glasses so use i would he in the inner shape of a smart home and you will see.
i use computers and a big company to so everything is somehow or cannot buy is a concrete is few white so that's how it looks like i told him so i have discussed us a small one with just a pious so it's the smaller nice project to one them and using smart home so i have this.
it's open have world and how close you can on said famous smart whole project i use it for quite some time sometimes happy sometimes not so happy and with see you as the space of all i'm open happens the big smart whole platform so it's based on java.
i think it keeps i would he is behind the scenes are not an expert in that eye patch the code to bits but not so much for certain reasons.
anyway so you will see its kind of his one contain i'm a cluster so it's someone of it from my point of view to develop us with say no it's not so you see was a nice guy more at modest as and they asked what they are like two hundred sixty nine maybe even more than school has a bottom model is inside but everything is job losses.
everything is such an o.c.d. i want you if you want to change its you have to do an eclipse and job on his whole ecosystem and so talk its kind of went against my experience they have with my glasses but you want to admit to doing something and i hope we can learn something from the quickest project to maybe change future systems in a way that they are more.
what a portable by people like me you want to contribute to an open source and they want to fix box and more the woods and so on so i went to a summed up its that i think will help us it's not ok i sent out so it's it's a big job a problem it is a p i of course for certain reasons but look it's a pie.
is there not uniforms a.a.p. i have every object is somewhat different so a few slices kind of an afterthought is a project to have an a.p.i. the ice data center also project said already one platform job of ecosystem so apply for pies and die before some beauty of the binding yeah there's no use i cannot really you're at it.
we sing fuse complex in two months ago and it's my view develop as a work called map which will have a different viewpoint me it's hard to extend because we have to dive into the ecosystem so you cannot just at and component extremely easily and what i saw him so i looked in in some some bindings footage of a friend for for an ocean.
the same person who built them basically there is no skating at all and his resistance skating have to develop a community.
of problems this project because of that.
one one one thing yeah you look at all your problems with seve for example and you see always a project has a great stick but just as a pious it's different it cannot be combined have to switch every single but his other project and look what you want to do if you have some set up to four dollars for example.
all right.
so much about the negative twenty a m let's see whether it can go on something from other systems for completely different areas i asked myself when i look at sestriere design such i should take charge and why are not simply out why as enough composer been much easier and why as a as they always the most watched guidance of one technology best price.
one doesn't want his knowledge is below the sea is not as a project i cannot do anything in a different thing which one reason from what i think is that solar systems they don't have a corner which is based on sales services persistence events scheme us a price this should my view these essential.
off from of such as smart told him he says that if you have set it's pretty obvious that you can of components around which can be different languages sas more than concise.
yeah and say i decentralized you don't have one big sea ice system for the whole of the smart home projects and you have to integrate their you can be much more decentralised area so let's get into q so i'm talking about company to see i'm not that could mean it is a solution for offset by to test things to learn from.
could any dissent actually want it i say p i is really a be singin the centre every single which is in addition like logic which changes certain them objects.
it is to contain a the spectrum souls they are the components which deploy contain us but all of them are some whole groups independently in their own courses as a long one a.p.i..
and as a p i a m its uniform was seen a second you can use anything which like when it is going on base but it's just a choice of implementation.
in its customers to use the software need is some use a pricey for example the company spent on control us against company does he was placing your job or whatever they say like in the company because they used to it and what is really important if i can point to bt becomes really important when you want to put the a.p.i. percent of everything.
and what everything in species in the second.
when he decided to copy its soul to contain a component which employs contain its quota to fit in continuous it's one component.
it could be developed by completely different project doesn't matter where it comes from saudi implementations of sixteen up from the component from companies like amazon or on microsoft to build their own version of the two plates which looks completely different but.
but it can be plenty not so why not can be cuts and developed independently.
so i'm so which one of his talk is this project was us on the club actually get worked up in into khan last year and said he go to court has become friends become elitist and you just show six sample of your t.v. so you thought well what can be billed as a subject for example way you can beat.
the ice play with them the trillions to convert and was he that a second and this is what we came up with and it's about it's about a deep sea so stations so station which is a below the surface of the water of course that nine ninety meters year and it just pressure obviously picture of the.
it pays to be closed so.
people who was sitting in this research station should hopefully have or want one bar of pressure if they have like ten which you see here and this the animated the pictures year in the lobby really healthy and you want to keep those people healthy so it's and to prevent the i would hear problem not really smart home.
