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EU vs Virus
Jennifer's Hackathon Experience
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it. my name is jennifer d'souza i come from india my background is in natural language processing research i am currently working at tea i'd be in the b.b.c. group i specifically in the data science and ditched like greys group and my. supervisors professors or an hour. if. if. if so the e.u. weston's why there is high kids on came up and at a critical time of the covert nineteen disease and when it was and getting worse and worse in the global community as well as in europe i am because essentially was. this to fight call that nineteen and within a sense of solidarity. you want in this context the hackers on advice is because it's it's a successful when you for collaboration economic scale and for coming up with a rapid.
the solutions so when i first heard about the second phone and i work rate in the open research knowledge track project and so my id year was how can i use this interest to share with in the hackers on and make it also relevant to the. kogut nineteen crisis situation so that it eighty eight its its it's more practical he demonstrated a within the pandemic during the time of the pending pandemic massive amounts of by assays have been be searched and released as literature the problem now for scientists.
his ingesting this massive volumes of data in order to keep track of the state of the art it is not it is not humanly possible to do this at a fast paced the open research knowledge craft method presents a very unique and futuristic digital library environment. and that facilitates representing scholarly contributions as a knowledge craft and the scientist therefore can look at these comparisons and at a glance get a feel for the state of the art research in in the field and the task is then reduced to a matter of minutes which otherwise could have take. in a zoo or even months. interesting me i was i entered into the hackers on as a single person under the team name to or kg and again and scouted forty members are within the hackettstown itself and on the friday of the hackers on i spent the whole afternoon.
posting my idea proposal on the slack channel that the hack its own organises provided for community interaction and so and i kept waiting for people to respond to my post and and in the course of. the day i started receiving you know one response and then a second response and the third response and a fourth response oh by the end of friday our team had five people. including me so it was quite a device team i think owner far team members airman by nationality the came from different parts of the world which is globally by location weiss i think everybody was situated within europe.
like one team member is at or university in italy another team members working at a company in berlin and another team member i think is in spain and or i'm not sure about charity others but all of us are located within the europe although i.
i think our our nationality weiss we might be a more global team. we had a team channel and where all the team members could express how they felt and i can i posted an update at the end of the hackettstown that it tanking everybody for participating and thanking each and every team member for the contribution in acknowledging them and. everybody responded so positively so apart from accomplishing on the outcomes of the hackers all the intended outcomes than the fact that everybody was happy at the end of the at the process. was was at i guess it left you with a sense of satisfaction and a positive feeling about hacker phones going into the future your kind of more expect into as having more hacker phone experiences it kind of set sit up as being a very positive experience.


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