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Git-based decentralized issue management with GitHub/GitLab integration
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Release Date2020

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Git-issue is a minimalist decentralized issue management system based on Git, offering (optional) biderectional integration with GitHub and GitLab issue management. It has the following advantages over other systems. No backend, no dependencies: You can install and use git issue with a single shell script. There's no need for a server or a database back-end, and the corresponding problems and requirements for their administration. Decentralized asynchronous management: Anyone can add, comment, and edit issues without requiring online access to a centralized server. There's no need for online connectivity; you can pull and push issues when you're online. Transparent text file format: Issues are stored as simple text files, which you can view, edit, share, and backup with any tool you like. There's no risk of losing access to your issues because a server has failed. Git-based: Issues are changed and shared through Git. This provides git issue with a robust, efficient, portable, and widely available infrastructure. It allows you to reuse your Git credentials and infrastructure, allows the efficient merging of work, and also provides a solid audit trail regarding any changes. You can even use Git and command-line tools directly to make sophisticated changes to your issue database.