some but somehow connected with that.
yeah this example or what we talked about as you want to to move is part of the impression are left are white.
so that you can survive in sight.
and to see your life as if you saw a weighty and by the particulars of own to concepcion away from what you about you is just a one component of the steep see station which is just jacquet could be one a space in company just for example and more importantly about you his device so some instances of census.
so actors whatever device is called devices year for whatever reason we just shows that and there's a problem say is a precious enzo and some water on a lawn tens or you know it's on.
the big maybe i and two met the tomatoes at and commuters extensive but when it is is actually about container spacey one in containers and be classed as but it's it's so extensible as edgy can build something completely different you can just pick was going to stuff it doesn't matter and just butte smart home with it and it's what.
we don't know that his vocal and so you see here those objects and the names they so you can put all of the devices have one stage for example one a space i froze two types as i want you it's and things type of its quota kind of company to salute those objects is africa and and kind.
he finds which data you can storing it sister below them things or a device.
can have in warsaw puts you seen the second and i'm just a scheme of its parts of the condition of such kind and each object has a name soldiers whole thing was the object database you can have objects chinese basis those objects have to type a kind and some kind of its kind he finds what is inside of saw.
picked and every single device looks the same because you could you can define whole thing a device would look like for likes to determine company just to to define session a.p.i. he is coy to resource the custom resource to finishing you can tell a cluster years discussed i should know about what he wants to know.
but device.
and then you can create objects in this cluster as there were typed i'm so they cannot be any any of them unknown daytime them say it will hate all have the same structure he hits it it's a more concrete example soul what you do you define an a.p.i. virginia a guy who actually so i called things to quantify old.
because it was this workshop on the yacht the a.p. i was new so we called if you want i for one just appears in swing states you want.
and yet you have to kind of device year and he has a kind of do it said because a name second half more thing so it does matter data if you create such as such objects and more feuds and the point is set so saw all just given by continue to serve as a whole project system the finds whole those officers.
like so i i got one here from the on could come on pump so it was a has come on your mind what you'll have to station to pump and a print yes you're going to be nice informative but you see and i'm a data just a name so yes the name space year my example if you can discuss their behaviour.
just what is the point in space it is our data so yes this was written so whenever you updates object to guess it continues was when she was four for an optimistic can cause even move would act as though it's such an object and the conflicts of want to see conflicts and important point is more to bottom which is not in a week.
so you want to them for this example i would he want to what the device which is a sense of focus on one actor.
what is pretty common is that you have expected to set as and when it is suspected something you want to see the sings object to be like like you can say is actually a short piece which only for its differences between the much whole system like light speech to speak with a starter should be on.
is it these are the most example here to pump and the pump.
in half the some yeah i suppose if you want to have effective columbia and you once we have to devise instead of this pump two to two were up two hundred and to him to change the pressure.
center would have not the would have expected could just have a set of service center would have just to a temperature or pressure or something like that.
all right so it's a day to waterloo we can what was said in a price over.
this is one pet on of twenty two sets of you can define those exchanges so you can use the spectrum for when he does it be something completely different if he didn't quite this is a bit more but i should take charge of from the company to system were actually he owns a slight it's actually takes off from already see the pope example.
i talked about the cut things should be complete in my view and he kept it means date so when his term say one is on contain us so i'm here for one pressure control us as this one and switches on problems as which is that some offer to purchase the highest with this he later patterns in the deep sea systems the station we have one controller.
one one contain and as a process is a class of which just be a horse and data from is a price of us and it is a price over which the was maybe since his persistence of the system and stored at city and cities are databases to continue store and when he does.
and the point is sets also contain us all into a wealthy small amount of work to have a concise semantics and you can describe really easily and just by looking on the coldest winter without what it really just received a second point is used as you you them twice as much as a system in a way that you have sourced the couple of components.
a few words what a p i had it in a cycle so that's what we did and by defining what to sing scoop on iowa is you want i for one to talk about that the space station n.c.i. devices it's a kind and.
those objects i said before its off a database boys as objects have basically the same week i just got a medic if you find something funny just to get his a.p.i. so the past year system pre-defined just as the names you choose and say a certain number of groups so this from a g.p. obviously it's a test a p i.
what kind of just a.p.i. it has the ups hit list create updates the usual once pitch to change just one field to lead off easily.
