AXIOM - open source cinema camera

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AXIOM - open source cinema camera
Project Introduction and current state of development
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The presentation will give a brief overview of the projects history & lessons learned during the course of developing a high tech camera device as community project. We also want to demo and explain the produced hardware, enclosures and sample footage then look at the challenges still ahead. Last 5 minutes reserved for Q&A
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i thought is on the axiom open source the yield curve on a book from tobacco for just ten percent.
it's a particular want more. x. soul what i'm going to do now is taking on a journey into a film making a bit away from called the middle of the technical details into the world of motion picture to be no of the dream factory of holding on to have that's where we're going to dive into right. x. young that's a worldwide community a product the kind of movement over time the goal is to create a professional of film production tool rights we will actually make films i want to make films i never wanted to make a camera but working with something this led to the other. and that's where we are currently its they have high end requirements so it's really about high and cinematography. and why do we need another camera i mean i'm day of plenty of options out there already what you see in the last ten sites from the left hand so i'm not going to put the screen if his camera from the sixty's sort of fifty serve thirty five millimeter analog film camera.
and on the right hand side you have false a modern kind of representation of the digital cinema cameras sony of sixty five and the pair their situation is that even though the technology itself and the quality and everything no matter how you look at it it has evolved of course it increased performance but the image quality in everything. in that perfect situation is that the accessibility and the way you can actually influence the images hess quite decreased in contrast to the glorious she writes so well the old and a camera was kind of hands on it was all mechanically you can tinker with the motor city. for things like open the box and you have the mechanics inside easy when you have in the right hand side of smell like a black box a computer no idea what's happening inside on the sony nose and you can push the button this and see what happens but that's like all you get.
so what is the part those project modest action project really about and i think this one quoted summarises is better than anything i can come up with for anything i could ever see and it's a quote by lee parka an imax cinema tiger for and he said i grew up best for her friend a dark room in the mist intimacy of watching the image slow. coli appear on the paper in the rate of this effect the beauty of an open source camera. to me is a step backwards back towards the dark room in which making the tools is part of the joy of making the a it's so that's why we're here. so how did it all started so how the take the first steps.
this is the so-called well his shoe box prototype proof of concept law which cumbersome strange from think the a bit of woods in science very tense parents enclosure if and it's well economics was really that focus at the time but it worked it actually created it. prototype that have put images and that we could use and to shoot some sample for this and to actually kind of show the world that it's possible but a camera like this and then we took it one step further because we knew that this is something we couldn't do alone we couldn't do it in a small team couldn't do it in our garage.
yes we need to scale it up so we ran across funding campaign to build the next generation texan peter in the way more complex more modular easy to produce so that we can actually give it out to people old people could build themselves could be could ship it to them something that's like available accessible. and ready for production is. and the result of this is the extreme be to develop our kids it's basically the entire electronics think plead stack of functional how the way in sight without any in coach have sold more accessible only come modified music leave no protection for outside it filming in the harsh conditions.
additional spot for development that's perfect that develop a cute this currently retails for around four thousand euros so you can actually buy it from us sounds like a lot of money but if you compare to available high and industry camera source in my camera us it's a back him right now it's all high and we look good. image census because that's like the heart of every camera this leave the plane that transfers light into digital imaging and and we looked at the market and they went too many options to actually get as a normal person if you're not so neocon them and then we chose to one that was in terms of quality. t. in terms of the performance the best we could get and of course it's not it's the very cheap for sordid also address the price of a sling.
the next iteration with the prototyping more for the land for development in the us what we now have here for its first put time prototype for books one or two weeks now the exeter compact tense a full metal enclosure all seen semen one. it's the heavy mean you can carry the after was a bit it's not as heavy it the when you hold it in hansard it's quite economic but it's a very solid channel a very real pastor. kind of enclosure and turns into hardware into an action camera it actually looks like a camera written to have a camera. we don't know yet how it will retain it for much how much of the retail gifted electronics of four thousand already probably in the range of five to six thousand euros we see and of. is this is the first prototype but instead take us and a half the year so to actually get this production ready us to have a lot of the relations and testing to kind of take it into the field actually see how it performs in terms of economics and so on. the big picture over the long term goal is something even bigger with this is kind of reduce the camera to the essential components that you need to actually recording teachers and to xp to extend its us we have to concept currently is more like the full featured everything you could do want to eat.
in the future so that's a long term goal it's a concept it's not the reality of what you can see that some elements from the from the don't look that much different in the concert. if so how do you want to control its currently quite easily think this is the audiences will properly a appreciate the way it's controlled through a linux terminal you know as filmmakers i don't know why but they're kind of not really into linens terminal at locations and so on him always look strange when we tell them how to connect that luxury.
even so on. so we came up with they are physically device called the extreme remote which connects to the camera or pretty much anything you want to use being in which features some a small display of can have a couple of buttons stylus everything that provides a kind of haptic experience for controlling camera in a sophisticated way.
currently the way we built the camera we shipped around ceased to develop a kid so fun though is completely by hand so actually taking every electronics component putting them on the bones soldiering if it's very cumbersome unfortunately it's very labor intensive. but i hope that will improve in the near future we have been fully automated industry process but our approach is also the new kind of want to keep innovating and every time the ball to the electronics get improved to this new iteration we want to move that into action immediately so it's definitely not the mass production. from our staffing not going to be produced in number of thousands so it is the kind of the challenge for us how can we always bring the latest innovation the latest innovations the iterations into the actual production process because obviously the high prices and global human and. taking a cheapo but always keeping innovations the concurrent it's a bit of a challenge.