and as a uniform saw device the same is a pot containing the more you will hear no example oil is always the same so that they will if a client once for one of them it's very easy to have declined for any object in the cast was what is pretty them got its unique kind of that you ever watch concept in kuwait.
you can watch objects can get even stream by a g.p. similar to what the that sockets we don't use that supports year because they didn't exist at this point when it was designed but anyway yet even so he can to subscribe an object or name space or as a whole would classify you can get oil changes when i was there some device.
it's getting new value you can get an event event difference or not you don't responding but use this much we can is one such quite make aneurysm basically and this is so it's a coffee chart of twenty tissue seen a second it's used everywhere and it's also used in sochi system here with three moderate and yes this one i met.
she briefly so is this is a structure of every object in question has its impact on the technically doesn't have to be like that but it's a pet and b b m full everywhere.
it is spec its green part so we can you find how have some input looks like and in i would to you and smart home terms its imports so what's with the picture we do and what stage would be and settles just isn't the port of eyl use some control and the system so will also contain us what i'm like.
was would look at the cluster oil would look at some said they formed open and devices are in a smart home system and it would create value as into the status that would put survey was to the state owes like here in this example to have to pump year his active count to soar to pounce on and have some some they could go into.
i would just thirty four blocks we so that's obvious is that a soyuz hands of course a combined nectar can also have the sense of years so source model its components because i'm so i'm just a fight between a price for us as a gas as a.
information source and so can to support a candidate as it's ever which goes into action of control and you can create by data was as if you control as a concept in company does it's basically what you see here it's its them not to be is just a group which always checks the status of.
all objects in the cluster and update some as objects loop is not clear who preceded the second but basically it's some logic week from something check from some logic in this case i compare pressure.
was a number of problems of so pressure is too small increase of palms if it's too low as we want to speak to peace and it's too low a it aintree's and in the case to present its kind of ok i just say continue and his case it is a change i update on to a price of are so sick.
but there's no state in this country now has a price of our different components best a.p.i. between updates object.
he said it's not really is is infinite loop because it's would be pretty heavy on the cluster of watches that's what the forty four watches are event to have an i phone connections we quest which you start and you get an event in the time basically in milliseconds you get an update as an eventful object so the white who is not really a white who gets more like it.
it's the it's a way to a select was something once this event a connection so we called it in for most when he does rate for the next event and if it comes in we do something read.
that leads to get year usually it's not the best connection directly because and you would it.
we would accept a cluster heavily on every event which is also maybe not good enough was too heavy on the ice over so we have in many cases you would be so i was asked by says he's a really in cash so i'm devices to get its it's his last object which was and the cash.
it doesn't matter as excessive delay so you don't have to care about cash really captures what are some snacks that because when it ought to have changed you get a new band to campus operated and your book is called again so it's enough to look just it it's a question that's fine.
basically what you get years we have for medication everywhere here almost defuses memory could remember the case shows there's nothing to rule work to do.
of course updates and creators are classed as it goes with the best a.p.i. about what events come in god when they happened was a kaiser.
i was renting about languages and says ward garden of technology.
if you have to sign obviously every component can be written and eight any language as long as if a client which can access a.p.i. you're fine and the course so as if the ice where the uniform it's pretty easy to build sos so have to switch year so i just hope and some types year his surprise inclined frequent as i said before.
just as kobe so of course a primary klein disc we need to a school based but as a pious inclined and says the job as corrupt and job and maybe you can other clients i've no idea has killed exercising and a shop and so on.
all right so it's come back here so this design.
of being a p i sent out its use is the ability to to choose any the technology you want.
when you do something like that and eight the ice with his us the heart of the system you start thinking about compatibility what happens if my my ski must them got for some for device exchange it's because she learned she was project luntz maybe the device be invented in two thousand nineteen was not good enough for these.
and structure other them we have to change the a.p.i. what we do and couldn't eat us with returning that's not saw him so on have on the property science building but says something i'm pretty clear conclusion we can convert objects we just thought is a database and at city life in the moment of request comes in into.
any version which is support so if next it easiest of you want i for one version stuart's because it was a one in two thousand pounds ninety which was put into the database but now my client one c. one say ice over it was condition life every time.
and he has looks like you look at the bigger picture us all he makes time for life with you one between would be one i for one version.