i don't want to bother the e.u. with too many taken to the taste that's in the hearts and the image sensor its and twelve megapixel sensor also we have for kagan resolution by freak a height sorts for by free us bigger issue for animal feed shooting for example of this. but without it has a global shop for and can do up to over three hundred frames per second at full resolution. there's a monochrome version available if the same device color of ocean and the new infrared version this way. and yeah that's currently the way we actually produce if some of the also have some stuff here if you want to take a look later half over five hundred components on them.
so here. lots of fun who wants to be harder for us maybe the yanks lend to all bring you into the level of two said.
if and yeah that's a process of actually assembling the previous prototype of to a mechanical parts and the result is like this all now with the top and lend to shell and the wooden group around to it it's working in the second generation.
now besides hollywood don't decide the filmmakers who would want to use this well they are quite a few people who do high and imaging machine vision scientific imaging and having in completely open movement adaptable expendable platform available school might interesting from what i wrote. so there's a company for example another company it's a university this to physical labor of love birds or is in must say they used a computer to develop their own cursed image sensor based on the innocence of using currently. as a company in san francisco that created the system using free of the camera swift said the infrared sensors to measure a cultural land because plants reflect a lot of infrared light.
for development as something new was when they called x. zoom micro developed by two german students and they met at sisia think last year or two years ago.
what i want to develop on this but i can't afford it so what we don't us to build own camera of course if and thanks to my crew is in that sense very much reduced in complexity in terms of cost and has a small image sensor and has only one piece of out there and teach to the main process. this thing off the shelf bought in contrast to have a stake of the five piece of bees. so if things kind of reduced to the essentials and that way the bill of materials comes down to around two hundred euros only it's not available for sale he actually have to build it yourself currently will define itself costs available online hardware and free software. we're doing going to some of code now for a couple of years so if you want to join us for this year police to the task suitable for around if p.g.a. development beastie and embedded linux running and a camera assisi plus plus so if you're a student and that would be much appreciated.
if you're not a student no problem if we have plenty of things to do it's a very diverse community of artists software developers film make a scimitar grow from us how to wear mechanically optic engineers everything so you would be much and very much welcome and marry. much appreciate and if when the trucks and this slide reminds me what would the camera be without actually show you what it can shoot so if a bit of luck with no manage to move this video.
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to suffer for posterity but if so here. just look at pictures on this huge cinema screen here.
now it's just to be the one one not two minutes long.
but it shows.
the image sensing all its glory. it.
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yeah that's it from my side effects.
and more the it is a new website we will take our babies outside of the talk and you can actually hold it if you want to know if we move to the tables with the job offer so sore but meet outside that for most of us. if you wait two years. this is your own body. yes i remember through repeated the question when will our cameras actually record here i have good news and bad news the we actually met them people from the media team before and to run the network could and the streams and to marry interested in using open out well. source camera if the the bad news is to that doesn't the loans host the show so we were still have to build a lot of camera us and they will have to be a dog bite them or build their own the ocean for lecturing coding why not been it's not something that will happen immediately i'm afraid that's. this long as people interested in doing this country prudent pushing for want definitely. the u.. the point he says doctors how do we found the war so yes many big question how do we deal with sentiment since so many pictures know they are not that many so indeed it's a difficult choice all the manufacturers who require an indie to even get the data sheet. it's not just preliminary information but the data sheet were already left out. the remaining ones so the u.. benchmark ties to communication how is the performance want the study should contain then that is the result of our trust now some you use the the image sensor is made up a company called see most serious which it's not it's nixon anymore because it was bought by a mess. so it's not called the a.m.a.'s image census belgium actually this. i want these you know how long does it take us to build one prototype. the electronics it's like five to six points in the next to be tone developer kit and we should one every five weeks roughly so it's not ten hours a day every day plants the that's the time kind of wheat. oh yes twenty everything's menu there is a project already where we are trying to reverse engineer the island's communication and it's not a. the u.. the year you say it's to involved in our camera day is an age to my dog could plug in model at the back in the huge it's not actually age to my it's just a connected looks very similar to do my work so in some screens and also head is to my words yes. but. please cut that out that the answer yes to a court. but as i like your by the end of the show us what you buy a three hundred stick is how does the image pipeline work look like an entire image pipeline on the processing once in the p.g.a. in real time and the advantage should be fully make us kind of have distance you want to. very few and be wrong very and process in which so we actually don't do that mcchrystal much. so he can show you the link on the website and we can we haven't actually image of the pipeline were for the processing plants. it currently a over a connector of which is at the back and is said lakshmi compatible with its to my device that this. currently and it's the i plug in model is in development tools sixty but it's not finished. yeah it's has four connect to send you can kind of dynamically pitched him in to differentiate if it should provide a single time cold all we do not put him put this last question. on. i do. yes how do we found the project. we did the cross funding we got the european horizon twenty twenty grand a couple of years ago. and now we're kind of food stripping away opera by selling developer kits and by that we are again the folding a bit of prototyping consequently we have no employees and only to people who actually beat the cameron how labour to get any money from it. you.