one of them is coy to store which wasn't so a.b.c. which is pretty database of course of that is within one version doesn't depend on the client supply intensively i for one reason we don't care he converted to the store which was first installed it and it's of course and coded city is to keep your store them just takes a text value and so we just in code.
this is jason and so those objects as a reason for often age of objects we also thought about for performance reasons but we just thought basically what you see years the presentation justice bites and be stored in its city.
and this is everywhere in company to set a price which develop over time to get new versions and you built conversion into the coat which converts was always at which puts those checks you see them it's a it's his room in on a price over basically don't expect it to understand.
the components here but basically i'm use an object a sheep your request example the contents of the two and its decoded sources of jason a modified happening in go along and says a certain that there's a big step foot admissions so basically sets us from the christmas we are well.
form to end some whole good enough for the class that to be executed.
you can also up in your own depicts year you can get every object before it is we created and two additional checks or something like that its use a lot by any kind of extension so third party developers some companies who big cats but it puts on top of twenty to say use those airports to plug in and has a price.
oh and when it's good enough so it's an immediate yeah so we have to be to object in all we know it's to create for example.
it was not just always with us we can do it to be one of those yellow bus ya conversion and it's not at city and the last those as a store to business also sent back to the client again as we to copy one so it's completely transparent you don't see which one of six actually have but if you look at city was a low level shined of course would see it.
and it's a picture what you get you can have some where we always knew i pick and here which he uses the one i for one doesn't matter because comparison happens and the same forty one eighty two that's how we keep company b t m four clients pequots and force.
just a warning it's not easy to do that so i'm confident this a heart problem so we need a lot of experience to get the opening white an a.p.i. swiped still and.
the pet on his own company just a bee stings at those controllers to even the once the ship's company just use the same if you like there's just one m.p. i just wasn't quite of course the commission says but who can system which are back in when he just but that's just one a.p.i. and this makes a.b.c. of so a bit so you can understand how the system.
works even so pretty find objects the and components control us just look at safety eyes as an audit macon isn't really can see every request everything is also a bit and easier to understand and to support its clients of different languages for use open a.p.i. i'm basically everywhere in this area.
here and every such as the object so like the device and somebody would see as a book critic sample they get just you are embedded so we have to find its humor which says a sickly got which struck parts are behind said so when there's a few of what is as a type of the few below and which feeds on the quiet which often the tank.
expressions to follow and so on and so on so everything is defined in ski mask and continuation just was set to build its clients.
and if you such or extension you basically gets the same as any the source think we need it's a pot so contain us of course happy ships and shipped by could we need this but they look sickly the same so even your model isn't devices will have the same if you trust validation before getting a chance to enter.
on and so.
you can replace components and by this design because when they are small and you can build your own version which is slightly fix for example for certain this case.
you cannot do that if it's a shoe system with many hearts to to understand it and two to extend to change it.
so how do we know what it is a slang which were its of course biased to what's going but you can use anything which like her to build something against that if the ice are really at the center there's nothing which doesn't use a p i have to do its work even to get its its hype so everything is well try.
it's not a wyndham jason but you expect the a.p.i. a ski must come.
but bt is who sing their behavior.
i have used this media experience people who use it for the last four years.
it's hot it's hot it works altogether when no private at the ice highly the couple its and by sets its extensible and included as you see that many people to be its own components companies been so important is on top and it just a few native the guys is what a dream which i.
i would like to have told my of my disability system which looks more like that i can just put in as i can hold off for some binding some smart old technology it does no reason that the project pundits are so it's gone and i just always and it's a.
as a project pundits a new ice for example or even scripting if you have an a.p.i. and clients you can just you dated skipping don't you use its cities and i said just try to postpone graham imports of whites clients and so it's very very obvious and easy and it doesn't eat infrastructure like this it's an open happen something like that.
yeah just last light everything on one slight somehow confusing but it was obvious i hope this give something to do and from the because of what needs to.
you tube.
we have time for one or two questions i get one of the frontier.
now i'm could you elaborate a little bit more about the p.-i version conversion because if there is functionality be too well the about the to be born yet it must be by cheque to have caught the be want i for one can just about checked if so it must be one to one so you must have thought they had lost everything for everything.
you can store something lacking in a notation that's what's been for a long time if you want i for one has to be taken in code things which are not really part of the features that are so he asked his thoughts but you what i have one sport see what knows them so they cannot do anything with it.
ok thank you.
let's take to the questions outside and prepare for the next door.


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